An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Living Your Best 2021 Life With Astrology

Monday, March 8, 2021

Living Your Best 2021 Life With Astrology

I partnered with California Psychics to have my astrology chart read to provide some insight on how the rest of my 2021 will shape up

This post is sponsored by California Psychics. All opinions are my own.

We all know what 2020 was like... And 2021 started off weird too! While I've read my horoscope many times, I've never had a reading on my charts before. I've had a Tarot card reading done in 2019 (and that woman predicted some thangs, y'all! A year and a half after my reading, most of her predictions have indeed come true) and astrology has always fascinated me. When the opportunity came up to partner with California Psychics, I thought, yes! This will be a fun way to get some insight to how the rest of my 2021 will shape up using my zodiac sign - Libra, if you're wondering. She told me some interesting things! Hopefully, I'll end 2021 living my best life based off her astrology reading on me.

I've had a curiosity about astrology for a good while now. Back when I was in college, I knew someone who was REALLY into it. I remember the first time I met him, within the first five minutes he said to me, "Wow, you're a strong Libra, I can tell!" I thought it was fascinating that by talking to me for a few minutes and gaging the way I spoke and carried myself, he could tell my astrological sign.

As a yoga teacher, I follow a number of other yoga teachers on Instagram, some of whom are really into the zodiac themselves, and talk about it regularly. Honestly, a lot of it goes over my head - something about their moon's being in Venus with a Capricorn sun transitioning gets me lost fairly quickly. However, they're able to use that information to know when they should avoid certain people or do certain things to remained grounded and balanced, and that's what drives me to want to know more about it myself.

Fast forward to my reading with California Psychics. I spoke with Adrianna, as she had listed that she specialized in astrological chart reading. The process is seamless - you go to their website, create an account then browse their psychic advisors. When you find one who resonates with you, you click "talk" and they nearly immediately call you, or you can make an appointment. What I appreciated about this service is that you pre-book your time, so there's no going over a time limit; you spend the amount of money you agreed to and signed up for, there's no surprise charges and your call ends after your designated time amount. No manipulation into spending money you didn't want to spend here! And if you want to add more time, you can easily do that without having to disconnect and call back. They’re open 24/7, so it's flexible, adaptable and serves you at a cost that works for you.


Adrianna asked me my sign and gave me an overview of how I interact with others. Then she dove deeper and asked me my birthdate, the place of my birth and the time I was actually born. This is when things got interesting! She paused and said she knew that I was psychic too (I am - I haven't talked about it here but I've predicted several major life events and told friends about them in advance. Once they manifested, those friends wanted to know "how I knew that" to which I can only say that I felt them coming a long time ago... I can also see ghosts but this tangent is getting long enough as is. File that under stories for another time, friends) and that my son Otto is psychic too, which is why he and I get along so well. Since the day Otto was born, there's been something about him that has drawn me to him and we're incredibly close. Now I know why. Kid is a little chip off my block.

I also shared my partner's birthday and asked her thoughts on the longevity of my relationship with him. She told me that our Venuses are aligned and that's why we're so passionate and attracted to one another. She also said there was a Karmic connection, as though our souls were together in another life. Interesting, huh? It's not all butterflies and rainbows though; we both have exes that will try to throw a wrench in our relationship. She mentioned that if we can successfully navigate our exes as it relates to our relationship (and we both have children with these exes, so they're going to remain in our lives...) that our relationship will last, just as it's lasted in past lives. Nothing like a baby mama and baby dad to swoop in on your current relationship to try to wreck it, huh?! Yeah, definitely never predicted my life story to go like this, but here I am.

I still don't know much about how moons and suns align and what everything means, but I did find my reading super interesting. Just from reading that, she knew many things about me, my family situation, what kind of marriage I had and my current relationship. She was kind, asked me questions but led the conversation, and her insight was great. I still have a few hurdles to get over before I live my best 2021 life, but I'm confident in the choices I've made for my life so far and am excited to move forward and rebuild my home life.

Interested in getting a reading done yourself? Head over the California Psychics website and book a reading! Use code life5 to get $5 added to your account after you purchase your first reading. It's super fun, unintimidating and enlightening. And if Astrology is not your thing, they also have Tarot readers, Numerology Psychics, Empaths, Psychic Mediums, Pet Psychics, Relationship Psychics and so much more.

California Psychics sponsored this post; all opinions are my own. 


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