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Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Ultimate Yoga Resource

Yoga is great for the mind, body and spirit! Use these resources to help you get started with a life-long practice or deepen the one you already have

When I created my "blog plan" for the year, it absolutely included doing at least a few yoga posts. I sat down to collect all the yoga information I've written and given over the years and discovered that I hadn't created a "real" yoga post in nearly TWO YEARS. In fact, the only yoga posts I've written in the last year include a meditation post after I was inspired from attending Wanderlust in Snowshoe, WV and an etiquette post that was written several months prior to that, which was drafted after some particularly annoying people showed up at my studio. Polar opposites, no?! And now, I'm rounding up all the great stuff I've created - some of which I dug out of the first year of my blog posts, so enjoy those photos. Hopefully this post can serve as the ultimate yoga resource for you to deepen your current practice or motivate you to start one.

Tips on how to do yoga poses, how to pick a yoga studio, how to do a yoga arm balance and more #yoga #howto #yogaworkouts

I got my 200hr yoga teacher certification in the summer of 2013 with every intention of teaching yoga on the side. However, in July of 2013 I started a demanding job as a fundraising director for a large nonprofit and didn't have consistent hours to dedicate to teaching. Then in September of 2013, I got a big ol' surprise: two pink lines on a pregnancy test! With a new job, a new marriage and a new baby on the way, I wasn't ready to commit to teaching. Then I started this blog, and wrote regularly about yoga and its many benefits. A couple years and a couple kids later, and I've even diverged from that. While shooting a bunch of yoga content isn't in the cards for me right now (7 months pregnant with twins), I absolutely can't wait to return to "my roots" in 2019 and share some of the things I've learned in continuing my practice, and how motherhood and meditation have altered yoga for me from where I began.

I've broken the information down into three groups: the basics (which has all the super old posts for you to click back to and laugh at!), more advanced poses and flows, and then additional resources for things like meditation tips, picking out a yoga studio, etc. There's information for you no matter where you are in a practice, even if you have no practice to speak of yet.

The Basics:

Fancier moves and modifications for them:

Yoga resource bonuses:

I hope all these posts rounded up into one location is helpful! I know yoga studios/yogis/starting a new workout routine can be extremely intimidating. I don't find working out generally intimidating, and even I was scared to attend my first class! I rolled my mat out in the back of the studio and cranked my neck to watch more advanced students in the class, not knowing what the heck I was doing or what the names of poses were. I thought for sure my arms would give out in my first class! But I went back. Again and again. I slowly moved up to the front of the class. I started taking workshops. Then I got my 200hr certification. Now, I'll never look back! Hopefully, some of the years of experience I shared in this ultimate yoga resource make you more confident as you head into your next class.

Monday, August 13, 2018

How To Manage A Picky Eater

Getting toddlers to eat enough protein their growing bodies need is tough. Here's a great option for busy parents to start their child's day with a high-protein punch!

This post is sponsored by NESTLÉ® NESQUIK® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I never thought I'd be the mom of a picky eater. Before I had kids, I was convinced that picky eaters were MADE, not BORN. I had all these grandiose ideas about how all I had to do to have excellent eaters was expose them early and consistently to healthy, organic foods. I'd never make them a different supper than I was cooking - no, all I had to do to get excellent, diverse eaters was make one meal for the whole family, and everyone would eat it happily. Now that I'm on the verge of being a mom of four kids, I know better! Guess what? Picky eaters are born. Tastes and textures are different for everyone, and everyone doesn't like everything. Toddlers seem to be especially fond of everything in the carbohydrate family. Crackers always go over well but grilled chicken? Not so much! I've dealt with a highly picky eater and struggling to get him to eat enough protein. Here's how to manage a picky eater.

I joke with my friends that I sometimes only cook supper at all for Otto. That boy will eat ANYTHING, and a lot of it. His favorite thing to do is eat. If it's been an hour and a half since his last meal, he'll look at me and say, "Mommy, I want to eat now. It's time to eat more!" Protein, veggies, fresh fruit, homemade minestrone soup, lasagna, bratwurst, you name it, he eats it. Three to four eggs plus toast plus fresh fruit is what he eats for his SECOND breakfast of the day (I'm not kidding). It's no wonder this kid is 95% for height and 85% for weight. I'm not concerned about his diet at all! I am concerned about our grocery budget bankrupting us when he's a teenager though...

I digress. 

My first born son, Henry is entirely another story. From 6 months old when we started him on solid food through 15 months, he was a great eater. I exposed him to all sorts of fruits and veggies, and attempted to puree meats for him too. He never got into the meat, but I thought "Well I don't want to eat that either so I don't blame him!" At 15 months old, when he was properly sitting at a high chair and feeding himself at meals, he went on a food strike. He wouldn't eat ANYTHING except blueberries and whole milk. That was it. For two solid weeks. I was baffled! I was in tears thinking that he'd be malnourished and starved!

Eventually I was able to re-introduce yogurt and cheese. Other berries. And whole wheat/whole grain crackers. He clearly didn't die of malnutrition from his two week food strike, but he did continue to be an insanely picky eater. Berries, crackers and dairy are always a hit, but veggies and meats? Only recently (and keep in mind he's four years old) has he even began to TRY these foods. Clearly, that leaves us a protein gap that needs to be filled so that he can grow and so that he stays full at preschool until it's lunch time.

NESTLÉ® NESQUIK® Super Breakfast is made from 100% real milk (that's a big hit for my dairy loving picky eater!) so it's full of Vitamins A and D and calcium. It has ZERO artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors and ZERO high fructose corn syrup in it, so I feel good about giving it to my kids. And it's loaded with 12g of protein, so my picky eater is getting a great boost of muscle and brain building power to get him through his morning.

If it were up to Henry, he'd eat pancakes and berries for breakfast every morning. I love that I can add this Nesquik® Super Breakfast drink (that's available in the juice aisle at Walmart) to round out his whole grain pancakes and fruit with more protein. It comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors, but my picky eater won't touch anything with chocolate in it. This kid legitimately won't touch chocolate chip cookies. Yeah, he's THAT picky!

Parents, if you struggle with an insanely picky eater like I do, rest a little easier knowing that you didn't create that monster - he or she made him/herself! Keep on exposing them to new foods and encouraging them to try them. Don't force food on them. Praise them when they do try new foods and tell them "we'll try better tomorrow" on days they simply refuse. And to get some of your picky eater's protein, vitamin, and calcium needs in, get Nesquik® Super Breakfast drinks to add to their breakfast! Managing a picky eater isn't easy, but products that taste great and have "hidden" nutrition make it that much easier.