An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Mindful Shopping

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Mindful Shopping

In a world where we have 50 different options of any one thing, be mindful about the way you shop!

Mindfulness, intentional living, being present - all super trendy buzzwords right now, right? The thing that cracks me up about that is that these concepts are anything but new. In fact, they embody modern folks attempting to get back to a simpler time; their roots; a calmer space. I love that people are realizing this and taking action! A great place to start the mindfulness process is during the shopping process. In this case, I'm talking grocery shopping. What you put into your body on a daily basis directly impacts your overall health as well as the health of the environment. Choosing items that are local, organic and grassfed are great keywords to look for when shopping mindfully.

I remember the day I got committed to eating locally, organically and/or grassfed (in the case of animal products). I had just finished my yoga teacher training, and had completed a daily journal of what I ate and how it made me feel, both immediately and several hours later. It turned out, eating organically had a huge impact on how I felt afterwards! In terms of immediately, the first thing I wrote in my journals was the TASTE. These items simply taste better.

One of the biggest - as in, shockingly different! - areas of taste difference was grassfed beef. In Minneapolis, I rarely ever bought beef because I just didn't care for it. After moving to Texas, where a good portion of the U.S's beef is raised, and after discovering the "grassfed" secret, it's absolutely my favorite meat. Now, I'm mostly vegetarian and I eat this way to reduce my environmental impact. But I joke with my friends that I'm a vegetarian who eats beef a handful of times a month because grassfed beef, especially locally raised here in Texas, is just so dang tasty. The difference between grass and grain fed is truly astounding.

The same goes with dairy, which isn't a surprise since it comes from a cow. Grassfed dairy has a different flavor all it's own. It's like eating you've been eating food all your life, and one day you're introduced to salt, and you're like, "What is this magical substance that just made all my food taste 100 times better?!" That's the difference between grass and grain fed dairy products: Night and day.

There are two big objections I hear regularly when I mention mindful shopping. First, is that organic is a bunch of bologna because everything is made up of chemicals and chemical compounds so it's all the same. It's true everything is made up of chemicals (we're all comprised of the periodic table!) but the way in which those chemicals form (naturally, man made, etc) have different outcomes. One of those outcomes is in the taste of the product. Want tastier food? Try organic!

The other is the cost. I always say, sure - I may spend slightly more on groceries now. But I'll save more on my medical bills later by eating healthily! Plus, I've got an Ibotta offer for you to get cash back on grassfed Horizon Organic milk, which is totally affordable at Walmart. Yes, Walmart offers affordable organic options! I challenge you to a taste test: Buy your regular milk and use this Ibotta offer to get some Horizon grassfed milk. Try them back to back. Send me an email if you don't immediately notice the taste difference!

While local, organic, mindfulness, and being present are all big buzzwords right now, they all point to a return to our simpler roots. Less technology, more togetherness. Fewer chemicals, a return to traditional farming practices. Less artificial, more taste. Practice your mindful shopping by picking up some Horizon Organic grassfed milk! Take my taste test challenge and experience the difference yourself.


  1. I love my Ibotta app and so excited to use it for this offer!

  2. People that think organic is crap are so misinformed. And grassfed all the way! We don't drink milk in our house really, but I bet this tastes amazing!

  3. I have been buying organic products for over twenty years and have gotten negative comments from family members. I think it's worth it. Like you said, there is a noticeable difference in the taste!

  4. I always try to buy local whenever possible. And there are certain organic products that I specifically look for when shopping. For me it's quality, taste and down-home goodness!

  5. Right now I buy a mix of organic and nonorganic. I'm trying to move to more organic choices, if my budget allows for it.