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Friday, December 18, 2015

Essential Oils For The Common Cold

Which essential oils are best for relief from the common cold & what essential oils provide cold symptom relief

It's one of the worst feelings in the world: you start to get a headache, and one nostril becomes blocked followed by the other one. I always go on a sneezing rampage right before I get a cold. After it wraps up, my nose is completely worthless for breathing, I'm slightly feverish, uncomfortable, a scratchy throat starts to nag me and boom. I officially have a head cold. It's a yucky feeling, but I have some tips on how to help with those icky, dreaded cold symptoms!

Essential oils that help with colds common in the winter months #essentialoils

When you have kids, especially kids in school or daycare, you know all too well that you're pretty much going to spend October-March with a nonstop on and off cold. Your beloved little one is a germ factory, bringing home the petri dish of bacteria and viruses he or she is exposed to all day. Last winter, our household was sick for four months straight, just passing it from one person to the other! And heck, Henry was only in daycare for about 10 hours a week in those days. It was miserable.

Right as Henry started preschool this year, I became an independent distributor for Young Living essential oils. A bottle of Thieves came in my wholesale starter kit. Wouldn't you know, after the first week of being back at school, Henry developed a stuffy nose and cough, and I could feel my throat getting scratchy and my sneezes coming on...

I began to diffuse several drops of Thieves in the morning before school, and in the early afternoon after he came back. I also used a Thieves spray on my own throat (it's too harsh to use directly on a baby/toddler although older children might like it) and I would dilute the Thieves with olive oil and rub it on the bottoms of Henry's feet daily.
Thieves spray
Normally, a head cold lasts me about two weeks plus four to five nights of complete restless sleep and maybe two boxes of tissues. But with diffusing Thieves and spraying my throat four-five times a day, I was completely myself in about two days. TWO DAYS. Henry never fully "got sick" - sure, he had a runny nose but he was always chipper, playful and talkative. Which is about the best testimonial I can get from a toddler who can't yet say, "Mommy I don't feel good" or "Mama, I feel better!"

I was BLOWN AWAY at how this oil blend (a combination of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary) promoted our overall wellness. Thieves gets it's name from an old legend: back when the Black Plague was raging across Europe, four men were caught stealing from the homes of the deceased. Upon being caught and facing the Royal Court to receive their punishment, the Court asked them how they were staying well as they stole items from the sick. They explained that they used this blend of oils to keep them well. Thus, the blend was nicknamed "Thieves" and it remains to this day!

Thieves has been used for hundreds of years for immune system support. You can diffuse it and breathe it in; you can ingest it by adding it to tea or to a capsule with a vegetable based oil carrier; or you can apply it to the skin to be absorbed into the body (use a carrier oil - the clove and cinnamon makes it "spicy" so you need the carrier to dilute it, especially on little ones!) I apply it to Henry's feet - and you'll see many oils recommended to be applied to baby's feet specifically - because children's skin is sensitive. The feet naturally have thicker and sturdier skin to support body weight, so that's why the bottoms of beet are recommended to topical application on children.

Curious about other essential oils? Check out my posts about relieving aches and pains, alleviating fall allergy symptoms and essential oils for improved wellness. Want to purchase Thieves? Click here for both whole and retail options. Want to learn the difference between the two? Click here.

Thieves is a great essential oil for the common cold! It's helped my family stay healthy during these cold months and should one of us fall ill, it's helped to lesson the symptoms. Thieves is, hands down, the best essential oil I've ever discovered!


  1. I needed to read this one, lady! Thank you!

  2. I'm already planning my first of the year order! :)

  3. Ive heard awesome things about Thieves. I should get some of it!

  4. Oh I lathered every one in the house with Thieves the past 4 days... Even at the office.

  5. Oh my goodness, I will be purchasing this ASAP. I can't believe this product cuts down the recovery time so much, that's awesome. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. There's a reason Young Living has an entire line of Thieves products; Thieves is the best! I love the story about the spice merchants too. I always tell it at all my classes. :)

  7. I love my starter kit!!! Best. Purch. Ever.

  8. When winter comes I often get ill. I hate I hope that thieves essential oil will help me not to caught cold in strict winters.