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Monday, August 20, 2018

Summer Break

This year is all kinds of crazy with taking a break in July when I normally take my time off in August... and the impending arrival of the twins right when I'm in my busiest season. So I decided to cut my "blog breaks" in two, with one week in July and then another this week! If you've been to any store lately you know all their fall stuff is out in full force and blogging is much the same way as we follow the "retail schedule" of seasons. I'm feverishly working on some AMAZING fall content to share with you when I come back, and desperately trying to get some posts in order for my "maternity leave" after the twins arrive... Whenever that is - hopefully not until we're well into October!

Anyway, I'm taking the week off from producing new content but will share some revamped old favorites on my Facebook page, and of course, I'll be active on Instagram with fresh photos and funny InstaStories. 

Go and enjoy these last few weeks of summer!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Ultimate Yoga Resource

Yoga is great for the mind, body and spirit! Use these resources to help you get started with a life-long practice or deepen the one you already have

When I created my "blog plan" for the year, it absolutely included doing at least a few yoga posts. I sat down to collect all the yoga information I've written and given over the years and discovered that I hadn't created a "real" yoga post in nearly TWO YEARS. In fact, the only yoga posts I've written in the last year include a meditation post after I was inspired from attending Wanderlust in Snowshoe, WV and an etiquette post that was written several months prior to that, which was drafted after some particularly annoying people showed up at my studio. Polar opposites, no?! And now, I'm rounding up all the great stuff I've created - some of which I dug out of the first year of my blog posts, so enjoy those photos. Hopefully this post can serve as the ultimate yoga resource for you to deepen your current practice or motivate you to start one.

Tips on how to do yoga poses, how to pick a yoga studio, how to do a yoga arm balance and more #yoga #howto #yogaworkouts

I got my 200hr yoga teacher certification in the summer of 2013 with every intention of teaching yoga on the side. However, in July of 2013 I started a demanding job as a fundraising director for a large nonprofit and didn't have consistent hours to dedicate to teaching. Then in September of 2013, I got a big ol' surprise: two pink lines on a pregnancy test! With a new job, a new marriage and a new baby on the way, I wasn't ready to commit to teaching. Then I started this blog, and wrote regularly about yoga and its many benefits. A couple years and a couple kids later, and I've even diverged from that. While shooting a bunch of yoga content isn't in the cards for me right now (7 months pregnant with twins), I absolutely can't wait to return to "my roots" in 2019 and share some of the things I've learned in continuing my practice, and how motherhood and meditation have altered yoga for me from where I began.

I've broken the information down into three groups: the basics (which has all the super old posts for you to click back to and laugh at!), more advanced poses and flows, and then additional resources for things like meditation tips, picking out a yoga studio, etc. There's information for you no matter where you are in a practice, even if you have no practice to speak of yet.

The Basics:

Fancier moves and modifications for them:

Yoga resource bonuses:

I hope all these posts rounded up into one location is helpful! I know yoga studios/yogis/starting a new workout routine can be extremely intimidating. I don't find working out generally intimidating, and even I was scared to attend my first class! I rolled my mat out in the back of the studio and cranked my neck to watch more advanced students in the class, not knowing what the heck I was doing or what the names of poses were. I thought for sure my arms would give out in my first class! But I went back. Again and again. I slowly moved up to the front of the class. I started taking workshops. Then I got my 200hr certification. Now, I'll never look back! Hopefully, some of the years of experience I shared in this ultimate yoga resource make you more confident as you head into your next class.