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Monday, April 2, 2018

How To Have A Successful Play Date With Poise

Play dates with toddlers is action packed. Here's how to stay in it when you're a mom!

One of the most important things I do as a part time work from home mom (seriously, how long is that title?!) is schedule my kids play dates in the afternoons. Mornings are either preschool three days a week or time at home with the nanny twice a week. Afternoons? Those are for us and for play! On Tuesdays and Thursdays when they've spent the morning at home with the nanny, I really try and get us out of the house so that they can see friends and expel some of their pent up energy. This means I too have to have energy to keep up with them! Not only do moms need energy for play dates, but they can't be held up by LBL, or light bladder leakage. Yup, if you've had kids, odds are you've got some level of LBL and there's no room for that nonsense to get in the way of having a successful play date!

When your kids are ready to play, plan ahead for some fun play dates
One of the keys to success of a great play date that I've learned over the years is packing enough snacks. Whatever you think your kid might eat, or whatever he/she normally eats, double it. There's something about play dates that always make my children ravenous! It's weird, but it's true. Then there are the other kids that will be at the play date. They'll want whatever snacks your kids are eating too, so make sure to pack enough for them or at least enough to share. Think of it this way - your kids are going to expel a lot of energy, so they'll need to re-consume it.

You'll also want to plan for emergencies. If your child is potty trained, make sure to pack another pair of underwear and a spare pair of pants or shorts, just in case. I know my oldest sometimes gets so wrapped up in playing that he forgets to pay attention to the signals his body is sending him about bathroom breaks and you don't want to have to end the fun early! If your kiddo is still in diapers, bring a few extra. Not just for him or her - I can't tell you how many times a mom has looked defeated when we're out and says, "Oh my gosh you guys - I don't have any diapers with me! What's wrong with me!?" Those spares can be given out in a time of need, and guess what moms. It's only a matter of time before you're the one in need!

Moms make sure to plan for your own needs while on play dates, too!
Speaking of emergencies, you also have to care for yourself on play dates. Ever laughed too hard, moved too fast or even just sneezed unexpectedly? Don't be embarrassed. A full third of women experience LBL. What I like about Poise® is that they've got you protected no matter how big or little your problem is, from liner to thin pad to heavy leakage protection. Their super absorbent material keeps you 5x drier than typical pads, and the thin flex® technology moves with you so no matter what your play date holds, you can keep up with your littles! Want a $2 OFF COUPON for your next Poise® purchase? Click the link! Good through April 7. And here's a link of continuing Poise® discounts and offers in case you're reading this after 04/07/2018.

Play dates are one of the best things about having toddlers. You get to get together with your mom friends, enjoy some laughs and let your children burn off some energy. Use these tips to have a successful play date, making sure both your children's and YOUR needs are met so that everyone has fun. Laugh and play without the fear of a LBL accident.

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