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Monday, March 19, 2018

Debunking Skincare Myths

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Playing the game "Two Truths and A Lie" to debunk some old skincare myths that will result in your healthier skin

This post is sponsored by Dove Beauty Bar. All opinions are my own.

Who's ever played the game Two Truths and A Lie? I remember growing up going to sleepovers at girlfriend's houses, and playing that game (and Truth or Dare!) until the wee hours of the morning. I feel for those parents who hosted us, as I'm sure we were shrieking with giggles and kept everyone awake all night long... I was a girly girl, and we'd pour over teen fashion and gossip magazines, talking about makeup and fashion and skincare. From the time I could shower independently, my mom always bought me Dove Beauty Bars. I'm not sure if she knew some of the science behind the product or if she also grew up with them or both. That said, today I'm debunking some skincare myths with that fun childhood game, two truths and a lie. Let's play!

Which one is the lie? Take a guess and I'll tell you near the end of this post so you can see if you were right!

1.      You should cleanse deeply and gently
2.      You have healthy skin when it feels soft, nourished and moisturized
3.      Extra scrubbing and washing is necessary for oily skin

Growing up, I had sensitive skin - I still do in fact. Additionally, I've passed it along to one of my kids. Dove Beauty Bar was the ONLY product I could use on my skin that wouldn't make me break out in a rash or get itchy. I remember learning this lesson the hard way when I took a shower at a friend’s house after swimming. The chlorine from the pool combined with the soap that their family used resulted in flaky, dry skin. I itched all day and was miserable! From that moment on, I followed in my mother's footsteps and only used Dove.

It's no wonder Dove Beauty Bar is the only thing my family's sensitive skin can tolerate - it's made with a quarter moisturizing cream which replenishes skin nutrients  lost during the cleansing process. That means the Dove Beauty Bar doesn't leave behind that tight, dry feeling that other soaps can, which can be a sign of dry skin damage. I know I for sure had that issue after swim lessons at my friend's house! And boy, was that uncomfortable. Here are some other fun facts about Dove Beauty Bar and your skincare:
  •         A recent Dove survey found that 86% of dermatologists report that the “squeaky clean” feeling means your skin might be stripped of the moisture and nutrients it needs
  •         Dove gently but effectively cleanses and is cleaner rinsing than soap, providing soft, smooth skin
  •         Dove Beauty Bar is sold at mass, food and drug retailers nationwide
  •         Dove Beauty Bar is the #1 Dermatologist recommended Bar andthe #1 Pediatrician recommended Bar

Now that I'm a parent myself and have clearly passed along my family's sensitive skin genes, I'll teach my boys to use Dove Beauty Bar, so that they can properly take care of the biggest organ in their body - their skin! Everyone deserves to have healthy, clean skin. And with the price point of Dove Beauty Bar, everyone can, because it's affordable and effective!

Ok, back to Two Truths and a Lie... Did you guess it right? Number 3 was a LIE: Cleansing your skin appropriately once or twice a day is enough to keep your skin healthy, no matter if its oily or not. Dove Beauty Bar creates healthy skin through the mild cleanser formula of DEFI and the signature ¼ moisturizing cream. I can tell you from experience, as a teen with acne prone skin, that over cleansing and over scrubbing did not help clear up my skin. In fact, it just made it even more irritated. Number 3 is definitely a big ol' skincare MYTH.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dove Beauty Bar.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Berry Cresent Roll Galettes

Pillsbury Cresent Rolls make these galettes extremely easy to make!

This post is sponsored by Pillsbury. All opinions are my own and this is my original recipe creation.

I've said it before and I will say it again: Baking is NOT my strong suit. Cooking? Yes, I'm happy in the kitchen all day but the exact science behind baking that requires me to actually measure out ingredients is simply maddening. Which is exactly why I take all the help I can get when it comes to baking! This berry Crescent Roll galette recipe combines the ease of a pre-made product with some fresh ingredients that results in an easy, incredibly tasty baked good.

If you're hosting an Easter brunch this year, this is the perfect recipe to serve alongside my ham, leek and potato frittata! It brings an element of sweet in to your menu - yet it's not too sweet because of the marscapone cheese. This is a great "party food" because you can eat it with your hands, standing up "cocktail" style, or with a fork and knife at a seated brunch. It takes about 30 minutes to make them, including the baking time, so you won't be stuck in the kitchen while your guests are enjoying the party. You can also make these the night before if you want to keep things super simple.

One of the biggest perks of living in Texas is access to FRESH fruit, year round. I remember the fruit in Minneapolis was... Rather sad in the winter months. If you're stuck dealing with less than ripe fruit, I've got two tips for you. 1) put your fruit in a brown paper bag in the counter top for a day or two until the fruit is ripened a tad more and 2) use an additional teaspoon of sugar in the marscapone cheese mixture to help sweeten up under-ripe berries.

Berry Crescent Roll Galettes

- 1 package Pillsbury™ Crescent Rolls (there's 8 in there, so feel free to double this recipe for a larger Easter party!)
- 2ox mascarpone cheese (half a 4oz container)
- 1 teaspoon sugar
- 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
- 1 egg
- fresh berries of choice
- honey to drizzle on after baking

PRO TIP: If you've got an electric hand mixer, you're in good shape! If not (I sadly do not), let the marscapone cheese sit out on the counter to warm up a bit - I'd say for an hour to enable it to fully come up to room temperature. This will make it far easier to blend in the other ingredients.

In a mixing bowl, whip together the marscapone cheese, egg, sugar and vanilla. The mixture should be smooth and look like pudding. Pop open the crescent rolls and arrange the triangles out on your baking sheet. It's extremely important your baking sheet has a raised edge! The marscapone cheese will run out of the crescent roll galette, and you don't want to have to clean it off the bottom of your stove.

Put a small dollop of the marscapone cheese mixture in the center of the triangle of the cresent roll. Add your fresh berries. I used 3-4 raspberries and about 5-6 blueberries per galette. You want enough to show, but not bake out of the galette. Fold the two corners of the crescent roll over the cheese and berries. Bake at 350 for about 11 minutes, or until the galettes are golden brown.

Remove immediately to a cooling rack that has parchment or wax paper underneath it. Drizzle honey over the galettes while their still warm, allowing the honey to run off and get on the paper under the drying rack. That makes cleaning up the honey easy - simply toss the parchment or wax paper when you're ready to serve your berry crescent roll galettes. Enjoy!

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