An Uncomplicated Life Blog: January 2015

Friday, January 30, 2015

High Five for {Fashion} Friday!

I thought it might be fun to introduce a new theme to implement occasionally: Fashion Fridays. (Future link up, anyone?!) I'm not a major style maven, but I dabble in things occasionally. This is one of those occasions.

After Henry's nasty stomach bug, I got out of the house and got a few things to make me feel... Human again.

I headed out to get a few pairs of causal, everyday shoes. I've never had a need for that kind of shoe because I was either always office-chic for extreme-weekend-casual. I no longer have a need for office-chic and am pretty tired of extreme weekend casual, so here's the lowdown on the mini-haul I got and how I'm styling them:

Top 5 Fashion Friday Picks:

1) Got these beauties by Everybody/Bz Moda for 80% off! They weren't even $60. Score!

2) Then found these hipster-inspired boots from Crown Vintage. This brand is super affordable so I was comfortable buying something more "trendy" given the price point.

3) Found this comfy, slouchy cardigan at a boutique shop in the Bishop Arts district by Nixon Asked Cash (say that out loud three times fast!)

4) So I created this look: "Southern Prepster"
Sweater Nixon Asked Cash // White Jeans J Crew // Tank Target // Necklace and bracelet J Crew // Shoes Everybody/Bz Moda

5) And if you follow me on Instagram, which you totally should because it's by far the most fun soc-media platform, you've seen this look: "Inspired Hipster"
T Shirt J Crew // Jeans J Crew // Shoes Crown Vintage // Hat CC Exclusives // Watch Michael Kors // Bangles J Crew

Have you ever created random or mix'n'match type looks from a few new pieces you've purchased?

As always, linking up with two of my faves, Amanda and Karli!

Cheers to the weekend!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Thing About "Ma'am"

Ma'am is a funny word. Is it even a real word? Perhaps just a title we call people? I'm not quite sure, even.

Regardless, people seem to be really passionate about this "word." Either they love it, teach their children to use it and view its use as proper manners, or they hate it. Some think it makes them sound old, and are offended by a stranger using it, as it means they're "old" or "matronly."

I wasn't raised to use "ma'am." But I have to say, I've grown to like it. In a world where manners are waning, proper grammar is reduced to what can fit in 140 character tweets and we become more and more isolated with the obsession of our handheld media devices, I think looking someone in the eye and saying, "Yes ma'am, thank you!" is a treat. Yes, a treat.

The person who uses it isn't saying you're old. And why would that be bad, anyway? What's wrong with being considered matronly? Being a mother is an honor not every woman gets to experience. I can't fathom why someone would take offense to a stranger giving you a nod of respect. How often does that happen anymore?!

Whether or not you use "ma'am" to address a woman, can we all just agree that treating people with respect is a good thing? That actually talking to them, not via a text, tweet or email, but looking them in the eye and addressing them personally, is a good thing? That manners are a good thing?

I'm all for the implementation of old fashioned manners. If you see me out and about, feel free to call me ma'am! I'm a wife and mother. I earned that title.

Monday, January 26, 2015

MM: Here's to Henry

Since I made an ode to daddy last week, I figured I couldn't leave out my son. So here's an ode to the little guy in my life!

Here's to you, sweet Henry! You're eight months old, sitting on your own, pulling to stand up (with help still, but it won't be long now) and taking assisted steps around your nursery. You skipped crawling. Crawling is for ordinary babies, and you're anything but ordinary!

Taken by Adrianne Mathiowetz at the Dallas Arboretum when Henry was three months old

Here's to Henry, who is the most mild-natured baby there is. Other kids take your toys at the gym daycare and you simply find a new one. You smile at everyone. You love to watch and learn from other kids. Mommy smiles with pride as she's constantly told how well behaved and handsome you are.

Hard to get a clear pic when little man won't sit still during bath time!

Here's to Henry, who means business when he's hungry! Who was born a month early and weighed five pounds 12 ounces, and has eaten his way to the 99 percentile, weighing 21 pounds and 30 inches long at only eight months old. Eat your way to the top, son!

Here's to Henry, who refuses to nap, but sleeps for 12 hours at night. Who flashes me the biggest smile when I get him up for the day, and who giggles nonstop through diaper changes. Who thinks bath time is the BEST. Who thinks stroller rides are the BEST. Who pretty much is happy doing whatever mommy wants to do!

Playing with monkeys

It's an honor and a delight to be your mommy, sweet boy. I'm so thankful you were born to me.

Friday, January 23, 2015

High Five for {Sickness Everywhere} Friday!

Have any of you ever been charged with the hideous task of cleaning up someone else's vomit?

That's a heck of an opening line for a Friday post, but that's exactly what I've been doing since Wednesday. Someone told me that I wouldn't mind it as much when it's my own child. I'm here to tell you that is absolutely false. It's as disgusting as ever.

It's worse than having to babysit your really drunk girlfriend back in your college days.

I know some of my fellow mama's can feel me on this post, and likely even a few of you childrenless folks too, especially those of you with pets! Don't worry, I'll spare you pics.

Top Five Moments of a Sick Baby

1) That moment when you hear the choke and SPLASH as it hits the car's back seat. I can't un-hear that sound. Thank God for leather seats.

2) Thinking you can catch it with the bib the baby is wearing to save your outfit and/or the sofa. You can't. It's like plugging up a fire hose, and the spray goes EVERYWHERE.

3) Thinking you can still squeeze in a barre class, pulling up to the gym, taking the baby out of the car seat and BAM. Kiddo pukes all over you. In front of other people. A five year old notices, and screams, "NASTY!"

4) Running out of Resolve, wet-vacc cleaner, Clorox wipes AND paper towels... Because the flow is real. And really freaking disgusting.

5) Right as you're about to burst into tears because it happened again, your baby looks at you with puke all over his face and bursts into hysterical laughter. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em right?!

I hope you all have a puke-less weekend! Linking up with Amanda and Karli, so go check them out.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

When Your Hometown No Longer Feels Like Home

We've been traveling a whole lot over the past month, and with all those flights I've had the chance to be back in Minneapolis twice. And it was really... Weird.

When the plane is landing, I can still tell you what neighborhood we're flying over. I can tell you what freeways are under the plane, to the right and to the left. What lake is which at several thousand feet.

Winter in Minneapolis lasts half the year. Not joking.

I can still tell you what terminal I'm in just by glancing around upon exiting the plane. (Minneapolis has the BEST airport. Every seat has an iPad to play on. Hey free Wifi!)

I remember my first summer in Texas, I just ached to be back North, heading up to a cabin, playing on someone's boat on Lake Minnetonka or running around Lake Calhoun.

Then, the aching stopped.

Now I step foot in Minneapolis and I cringe at the thick Minnesotan accents (did they get stronger while I was away?) I roll my eyes at the insanely liberal things I hear people say ("Corporate taxes should be so high they pay for everyone's healthcare. It's only fair!") And the weather! Everyone is constantly bitching about the dang weather. Hey guys, the weather just isn't that interesting of a topic to be discussed so excessively, alright?

I didn't like anything but the weather in Dallas at first. It felt like a massive concrete jungle with endless suburban sprawl. I had never seen multi-tier freeways nor exit ramps 20 stories high.

Cray-zay Dallas highways that would be a death sentence of ice in Minneapolis

I started yoga teacher training a month after relocating here, and found a niche of folks I really enjoyed. They were smart, had a dry sense of humor, were direct communicators and the best part? They wanted to hang out with me on the weekends! In Minnesota, if you haven't been hanging with your clique since high school, you'll be hard pressed to find friends that call you for more than a mid-week happy hour. People just like what they know and are rarely interested in new things, especially friends. It's strange.

Bright lights, big city: Dallas, TX

Fast forward to today. I freaking LOVE Dallas! I have my yoga friends, I have my mom group friends, I have my fitness club friends. I didn't know so many awesome people could all live in the same city! I love making fun of its quirks and I love how much people down here just loooooove Texas.

When we stopped through Minneapolis on our travels over the past month, I noticed a strange thing: It no longer feels like home. Even more shocking to me was that I was so glad I no longer live there.

Everyone is Dallas is so much more fun, unpretentious and genuwine. People just want to kick back with a drink and laugh together. I think I've finally found a place where I fit in.

Hey Dallas, you're not so bad after all.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Mommy Monday: Here's To Daddy

Yesterday, hubs and I celebrated our first year of marriage together.

Yes, we've only been married a year. We have an eight month old. You can do the math on that one. It's 2015. Life happens. Pun intended! (For the record, we had been engaged for nine months when I got pregnant and our wedding was already planned... Everything was set and ready to go, just had some major dress alterations to do!)

I thought I'd dedicate this "mommy" post to my husband, the most wonderful, hands on daddy in the world. This one is for you, babe.

Here's to the only man I had to TELL to ask me out.
*Someone* tried to get handsy during our engagement shoot

Here's to the man who let's me decorate the house however I want. Who let's me pick the paint colors and the furniture and the bedspreads and the dishes.
Kirk isn't short, readers. I'm 6'2 in those shoes.

Here's to the man who didn't panic when I told him I was pregnant five months before our wedding and three months after I started a new job... He simply smiled and was proud his "swimmers" "swam" so strongly!
My favorite maternity shot :)

Here's to the man who rubbed my back EVERY SINGLE DAY when I was pregnant, for as long as I wanted him to.
Don't be fooled, it was a whopping 65 degree March day in Dallas, and we froze our butts of for this shot!

Here's to the man who gets up with the baby EVERY SINGLE Saturday and Sunday so that I can sleep in, and he and Henry can have bonding time. To the man who walks in the door and takes Henry off my hands before he's even changed out of his suit, because he knows I'm maxing out on "baby time." To the man that has taught an eight month old how to throw a ball to our dogs and to the man who loves to dress his first son like himself.

Here's to all the involved, awesome daddy's who help keep us mommy's sane! But most importantly, here's to my husband: the best man, husband and daddy we could have ever asked for. Happy anniversary!

Friday, January 16, 2015

High Five for {Dallas Has The Worst Drivers} Friday!

Ahhh, the weekend. We're back home and I have no travel plans until the end of May. I'm slightly relieved by that! Airports are awful.

What is NOT relieving is being back home with insane Dallas drivers! I mean, has anyone gone to driver's ed in this town? Anyone...? In light of my straight up fear frustration with the drivers in this great city, I thought I would make a Friday Top 5 post about them.

You know, because I'm clearly not one of them ;)

Friday Top 5: Worst Kinds of Dallas Drivers

1) The Jacked-Up Truck driver: This dude doesn't care who is in front, behind, or to the side of him. He's bigger than you, he's faster than you, and he'll run you straight over. Odds are, there's a confederate flag in the back window... Or some hunting memorabilia (read: this dude has a shotgun with him.)

In Dallas, you either drive this monstrosity or a German import. Makes sense. Source

2) The Businessman In His BMW driver: He's on his phone. He's late. He's swerving. He's more important than you. He is BUSY. So, so very busy. Did I mention important? And wealthy? Who cares if he crashes his $90,000 ride, he'll buy a new one. Odds are, he's slightly intoxicated from that work-related happy hour, too.

"I'm so important, get out of my way I need to make more moneyyyyyyyyy!" Source

3) The Multitasking Mom driver: This woman has been driven to the brink of insanity by her children, so I almost give her a pass... Except she's texting while driving while yelling in the backseat while drinking coffee while driving with .5 of a hand. The only thing she ISN'T doing is staying in her lane. Put down that latte mama, I don't care to get side-swiped today!

The woman who does all this while driving is a HAZZARD and she's regularly on the road in Dallas... Source

4) The Semi-Truck driver: Here's the thing. We here in Dallas have European-ly narrow roads so that we can cram as many lanes on the road as possible. Even if you're a "good" semi-truck driver, the lane just isn't big enough for you. Alas, you can't drive in two lanes, so you just swerve from side to side of which additional lane you're going to take. Driving next to you is impossible, and driving behind you is frightening.

What semis look like trying to squeeze into the narrow lanes on Dallas roads. Source

5) The Luxury Vehicle Socialite driver: This girl is who the Multitasking Mom driver *used* to be in her glory days. She's applying lip gloss. She's tweeting about how she "just can't even" with traffic right now. She's taking an Instagram duck-face selfie, or worse yet, a pic of her Starbucks latte near the steering wheel juuuuuuust to get the Benz symbol in the shot, too. "PSL's are out now, y'all!" Odds are 97% that this basic chick will rear end you keeping up with her social media.

Yes, it's "that" girl. She's the worst Dallas driver yet. Source

I hope you enjoyed the Cliff Notes version of what it's like to drive in the great city of Dallas. As always, I'm linking up with my girl Amanda, Karli and Natasha for our fabulous Friday link up!

Now go enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Good Riddance Rental From Hell

Well friends, looks like we bought a house! I say *looks* because we don't close until the end of the month, and you just never know until the paperwork is signed and keys are in hand, amirite?

So now that the holidays are over and our Miami trip has concluded, it's time to start to pack. Oh, how I dread packing! But I have to be honest: I am SO excited to get out of the crappy rental home we've been in for the past year.

The rental from hell: Don't buy this place!

This was the rental from hell. The HVAC isn't the proper size for the house, so in the summer it's hot and in the winter it's freezing. It's not insulated, so it's drafty, and the windows are single-pane and original to the 1950's house. We've had $450/mo utility bills. The sewage has backed up into the yard three times (I'm talking toilet paper in the grass backup... Yeah...) The electrical wasn't done right, so I'm constantly blowing fuses. I have ONE outlet I can use my hairdryer on. One.

I would tell you what we pay in rent here, but you'd pass out. And I just get furious thinking about it.

Good. Freaking. Riddance.

I know I should be more attached to where we live now, since I was pregnant here and we brought Henry home from the hospital here. I adore the neighborhood... But I will not miss this house.

On to greener pastures! I've never been a homeowner before, and while the expense scares me half to death, I'm excited to live in a beautiful, quality home. I can finally get curtains hung in Henry's room to complete the nursery, and paint the walls colors I choose. We're re-doing the master bath so that it's exactly what I want.

So while moving is indeed a bummer... I am so excited to get out of the dumpy rental and into our first real home together!

Isn't the new home a beauty?! Yup.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Not-So-Mommy Monday: Weekend Recap

Because we escaped to Miami Beach this weekend, this post has nothing to do about motherhood, as I was baby-free and enjoying my freedom.

We did many things... Most of which I forgot to take pics of. Whenever I'm having a really good time, I usually forget about cameras and pics. Anyone else?!

So the weekend didn't get off to a good start: We missed our flight. Hubs thought we could get to the airport in 45 mins at rush hour (it takes this long when you can go 80 on the freeway...) I said we would need to double that. He told me he does it all the time and it would be fine. I got him to leave early enough to give us an hour... Turns out, I was right and an hour is not enough time to get to DFW at 8am rush hour.

We get booked on the next flight and and head to the prestigious airport TGIF enjoy some cocktails.

Many hours later, we land to see views like this!

Hey Miami!

Hey Fountainbleau!

Hubs had work meetings to attend to Thursday through Saturday, so I spent my time at the pool. With $24 a piece cocktails. I don't want to know how much I spent. Yikes.

$24 for a cocktail... But I got this keepsake cup! Worth it, right? Right...?

Friday night was hubs' work awards banquet, so we had to get all dressed up. I bought a new cocktail dress and felt all fancy!

This was my partner in crime while our husbands were in meetings all day: Ashley. We shopped and pool-sided it and drank!

Dinner selfie... Because why not
Saturday morning I was DEAD to the world. Three days and nights of nonstop partying caught up with this old lady! So dead, in fact, that I retired to the room with a cup of tea by 8pm. Amanda from Meet at the Barre was in town AND at the same hotel as us, but between her planned activities and my planned activities, we never got the chance to meet up. Boo.

Sunday hubs was officially off the clock for work, and we spent it relaxing, shopping and going out to a nice dinner together. We went for Cuban food... It was good, but not my favorite.

Cuban sandwich, Oxtail stew, and fried yuca

Today we're likely in the air, flying home as you read this. We had a great time (probably more so me, since hubs was stuck in work meetings most the time) but are ready to get back to this sweet little baby!

Screen shot of a pic sent of our little man! Can't wait for baby snuggles. It wouldn't be a Monday post without at least one pic of him, right?!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did! I have to tell you though... With the holidays, holiday travel and this trip, I'm now very excited to get back into a normal schedule.

Friday, January 9, 2015

High Five for {Miami Beach} Friday!

Hubs and I are in Miami Beach and my fam is kicking it in Dallas with Henry. My mom is the BEST.

I won't lie, a few days without the baby has been really refreshing! Love that little man, but I'm seriously loving some adult time!

Here are the Top 5 things I'm liking about Miami Beach:

1) The view isn't too shabby...

2) It's 80 degrees here. Dallas had swooped into some nasty freezing weather right as we left, and I don't miss that nonsense for anything.

3) The food! Seafood is some of my favorite, along with Cuban sandwiches. I've been in heaven since we got here.

4) The parties! Everyone here likes to party and have a great time.

5) We're celebrating our anniversary! (Actual anniversary isn't until Jan. 18) In our first year of marriage we had a baby and bought a home, so I'm thinking we'll move a mountain in our second year! Or just catch up on sleep, doing nothing. It remains to be seen.

Happy (almost) anniversary to us!

Have you ever been to Miami Beach? Where are some of your favorite places to travel?

As always, I'm linking up with Karli, Amanda and Natasha! Make sure to check out their lovely (and hysterical) blogs today to continue your Friday blog reading enjoyment. Because I know you already mentally checked out of work!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Why Fat-Free?

I asked hubs to run to the store to get half and half for me, since I had forgotten it at my weekly grocery store run. For me, half and half is MANDATORY for coffee - I can go without sugar, but not the cream. He was kind enough to make a stop and pick some up for me after work so that a woman wouldn't be deprived of her morning coffee.

I opened it the next morning without looking, because the need for coffee was strong. Nothing happens before coffee. Nothing.

I thought the coffee had a rather slimy texture, but it was coffee and I was tired so I stopped thinking. The next morning, I thought the same thing. And the next. Finally, I looked at the half and half more closely to realize poor hubs had picked up the "fat free" version. Whut! Nooooooooo.

Have you seen the ingredient list on that crap?! In case you haven't, there are 11 ingredients, only one of which I could pronounce. Do you know how many are supposed to be in half and half? One: Partially skimmed cream.

Here's the thing, friends. Fat won't make you fat. Fat (yes, even from dairy sources!) is part of a complete diet. That fat helps your body process the proteins that usually come along with fat. If you consume protein with no fat, your body doesn't digest the protein. I'm looking at you, egg white eaters! (Eat the whole egg to adsorb the protein AND get the vitamins in the yolk. Worried about calories? Eat fewer eggs. Simple as that.)

I digress.

This "fat free half and half" with all those fake and chemical-laden ingredients supports an environment in your body that promotes cell mutations. Cell mutations lead to diseases, including cancer. I cannot for the life of me understand why people continue to buy this crap! Why is it still on the shelves? Why do American's love to put fake food in their bodies? Why do we wonder why disease is on the rise in this country?

Stop buying fat-free garbage. Including skim milk (they add chemicals to it to color it so that it's actually appealing enough to drink - otherwise it would look like blue-watery-mucus. Which is what it is.) Fat, consumed in moderate quantities, doesn't make you fat. In fact, it's good for you! These chemicals are not.

Needless to say, I promptly dumped that "creamer" down the drain.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Mommy Monday: Torticollis Is A Pain

In case you want to catch up with Henry's torticollis adventure (adventure?! Sure, why not) I talked about my son's diagnosis here, and then explained that he would need a DOC band (aka helmet). I shared about his awesome DOC band design here.

Ok, are we all caught up? Excellent, here's the update:

Henry is coming along beautifully with the alterations to his head shape! He's been in the band for six weeks now, and if you didn't know there was anything wonky about his head shape, you'd never be able to guess from looking at him. The DOC band has worked wonders.

And the good news is that he's expected to get out of the band in another four to six weeks, competing the average amount of time babies spend in the band (10-12 weeks). Yay! I'll finally be able to kiss his sweet head and touch his growing blond locks. We've been diligent about making him wear it 23 hours a day, and it's paid off.

Henry snoozin' in his DOC Band

His torticollis, on the other hand, is being a tricky bastard to treat. Lil' H's head is remains tilted to one side, and he still favors that side when he sleeps. Now that he's sitting and standing up, it's become very clear that he has little strength in the one side of his neck.

We have seen a ton of improvement in his range of motion, but it's not enough if he's to get his band off in a few weeks. The problem being that if he goes back to sleeping on the one spot on his head, the flatness/mishapen-ness with return. And we didn't pay that much for a helmet to have the flatness return!

See how his head tilts to the side? That's that tricky torticollis.

So we're going to have to increase his physical therapy to twice a week. We've already been going for two months, and it looks like we'll be going for another four to six months to get this tricky torticollis worked out of his poor neck. I had no idea that it was so difficult to treat.

Perhaps we just have a severe case of it, but this stuff is a pain in the neck. Literally.

Friday, January 2, 2015

High Five for {Fitness} Friday + A GIVEAWAY!

I mentioned in my New Year's non-resolution post that I wanted to improve my physical fitness. It just so happens that we're going to Miami Beach for our anniversary this year (sans-baby, whoohoo!), so I went ahead and got a jump-start on that resolution goal in December. You know, to look acceptable at the beach.

Because while I DO want to be stronger, you can't blame a girl for wanting a little bit of a beach body for an actual beach trip, right? Don't judge.

Anyway, here are my Top 5 things I love about focusing on fitness:

1) New workout clothes. Hubs got me a few new things from Athleta for Christmas. Yes, those leggings and tank have sparkles in them. To quote hubs, "I knew you'd like them, because you love anything with sparkly s**t in it." #truth

Athleta Christmas haul! I think I like grey? :)

Sparkle close - up

2) Finding new workouts. To change your body, you have to keep it guessing with new workouts. I had been doing strictly yoga and barre, but switched it to HIIT/interval training/tabata style workouts. Holy cow, y'all. Look into them if you want your rump handed to you!

3) Seeing and hearing results. One of my favorite yogi's (I'll never completely switch out yoga for HIIT workouts) said, "Your arms are looking fabulous!" The same week I got on the scale to see my prebaby number. When you're dedicated and make time instead of excuses, you reap major rewards.

4) Feeling sore. Am I alone in this, or is feeling sore the next day an awesome feeling?!

5) Making new friends. At my club there's a group of us SAHM's who all go about the same time everyday, and we've gotten to know each other well. I really enjoy their company! Hanging with these lovely ladies transitions workouts from "I have to go to the gym" to "Yes! I GET to go to the gym!"

Did you set any physical fitness goals/non-resolutions for 2015? What are some of your favorite workouts?

Have a great weekend full of sweat and strength ;)

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