An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Where To Travel Off The Beaten Path In Texas

Monday, March 26, 2018

Where To Travel Off The Beaten Path In Texas

Want a destination with two major airports, sports, cultural events, is budget friendly and has that classic Texas charm?

Back in my 20's, I traveled ALL the time. Especially after graduate school when I got a great paying job, but still had a low cost of living (whoohoo roommates!) and no real obligations other than my student loans and rent. Now my life looks a lot different with two kids, but I still manage to do quite a bit of travel, although it looks a bit different. By that I mean I do a lot more regional travel. It's been a big surprise, but getting to explore more of Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico and my first trip to Arizona has been a blast! Texas in particular has been full of surprises, likely because it's such a massive state and covers to much topography. Here's a great pick of where to travel off the beaten path in Texas.

Surprise! It's right in my own backyard in the Dallas metro. Arlington, TX is about a 45 minute drive southwest of of where I live in the city center. Now, I've mentioned plenty of times on my InstaStories that I rarely venture out to the suburbs; I feel like I have everything I need in a 20 minute drive radius of me here in the city. But it's great to go explore and see new things, right? So I packed the car full of food, fuel and water in case I got lost (kidding! Not really...) and ventured down to check out what Arlington was all about.

If you're a sports fan, you know well that one of the biggest, most popular teams in the NFL plays at AT&T Stadium located here. The Texas Rangers also are housed in Arlington at Globe Life Park. One of the coolest things about both those stadiums is that they host far more than just sporting events; they're home to a ton of cultural events. There are art fairs and auto shows and even heritage festivals. Back in December, we went to an outdoor German Christmas Mart, complete with German food, music and goods to purchase from local artists and craftsmen.

In addition to sports and cultural events, Arlington has Six Flags, the massive amusement park. You can see the towers and roller coaster tracks from I-30, the freeway that takes you right to all three of these massive attractions. I'm in the minority by NOT being an amusement park fan. The height alone of some of those rides gives me the shivers! They do have a water park though, and as soon as my kids are old enough to get on some of those rides and attractions, I'm all up for that. As long as they're not too high...

I wanted to go off the beaten path of Arlington to see what else there was besides the "big three" (AT&T Stadium, Globe Life Park and Six Flags). I found some signs directing me to downtown, and thought that would be a great place to start. It's small, but it's size doesn't lack for charm! I found a great theatre, an old school barber shop, a brewery, restaurants, salons, and more! There was art and sculpture everywhere - likely because the University of Texas at Arlington is basically right across the street from downtown. There's art an museum and an outdoor pavilion that hosts free concerts all summer long!

I was impressed with all that I saw from this community. National-level attractions, higher education, art, outdoor community gathering spaces, great food, local brews, live music and more! If you're looking to get off the beaten path of Texas travel destinations, you've got to check out all the attractions Arlington has to offer.


  1. I grew up in arlington until i was 12. It has changed so much since then, but I love all the hidden joys.

  2. There are some really cute downtown communities strewn all over Texas. Bryan has a cute and historic downtown as well. Glad to see an off-the-beaten-path destination highlighted!

  3. A road trip of Texas in on my must do list! Some great ideas here, thanks for sharing!

  4. I would love to visit Arlington if I ever go to Texas.

  5. I love when towns have murals like these! They add so much character. Looks like a fun trip!

  6. I'm loving all these retro vibes! I haven't been to Texas yet, but this makes me want to plan a road trip or something! Arlington looks very iconic Americana!

  7. I've been there but it's been far too long! What a fun tour of the town!


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