An Uncomplicated Life Blog: September 2021

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Unexpected Motivation After A Tarot Card Reading With California Psychics

This post is sponsored by California Psychics. All opinions are my own. 

I had been feeling a little stuck in my life recently. After a slew of massive life changes, I was questioning if I had made the right choices. Perfect time to reach out to my friends at California Psychics, right? They've always provided insight and shed light on a wide range of life changes. Instead of astrology, I decided to focus on a tarot card reading, as I had had two astrology charts read before and wanted to switch it up.

California Psychics has over 500 psychic advisors with various specialties, including dream analysis, tarot card, psychic mediums and more so I thought, hey, let's do this! In 2019 in New Orleans, some girlfriends and I went for tarot card readings, and it was shocking what she told me: she predicted my divorce. Of course, she didn't say divorce. She told me she saw MASSIVE change coming for me, and a new house. So, I was really interested to see what the psychic advisors could do over the phone, as typically you have to touch the tarot card deck and cut it to get a read.

I found Ivan who had great ratings and I had never spoken to a male psychic advisor before, so I chose him and jumped right into our reading.

Ivan laid out my cards and immediately said, "wow, your divorce was hell, wasn't it?" I mean, yeah it friggin was. I won't go into it on my blog, but if you know me... you know. It took twice as long as it should have and cost three times as much as it should have, all to arrive at the deal I offered at the outset. Not that it's easy for anyone, but I was particularly put through the wringer. 

Back to the reading. After seeing that, he said here's the good news: You're on the right path. He explained it as my queen of something card was in some sort of position and of course I can't remember all these details, but that the cards were showing I was on the up and up. He said I would have some residual stuff to work through to move past the divorce, but that my career was on track. In fact, he said yoga teaching was EXACTLY what I needed to be doing, and that I would soon meet, or have recently met, a woman who would help me in my business. That I was not going to be going back to a 9-5 fundraising job, but that I was a budding entrepreneur who would build a new career - and a lucrative one at that - out of teaching yoga and all the components that go with it. That was wonderful to hear!

He told me I was on the right path with buying my own home and getting that set up for my kids. Oddly, he said I was on the right path in my relationship too. I asked what he meant by that and he said, "You're smart to take it slow. You still have some processing to do from your divorce and it looks like he needs to work through things as well. I think you both are a good fit, but nobody is going ring shopping anytime soon."

Which is funny he should say that, because my boyfriend just bought his own home. We had several conversations about living situations (his lease is coming up) and what we wanted for us and (thankfully!) we both agreed that we should have our own places - not just for our own independence but for the sake of our kids. Both sets of our kids (he's has two sons the same age as mine) have been jerked around with our marriage “changes” and we couldn't be another source of change having significant impacts on them.

It was so refreshing to hear Ivan say all this and also so bizarre that he could pick that up simply by looking at cards for a few minutes. It was very settling. Even as an adult, having that level of reassurance of the enormous path shift my life has taken over the last 18 months was not only calming, it motivated me to get some projects done around the house.

I spent the next several days doing all those little things you put off when you move. For example, I had dumped all my shoes into garbage bags when I moved them out of my ex's house. And they had been sitting on my bedroom floor since May. Please tell me I'm not the only one who puts off house stuff like this for no other reason than that it's annoying...? Anyway, this was one of the projects I got motivated to finish after my call with Ivan. I built my shoe racks and got all the shoes out of the trash bags, off my floor, and nicely put away.

Yes, those are trash bags. Yes, my shoes are in them. Yes, they’re on my bedroom floor. Yes, they’ve been there for months. I had been meaning to tackle this project, but was simply unmotivated to do it.

But being reassured I was making the right choices and setting myself, my home, my kids’ lives and my career up for long-term success kick-started me into action. Time to build the shoe racks and ditch the trash bags!

Voila! Shoes are nicely organized and finally put away in one of my closets. Confirmation of my life path from my tarot card reading with Ivan motivated me into action. Who knew a tarot card reading could do that?!

Have you ever had a reading done? It's always a great conversation and I've learned something about myself, my children and my partner every time I've had one. Click over to California Psychics’ website and check out their wide range of psychics - they have them at all price ranges! And use CODE LIFE10 to get $10 added to your account after your first reading. I've found all the psychic advisors I’ve used to be enlightening, motivating, and interesting. Who knows, maybe you'll even tackle those lingering house projects after you speak with one just like I did. 

This post is sponsored by California Psychics. All opinions are my own.