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Monday, April 24, 2017


I wrote this weekend update post on our Easter shenanigans, but it's been a hot minute since I just broke it down and told y'all the happenings and life stories around here, no restrictions to just a holiday weekend. So this is what's been going down lately. Actually, in all honesty, I wanted to have the world's BEST chicken marinade recipe for you today, but it's been nonstop storming, hailing, cold and generally terrible in Dallas and I wasn't able to grill outside to get it all photographed purty for you. Hopefully that will make it to the blog Thursday! Honestly, it's so good and goes with whatever you're making.

Watch for that post, but in the interim, here's life:

Is a fu**ing nightmare. I think some kids just get it and others need to be asked if they want to sit on the potty 30 times a day. My child is the latter. Plus, he'll never actually go for me. We'll sit and hang out and nada. But he'll go for our nanny and he only uses the toilet at school. In fact, I'm going to buy him some underwear to wear to school, he's doing so well there! Which will likely mean he'll pee all over my car on the way there or home. Sigh. He's three next month y'all. And I get to do all of this again in 6-12 months with Otto. Oh, the joy.

Trying to potty train the one with the cowlick

Natural deodorant! Yes, I found one that works - this one! And not just the day you shower and apply it. This stuff works after 3+ days of no shower, 3+ days of hot yoga/barre workouts, and 3+ days of pushing a double stroller to a park 7 blocks away up some of the steepest hills in Texas in 90 degree heat. So, I'd say it's a complete winner! I got the lime and Bergamot scent because I was sold at the word "lime." I mean, have you seen this post, this post or this post? LEMONSSSS AND LIMESSSSSSSS.

Unsurprisingly, I'm also wearing nonstop "athleisure" attire. Even though I shouldn't be yoga pants clad, as you'll see in my next point. But y'all, these yoga pants are the BEST. High waisted to tuck everything in, the material breathes so they're not hot, and the length can be worn with literally any shoe. Amazing.

On my workouts. I'm only doing yoga or barre and only 4 times a week. I'm just not feeling anything hardcore, which is perfect because it's already bikini season here *face palm*

Nada. It's like everything is in between seasons right now. Little Big Lies was great, but ended a few weeks ago. House of Cards is coming out super late this year (May 17, FYI!) I haven't heard anything about OITNB coming back for another season. GoT usually comes out in April and nope, not this year. Home Town, on HGTV, is kinda cute but the wife also kinda really annoys me with the "trying to be cute" faces she makes, so I'm not 100% sold on that one. What are y'all watching that's good? I'm not super into TV, but I do like to have one show that I consistently watch and can get into weekly.

How we spent last summer. Awwww, baby Otto!

"Ohhhhh crap whyyyyyyyyyyy" because we only have three weeks until school is out for the summer. Three weeks until I have to get pretty creative on what we do all afternoon, because it's just too hot to walk to the park but the splash pad isn't open yet. Beeteedubs, why don't the pools and splash pads open up earlier here? They open up on the same dates as they do in Minnesota, and it's blazing hot here. C'mon Texas. Wadupwitdat?

I'm starting to make up words, so I better end this writing sesh while I'm ahead. That's what's going on currently over here! Hope y'all are Monday'ing hard and have wonderful weeks.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

When You Just Need A Break

Parents regularly need breaks they can't get. Here's how to sneak in a little you time!

This post is sponsored by Cafe Breaks. All opinions are my own.

I can't tell you how many times I just needed a few moments to myself. Maybe the kids were fighting over the same toy for a bit too long and had me playing referee for an hour too many; maybe my husband was on night three of his business trip and I was desperate to go to the bathroom alone for once; or maybe we were having a great day and I was just worn out from playing nonstop. The thing about being a mom is you don't get to run your own schedule. You get up when your kids are up and you come running when you're needed. But sometimes, you just need a little break!

Now that Otto is a little bit older, I feel comfortable leaving him in one room while I go to another. He usually follows me immediately (remember back in the first paragraph about how I often wish I could go to the bathroom alone? Yeah, that's a real thing. A thing that never happens... Oh, to be alone in the bathroom for once! But I digress...) Like I said, he usually follows me, as does Henry, but every so often they're so engrossed in whatever they're doing that I can catch a moment to myself. Those are always great moments for a breather.

But sometimes, I need a breather when nobody is giving me any space! Moms, I know you all know what I'm talking about. Heck, even if you're not a mom but have a clingy and/or particularly needy dog, you know what I'm talking about. What I do in those moments is escape to my closet. Nope, not even kidding a little bit. It's a large walk in, and wouldn't you know, there's a lock on the inside. Why there's a lock on the inside I'll never know, but I thank the person who put it there! Because I can go and sit amongst my clothes for a few seconds of peace.

If I'm feeling particularly fancy/desperate, I acknowledge that it's time not only for a quick breather, but a fast treat, too. Treat yo'self, right? I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but I've always loved a little chocolate (it's built into the female chromosomes, I swear) and anything with caramel. Cafe Breaks is the perfect fast break treat. It's small enough to consume in a short amount of time (hey, this referee has to get back to her job before all hell breaks loose!) and just the right amount of sweet for a quick treat.

Wanna treat yo self? Check out this awesome sweepstakes!

Smiling in glee because I'm eating pudding by myself in my closet? Oh heck yes.
Being a mom is tough work. It's relentless. And sometimes, you just need a little break! A breather. Some fresh air. Some you time. Whether you lock yourself in a closet like me (there's absolutely no shame in it, I promise you!), you go for a quick walk or you treat yourself to a little something sweet, remember to take time out for yourself. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Weekend Update

It's been well over a year since I posted a weekend update! I've been sucked down the rabbit hole of SEO, creating pinnable images, improving photography, affiliates, etc etc blogging money making nonsense. I thought it'd be fun for just a good old fashioned, what-we've-been-up-to post. And low and behold, it was Easter this past weekend so I remembered to take some pictures!

Otto and Henry had their Easter egg hunt at school on Wednesday, since there was no school on Good Friday. As it would turn out, Henry is absolutely obsessed (using this word appropriately here) with Easter eggs. He wanted nothing to do with the candy inside (mega eye roll emoji) but his inner hoarder came out big time, and he loves to collect and attempt to carry as many of these pieces of plastic as possible.

He's on-trend for toddlerhood: The cheapest toy is always the best.

Otto was more relaxed about the whole egg thing, and was content to play with a random plastic egg whenever one would escape his brother's hands. I waved my long-hair-don't-care flag in the face of dental hygiene and allowed him to try some candy from one of the eggs, and he promptly spit it out and looked at me like I attempted to poison him.

We gave the boys their Easter baskets on Saturday because if you think for one moment that we could give them all that goodness on Sunday morning and expect to tear those toys from the death-grasp of their tiny hands to go to church, you'd be mistaken. This ain't my first rodeo; give those baskets the day before!

Except, we didn't make it to church. Otto woke up Sunday morning and was ON ONE, so we had to put him down for a nap right about the time we should have left. Oh well, there's always next year. Instead, I dyed eggs with Henry. He continued his egg obsession with pure fascination at the egg dying process. That egg dying kit set me back a whole $1.50, and you better believe I'm going to head there today to get all the leftover kits on sale for half off! Those will come in handy... Oh I don't know, ANYTIME I need him to entertain himself.

Then after Otto got up from a nap/mommy and daddy sanity time, we had an egg hunt in the backyard. We missed our neighborhood egg hunt by 30 minutes the weekend before, so we recreated our own. Again, the kids had no interest in eating the contents of said eggs, but the whopping $3 I spent on the plastic containers entertained for HOURS. Otto could have cared less about the whole thing, while (unsurprisingly) Henry went for the gold in egg hunting skills. I'm so glad he was into it, because otherwise I'd have had to get all the eggs I spread all over the yard. Otto just wanted to dig in the plants we recently planted. So, next year, I'll just get that kid some dirt, and he'll be happy as a clam in sand.

Hey, one kid wants a $1.50 dye kit and the other wants dirt. I think I'm winning at frugal parenting here.

I made a sun dried tomato-basil-mozzarella quiche that nobody ate (except hubs and myself) with a side salad. By 5pm, we were so sick of Otto's bad 'tude we cracked beers and wine, stared at each other with wide eyes remembering the awesomeness of our lives before we had kids and just called it a day. Jesus made wine right? So basically we were right on track with celebrating the season; one misbehaved toddler and one egg-obsessed one at a time. Cheers to a more conventional Easter next year!