An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Focusing On Hair Health

Monday, July 11, 2016

Focusing On Hair Health

This post is sponsored by Nexxus New York Salon Care, a product of Unilever, as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central

It's easy to concentrate on physical fitness, but what about the health of our hair?

If there's one thing I've said time and time again on this blog, it's that things like hair and makeup fall by the wayside after you have kids. It's not that they have to - it's that I no longer can prioritize fitness and makeup and great hair. I usually can only squeeze time for one of these things in per day, and guess what I choose, EVERY time? Yup, physical fitness. I'd take a yoga class over a shower with an awesome blow out any (and every) day of the week. Until I get so grossed out by myself, I realize I need to focus on my hair health, too!

Your hair needs health attention too - just like your physical health! Check this post out for tips on having and maintaining healthy, shiny hair

After one exceptionally vigorous yoga class, I found myself super sweaty. So of course I had planned to run errands after that class, and had zero time to shower. "Oh well!" I thought. "The only thing that bothers me is when I'm soaking wet and have to go into overly-air conditioned retail spaces... I'll live!" Get this: I'm minding my business, going about filling my cart in a very cold mass retail store, when I roll up to the check out line. The woman in front of me gave me a side eye, wrinkled her nose, and walked out to a different lane! That's when I knew. It's high time I focus some more attention to my hair, hygiene and makeup again! I'm rocking this whole "mom fitness" thing, but hair health has fallen by the wayside in a big way.

I like to tout that I don't care much what others think, and generally I don't... But that was more than a little embarrassing. What, like she's never had to run errands after a workout? C'mon lady, when you're a mom you have at least 30 hours of work to do and only 24 hours to get it done! You gotta do what you gotta do, right?

It was super timely when Nexxus New York Salon Care reached out to partner with me on hair health! Their products contain premium, salon quality ingredients that leave hair looking fluid, enriched and beautiful. "Perfect!" I thought. Just what my poor, over worked, {often sweaty} hair needs. Speaking of needs, this system is fully customizeable to meet whatever your hair fitness needs are, whether you have damaged, dry hair or in need of a volume boost. I was totally impressed with their products! The Emergencee shampoo and conditioner nourished my color-treated hair but was weightless so that my fine hair had some volume, especially combined with the Mousse+ Volumizing foam! And the Dry Shampoo is perfect for second day styling. And third day... I'm not the only one who does third day styling, right? Check out more about their system on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

I don't think any strangers in any retailer will walk away from me with hair like that, do you?! This look was actually super easy. I used the Nexxus New York Salon care products pictured above, blew dry my hair and did a quick curl with a wand. When I say quick, I mean I ran the wand through my hair and was done in 7 mins. Yes, I timed it. Busy mamas, this look is achievable!

Look, I totally get it. When you're a mom, it's so hard to find enough time to grab a quick workout and bite to eat, much less do a full routine on your hair and have perfect makeup, too. I'm right there with you! But it's time to start to focus on your hair health ladies! And it was definitely time for me to hone in on it. While I love focusing on my physical fitness and showing my boys that their mama is strong and in shape, I can't let other parts of me go completely. Thanks to Nexxus New York Salon Care, it's super easy to customize just what you need for your hair type. If you can devote time to your fitness routine, you can surely spare 5 mins to focus on your hair health!


  1. Your hair kind of always looks amazing - even day 1503 messy bun hair looks good on you. ;)

  2. I can totally relate to you, Paige, and I've always wanted to try Nexxus products - I think it's time to pull the trigger.

  3. You and I are on the same page when it comes to physical fitness vs hair and makeup. My workout is always my priority. Family first, physical health second. I haven't used Nexxus in years! My mom used it all the time when I was younger.

  4. Yes, my hair is always in a messy updo and always sweaty from a workout! I realized this weekend that even after running everyday and swimming, my hair was literally crunchy. YIKES! I have to tried these products out because yes, beauty hygiene is so important and underutilized in my house ;)

  5. But seriously, in your Snapchats you still look awesome even when you're in messy bun attire. But girl, you clean up good! Look at those waves!

  6. I have had my hair in a bun for two straight sleep in it and continue it the next day. Terrible I know. This line looks great and I love the full range of products available. Definitely need to check it out. Thanks for the introduction!

  7. your hair always looks freaking fabulous, even when you say you need your roots done or its greasy haha. i've tried a few nexxus products before, but not this line. i'll check it out!

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