An Uncomplicated Life Blog: How I Pack a Diaper Bag With Two Babies in Tow

Thursday, January 21, 2016

How I Pack a Diaper Bag With Two Babies in Tow

Baby Otto's arrival means I have one of the most fun tasks known to motherhood: Two babies under two! Two times the diapers, two times the snacks/feedings, two times the toys and distractions needed, two times longer to leave the house... And a million times the snuggles and love. I think all moms and soon-to-be mamas will find this helpful, but especially if you'll be packing up a bag for an outing with two babies!

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First things first: Diaper bags are called that for a reason, and it's because the diapers are the most important part. There was ONE TIME I was caught without a diaper for Henry when he was an infant; by the time we got home, he was completely soaked from the waist down. I felt like the worst mom! Now, I check to make sure that I have Henry's and Otto's size in the bag before we leave the house! (Psssst! Amazon has a diaper delivery service for Pampers that GREATLY reduces the cost of diapers and sends them directly to your home! We've found that for our boys, Pampers offers the best fit.) Henry has one side of the bag, Otto the other. I try to keep two of Henry's diapers in the bag and four of Otto's, since Henry requires fewer changes.

Both boys use the same wipes, so we're good to go and easy peasy there. They also both use the same diaper rash treatment cream. THIS STUFF is a miracle - clears up diaper rash in one application, if you're in the market for such a thing. Each boy also has one change of clothes. One. I know some moms pack two or three, but I'm cramped for space and have honestly never needed more than one anyway, so one each it is! Henry hasn't needed a spare set in over a year, but the second I take his out to make room for more things, he'll need it so I make sure to keep a change available for him.

Henry now eats all normal/human food, and can be cleaned up with a wipe, so he's pretty easy. I keep two kinds of snacks for him. Pro tip: these are snacks I like as well so I have a go-to if I need it! I still pack a bottle of water for him. Yes, he's a toddler still drinking out of a bottle. He can drink out of a typical glass, but that's not "mobile friendly" and I don't feel like enabling him to "make it rain" all over his baby brother in the backseat with a spill-able glass (not really glass, don't worry) so I still give him a bottle when we're out and about since the boy wont take a sippy. These bottles are his favorite!

Otto is breast fed so that's also pretty easy. Now me, I prefer to cover myself while publicly breastfeeding. More power to you if you want to openly breast feed in public! No shame in your game. But I'm not personally comfortable with it so I use a nursing cover. Other than that, I pack these combo burp clothes/bibs and Otto is ready to rock n' roll and nurse to his heart's content.

The final component of a good diaper bag! I have rattles and a teether for Otto, but he's also pretty easy to please with a boob. Typical boy... Henry is the real kiddo who needs activities. Books are always a good bet with Henry, so I just make sure to have some softcover titles available for him (much lighter than hardcover!) He also likes to build and stack things, so I try to keep these building blocks in the car. If it's inconvenient to bring the whole bag (they come with their own carrying case!) then I add a handful to the diaper bag. From there, I pray he doesn't go hog wild and throw them at anyone.

Having two children to get ready to leave the house is an enormous amount of work! Not only do you have to get yourself ready, but you're solely responsible for the many needs to two babies. It's easier if you pack ahead and pack smart! Hopefully, these tips on how to pack a diaper bag with two (or more!) babies in tow will contribute to successful outings with your little ones.


  1. Those little denim jeans are so cute!!!! This is so helpful for the OCD/planner in me. Seriously Amazon wins at life. They have a diaper delivery service? Of course they do!

  2. And the best part is what it all fits in!! I would expect nothing less than for you to be ready for anything! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. These are great! We use cloth diapers so we don't have to worry about bringing two different sizes(also I haven't had Bear but I did have a 3 and 1 year old for about four months last year!) If you're ever looking for something new with the cups, ALL mine love the WowCup and it's mama loves it to;)

  4. I love how you broke this down Paige. I don't have any kids at this time but it always amazes me to see what everyone packs in their diaper bags. My friends that have kids tell me what you pack is key to surviving the day.

  5. I have so much to learn about all this! I have a diaper bag but no idea what to put in it. I'll definitely have to steal these tips, even if just the newborn ones! PS, I laughed out loud at the image of Henry making it rain on his poor baby brother. Younger siblings get the short end of the stick sometimes, don't they?

  6. sooo basically what you're saying is, i should never leave the house! haha just kidding. i'll keep this in mind for the (very far away) future!

  7. Love this! I left my diaper bag at the library the other day and nearly had a panic attack. I seriously told my husband, what am I going to do without it! EVERYTHING is in there! I was close to tears. Thankfully, after calling the library four times and asking to speak to different people each time, someone found it. They just weren't communicating with each other. Panic averted and faith restored in humanity. I had my crossbody purse on me so I wasn't concerned about the money but everything else. Packing with two kids is so much more but the older Henry gets the easier. Hardly anything is for Bowe in my bag. Love this!

    Annie- All Things Big And Small

  8. Girl you have it down. I'm so glad A isn't in diapers anymore. I don't think I'd be as put together as you are.

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  10. I really liked this way of packing things and also all the products you have mentioned here. They will be very useful for every babies. Thanks for sharing.

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