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Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Ultimate Infant Travel System

This post was sponsored by @GBChildUsa as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received the GB Lyfe Pram Travel System to facilitate my review.


Check out this car seat and stroller combination if you're researching a travel system for your baby or baby registry!

One thing is for sure: When you're looking into car seats and strollers after you've found out you're pregnant and are standing in the aisle confused with your registry scanner, you definitely want a travel system. Travel systems are both a car seat and a stroller that work together so the car seat can snap into the stroller. It was a life saver with Henry and I used it with Otto before I was brave enough to bust out the double stroller with both boys! Travel systems are the way to go, hands down.

If you're registering for a new baby, check out this infant travel system! It's versatile, lightweight, safe and stylish

I'll admit it, too - I had never heard of GB Lyfe before they reached out to send me this stroller. But I'll tell you, this system is awesome and I wish I had had it for Henry, too! What's so great about it? The stroller transitions to multiple positions. It can be an actual pram, which is perfect for newborns. Otto can lay flat (recommended sleeping position for infants) while I push him up and down the hills of our neighborhood.

When he's a bit older, there's a seat that faces either forward or backwards. Backwards is convenient for when you want to keep an eye on them, usually right as they're able to sit up. And forwards is great for when they're old enough to want to see everything around them! I remember when Henry was finally old enough to face forward in a stroller. It was like a whole new world for him, and I finally was able to get the length of walk or run I wanted!

Otto and his paci dig laying flat!

Travel systems also have a car seat. The most important thing in an infant seat (besides safety, obvi) is that it's LIGHT. Because I'll tell you what, add a baby to that thing and you're stuck slinging around 20-30 pounds after the first month. Take it from this mama, you'll get buff arms but it gets hard! This seat was lightweight without compromising safety.

The final bonus of a travel system, and why you want one over individual car seats and stroller combos, is that the car seat can click right in to the stroller. Cars are notorious for sending your sweet little one off to slumber-land, so do you know what's awful?! Having to wake that screaming baby bundle of joy to put them in the stroller once you arrive at your destination. No. Nope. The worst, right there. But with a travel system, all you have to do is set up the stroller and click the seat into it, no need to wake your little angel. Yes! Whoever developed that concept is a genius. Seriously, give that person a Nobel Prize, from moms across the globe!

How adorable is the pram?!
If you're creating your first registry or are looking for a new travel system for your baby, check out GB Lyfe! You can easily register for it or purchase it at Babies R Us. The car seat is light and the stroller has so many position options, you'll definitely find at least one that your baby enjoys. And when you find one your baby enjoys, you're be able to maintain an active lifestyle, even after baby.


  1. That is exactly the kind of stroller I want for when I have a baby (whenever that happens) I love the way the stroller is completely flat for them to sleep! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. My sister is obsessed with this system and already I swear has a registry going for me and this is on it. I love the color you picked for it!

  3. I will definitely have to consider this whenever I have a baby.

    xoxo, Jenny

  4. I have a few girlfriends that have this system and LOVE it!! I'm on the market for a double now. Shoot!

  5. We have a Bob and plan to use that with this baby as well, with the car seat adaptor attachment. It can be heavy but it's a good way to build muscle, haha. But I do love the pram and the options for how baby can sit with this system. Love the color you chose.

  6. This is genius! I never knew those things had a specific name. Now I'll know what to look for when the time comes. 😉

  7. this travel system looks great! especially since it can be used as a proper pram, and that the seat faces the parent as well. saving it for later!

  8. wonderful stroller, thanks for such a wonderful baby stroller. I will also like to buy this design.

  9. What a stunning travel system! i really like that it folds thus compactly--our stroller remains terribly long once it's collapsible. Your baby is darling, by the way! Love those cheeks!

  10. This is a nice combination of car and seat and stroller. Travel systems are both a car seat and a stroller that work together so the car seat can snap into the stroller. It was a life saver. Travel systems are the way to go, hands down. this system is awesome and The stroller transitions to multiple positions.

  11. Otto can lay flat (recommended sleeping position for infants) while I push him up and down the hills of our neighborhood.