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Thursday, July 14, 2016


Sometimes it's good just to take some time, or a blog post, and dedicate it to what's going on in life. There's no groundbreaking, life-altering announcements in here... Just what I'm up to, currently:

Henry at age 2! Whoever labeled this age as "the terrible two's" was on drugs. It's awesome! He talks and laughs and is helpful with his brother. No fewer than 20 times a day he says, "I love you mommy!" and runs to me with his arms open to hug me and give me a kiss on the lips. What a little peach! Two is an awesome age. 

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Literally, I'm currently drinking coffee and have a 28oz cup of ice water with 2-3 drops of lemon essential oil in it on the side. After 5pm, that will switch to wine. It's over 100 today, so I'm thinking a crisp white is in order. And this lovely cycle of coffee in the a.m., water all day, and wine in the p.m. will continue all summer. Allllllll summer.

Spending my time on:
My photography! Hubs got me a DSLR for Mother's Day and I've since been learning to shoot in manual mode. I'm switching all my Instagram photos over to DSLR quality and it's making a huuuuuge difference in my aesthetic. Cheers to learning new skills, right? Kinda sad I didn't invest in one sooner. I *thought* the iPhone 6 plus would suffice, but the image quality difference is astounding. If you're on the fence about a DSLR, pull the plug and get one already. 

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Orange Is The New Black - we finished the season last week. Holyschmoly, it's a heavy season folks! Remember how last season they all escaped and were splashing in the lake? Everyone was happy? Yeah, not this season. I won't give any spoilers for those who haven't finished it yet, but does anyone else find it eerie how this season seemed to have predicted the racial tension our country is currently facing? Like, how did the writers know this season would be so timely? Crazy. 

All of the tank tops and all of the shorts and none of the makeup. It's hot. Really hot. Too hot for makeup beyond mascara and lipstick, if I think to put it on.

Laughing about:
How I thought LBL would be a problem only during pregnancy... The good news is that things have improved drastically, but lets just say this week I found a new reason to include Poise® liners in my purse again. This is what having kids does to you, my friends, nothing to be embarrassed about! Those little babies make you "pee yourself" lightly, over and over. Remember when I talked about being scared to sneeze? Yeeeeeah. Oh well, at least babies are cute and at least it's easy enough to pick up a box at Sam's Club® when I'm doing my weekly bulk shopping trip. If you have a family and you don't have a wholesale membership, you're spending too much money on things!

Ahhh, currently in between shows! OITNB wrapped up, GoT wrapped up, Vice Principals doesn't start for a few more weeks (who else is exited Kenny Powers is back?!), Southern Charm wrapped a few weeks ago and I've fallen out of love with the Real Housewives series. If you have any rec's (please don't tell me Gilmore Girls - hate that show!) please tell me about them!

Mentally preoccupied with:
Preparing for FALL! I know. So basic. What can I say, it's my favorite time of year that houses my favorite holiday! I went to Michael's Craft Store to get some paint for a craft I'm doing in the nursery and saw they've already put out a ton of fall decorations. I got SO excited! Hubs would kill me if I decorated this early (I mean, we're only halfway done with summer...) but a girl can plan, right? Right. Orange and black sparkles, I'm ready for you my love. So ready.

Favorite workout:
I've stepped it up, y'all! While I was breastfeeding, I could only do yoga/barre/walking workouts. Well I wrapped up BFing last week (more on that coming Monday), and therefore I've 'ramped up the workouts. There's something at my gym called C9 which is cardio and weights, but you use heavier weights and pretty much spend the 45 minute class going from heavier lifting to cardio bursts. I'm so ready to lose these last stubborn 5 pounds of baby weight! I don't know who these women are who lose tons of weight breastfeeding, but I certainly wasn't one of them.

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Ummmm... Outside of a few blogs and my monthly Southern Living magazine... Not much. Reading for me is like working out is for other people: I claim to have no time for it, but really - it's just not my priority. Like, lets get serious, I *could* find time to read, just like others *could* find time to workout. But. Nope. Not right now. And probably not until my kids go to school full time, which will be in another 5+ years. Hey, at least I'm honest.


  1. Bladder leakage IS a real thing, people! We LOVED OITNB too, such a sad season but I'm so sad it's over! Can I also just say thank you for this post? It was the first non-Nordstrom Anniversay post in my feed this morning. Bless you.

  2. I loved this little life update!
    Your LBL post cracked me up, btw.
    When I heard Henry's voice on snapchat I melted. It's the sweetest. The older he gets the more Kirk I see! Do you notice that too?

  3. I LOVE THESE LIFE UPDATES. I'll bring the white wine over if you have the glasses ready? I'm loving Henry on snapchat (ditto Jaelan). I literally carry my camera around EVERYWHERE... I guess I'm preparing for the diaper bag haul? JUST KIDDING. But really love my camera and shooting anything and everything with it. Please do share any tips you pick up on the way, I geek out over that shit. (I hope I can say shit on here)

  4. I have a Netflix recommendation for you - "Grace & Frankie" - starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. It's great:)

  5. 2 was my favorite age so far! I loved it! 3, not so much. And 4 is better than 3 but still not as great as 2 was. And I'm with you on the coffee, water, wine, repeat.

  6. haha yes, at least your honest! a girl at work said to me today i was insane for running. she said 'i can't run'. i said yes you can. you just don't want to. i'm so sick of people saying this or that about what others do and acting like they are missing the gene or bone to be able to do it. god, what is so bad about saying i don't want to do that? NOTHING.
    anyway. yay for Henry being a good 2 year old! the C9 workout sounds awesome!