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Monday, March 8, 2021

Living Your Best 2021 Life With Astrology

I partnered with California Psychics to have my astrology chart read to provide some insight on how the rest of my 2021 will shape up

This post is sponsored by California Psychics. All opinions are my own.

We all know what 2020 was like... And 2021 started off weird too! While I've read my horoscope many times, I've never had a reading on my charts before. I've had a Tarot card reading done in 2019 (and that woman predicted some thangs, y'all! A year and a half after my reading, most of her predictions have indeed come true) and astrology has always fascinated me. When the opportunity came up to partner with California Psychics, I thought, yes! This will be a fun way to get some insight to how the rest of my 2021 will shape up using my zodiac sign - Libra, if you're wondering. She told me some interesting things! Hopefully, I'll end 2021 living my best life based off her astrology reading on me.

I've had a curiosity about astrology for a good while now. Back when I was in college, I knew someone who was REALLY into it. I remember the first time I met him, within the first five minutes he said to me, "Wow, you're a strong Libra, I can tell!" I thought it was fascinating that by talking to me for a few minutes and gaging the way I spoke and carried myself, he could tell my astrological sign.

As a yoga teacher, I follow a number of other yoga teachers on Instagram, some of whom are really into the zodiac themselves, and talk about it regularly. Honestly, a lot of it goes over my head - something about their moon's being in Venus with a Capricorn sun transitioning gets me lost fairly quickly. However, they're able to use that information to know when they should avoid certain people or do certain things to remained grounded and balanced, and that's what drives me to want to know more about it myself.

Fast forward to my reading with California Psychics. I spoke with Adrianna, as she had listed that she specialized in astrological chart reading. The process is seamless - you go to their website, create an account then browse their psychic advisors. When you find one who resonates with you, you click "talk" and they nearly immediately call you, or you can make an appointment. What I appreciated about this service is that you pre-book your time, so there's no going over a time limit; you spend the amount of money you agreed to and signed up for, there's no surprise charges and your call ends after your designated time amount. No manipulation into spending money you didn't want to spend here! And if you want to add more time, you can easily do that without having to disconnect and call back. They’re open 24/7, so it's flexible, adaptable and serves you at a cost that works for you.


Adrianna asked me my sign and gave me an overview of how I interact with others. Then she dove deeper and asked me my birthdate, the place of my birth and the time I was actually born. This is when things got interesting! She paused and said she knew that I was psychic too (I am - I haven't talked about it here but I've predicted several major life events and told friends about them in advance. Once they manifested, those friends wanted to know "how I knew that" to which I can only say that I felt them coming a long time ago... I can also see ghosts but this tangent is getting long enough as is. File that under stories for another time, friends) and that my son Otto is psychic too, which is why he and I get along so well. Since the day Otto was born, there's been something about him that has drawn me to him and we're incredibly close. Now I know why. Kid is a little chip off my block.

I also shared my partner's birthday and asked her thoughts on the longevity of my relationship with him. She told me that our Venuses are aligned and that's why we're so passionate and attracted to one another. She also said there was a Karmic connection, as though our souls were together in another life. Interesting, huh? It's not all butterflies and rainbows though; we both have exes that will try to throw a wrench in our relationship. She mentioned that if we can successfully navigate our exes as it relates to our relationship (and we both have children with these exes, so they're going to remain in our lives...) that our relationship will last, just as it's lasted in past lives. Nothing like a baby mama and baby dad to swoop in on your current relationship to try to wreck it, huh?! Yeah, definitely never predicted my life story to go like this, but here I am.

I still don't know much about how moons and suns align and what everything means, but I did find my reading super interesting. Just from reading that, she knew many things about me, my family situation, what kind of marriage I had and my current relationship. She was kind, asked me questions but led the conversation, and her insight was great. I still have a few hurdles to get over before I live my best 2021 life, but I'm confident in the choices I've made for my life so far and am excited to move forward and rebuild my home life.

Interested in getting a reading done yourself? Head over the California Psychics website and book a reading! Use code life5 to get $5 added to your account after you purchase your first reading. It's super fun, unintimidating and enlightening. And if Astrology is not your thing, they also have Tarot readers, Numerology Psychics, Empaths, Psychic Mediums, Pet Psychics, Relationship Psychics and so much more.

California Psychics sponsored this post; all opinions are my own. 

Monday, January 11, 2021

DIY Valentine's Day Wreath

This DIY is easy to do and the materials are found at any craft store

Hey quarantiners, are you bored yet? Yeah, me too. We're not the quarantined here in Texas (praise be) but we still can't get out and about like we used to. Even with four kids, to save my sanity, I decided to start to invest some of my home time in to my major hobbies, which include wreath making (see this post and see this photo - a DIY on how to make a ribbon wreath and some photos of other wreaths I've made over the years) I decorated for Valentine's Day last year and intend to again. There's something satisfying about how girly and pink and red everything is when you're a mom of all boys that makes me absolutely love Valentine's Day decos - gimme hearts, pink, purple, red and white. It's surprisingly easy to make your own wreath, and the thing I love most about it is that you can customize it to fit your decor in your home. Here's how I made my own Valentine's Day inspired wreath.

Before I jump in, a shoutout is needed... I actually made this wreath for my boyfriend's apartment. He not only patiently waited for me to pick out all the supplies at Michael's Craft Store, he ran down to the maintenance guy to borrow a pair of wire cutters because the scissors he had wasn't cutting through some of the thicker wires of the silk roses I bought. What a guy! When I don't have a gag order on my personal life because of my active divorce hearing, I'll tell you everything this wonderful human has done for me, but until then, I'll simply mention that he loves holiday decorating as much as me and patiently assists my hobbies as I sit on his floor and furiously craft away. Don't worry, football is usually on for him. Tradeoffs, no?

Ok, back to wreath making. For any wreath, you need a base. I love to use natural material (think willow, grapevine, rattan, etc) because it's easy to weave your desired contents into the stick strands. Wire frames are great if you're using a decorative material that can be tied around the wire to secure it, but when you're working with garland, faux flowers or other materials that need to be wrapped, weaved or secured another way, natural wreath frames are the way to go. 

What you'll need:
Cut the roses from the long stems, leaving anywhere from an inch to three inches of stem attached to the flower so that you can weave it into your wreath frame. I also kept some of the green leaves, both on the flowers and then independent leaves to weave into the wreath frame as well. 

I chose white as the primary color for the wreath, so I started with a group of white flowers. Use your fingers to separate some of the wreath frame and insert the stem of the flower. Pull the flower towards the wreath frame until it's tight, then secure the stem on the back of the wreath by twisting it around other sections of the wreath frame. I alternated both colors and size of the blooms, occasionally using leaves instead of flowers, so the wreath looks balanced and "natural." Keep repeating the process until the wreath frame is hidden by flowers. The more flowers you add to your wreath, the easier it will be to secure the buds to the frame because the natural fibers of the frame will start to get full, and the more full it is, the tighter the flower stems will sit in the wreath, without having to secure them by twisting the stem wire in the back.

Like it? Pin it!

Keep going until your wreath is nice and full. Sometimes you'll need to go back and take a flower or two out because it doesn't fit the pattern you start out with, or you end up with too much of one color or one kid of flower towards the end, but it's fairly easy to redistribute the flowers if that's the case. Don't worry about it being perfect off the bat, you can always change things around as you get going! What I love about DIY wreaths is that they're flexible, easy to make and customizable to what you want in them, the colors in your home, and your personal d├ęcor choices. Enjoy making this DIY Valentines Day Wreath - I know my kids love that we decorate for Valentine's, after all the sparkle of Christmas is packed away.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Winter Skincare Routine

Dry, cold weather calls for a change in your skincare routine. Here are my favorite products and how I use them in cold weather months to care for my skin

Winter is back. Again. My least favorite season. Growing up in Minneapolis, all I saw was snow for some 26 odd years and froze for at least half the year. I maxed out on winter from my tenure there. Anyway, low and behold, here we are again in winter and while I don't live in as miserable a climate now, there still are cold days down here in Dallas. And with colder days comes winter skin, no matter where you live. Cold, dry air unsurprisingly dries out your skin too. These are some of my favorite products for combating winter skin issues. A few slight product changes can really improve your winter skincare routine.

This is hands down my favorite product I own! It's so rich and lightly scented with lavender and primrose essential oils. When you've got dry winter skin - especially elbows, knees and knuckles made raw from so many hand washes/sanitizer applications. This product is extremely rich and nourishing. It's small enough to fit in your bag/purse and since it's in a stick, it's easy to apply whether you're getting out of the shower or applying it on your hands while stopped at a red light. Seriously, your winter skin needs this product! I'm not much of a "product pusher" in terms of what I blog about and endorse, so when I say something like this, I mean it. Get yourself this lotion bar. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen me talk about this lotion bar a few times, and it's because it's THAT good. 

Second favorite product! This one is formulated just a tad differently for your face. It's rich, but it absorbs into the skin quickly. I put it on first thing out of the shower (or after I wash my face at night) and let it sit for about 5 minutes before I rub it into my skin. Then I apply my makeup (I don't wear much - check out this two minute makeup routine I have that simplifies your makeup and shortens your morning routine) My makeup doesn't go into my creases and I've gotten multiple comments from strangers that my skin was "glowing" after I started using this lotion bar.

This is a secret not many people know... But dry brushing not only helps you exfoliate your skin (extra important in the winter when the dry air causes dead, dry skin) but it's a circulation boost. That circulation and stimulation to your skin has been proven to reduce cellulite! Dry brushing your tummy, thighs and bottom is not only good for your skin, but it's a cost effective way to help reduce visible lumps and bumps to smooth out your skin. It's good for your body and far cheaper than liposuction (and um, far less invasive). I do it in a circular motion while my shower heats up, then I jump in and wash off any dead skin cells I brushed off. It's easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Winter skin is notorious for being dull, and this serum helps brighten it up. The lotion bar helps to moisturize your skin and give you a glowing complexion, but this takes it to the next level by firming the skin, brightening it up, and leveling out the tone without clogging your pores or feeling greasy. I know I've broken out from a ton of serums I've tried, or they've just been too greasy to be able to apply makeup over. Not this one! Plus, it smells divine,

Winter skincare takes a bit  more time and planning, but you can easily have great skin year round if you put in a bit more effort and get the right products. Dryness is the major issue to combat, and if you're in a cold winter climate, you've got to stay on top of it to keep your skin healthy and keep yourself comfortable. Basic lotions don't work. Most of them contain water as the first ingredient, and that's only drying out your skin more. These winter skincare routine products don't contain ANY water - they're made from organic beeswax and are scented with botanicals and essential oils. They've made a world of difference for my skin. Try them and see for yourself!