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An Uncomplicated Life Blog is a lifestyle and wellness blog based out of Dallas, TX. Welcome!

Hey guys, I'm Paige! Yoga junkie, boymom extraordinaire, top knot connoisseur and health nut who doesn't shy away from an IPA and a cheeseburger.

About me: A boymom extraordinaire: I had four boys in four years - a set of "Irish twins" and a set of real twins! Before boymom life, I was a fundraising executive for large nonprofits in the education and social services niche. I transitioned that passion for helping others to blogging about healthy lifestyles over five years ago. A Northern transplant happily living the warm life in urban Dallas, I believe in whole foods, organic and eco-friendly living, living simply, and laughing at life's chaos. 

About the blog: You know how life is over scheduled and insanely busy? My blog gives busy moms simple ways to un-complicate life, making it enjoyable again, all with a semi-crunchy and organically minded twist. I specialize in healthy recipes, DIY crafts and decor, essential oil how-to's and humorous parenting.

Live well. Live uncomplicated.


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