An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Bad Mom Screenshots

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Bad Mom Screenshots

In a world where everyone airs their dirty laundry online, here are the best bad mom moments from mom groups on the internet

The internet is a funny place, no? It supposedly connects the world together, yet we're living in a time where people have never felt more lonely. We're supposed to use discretion on what we post online, yet so many post inflammatory things just to garner attention. I mean, even our own president does that, almost daily. I'm in very few mom groups on the internet - I ditched most of them because most are just too much - yet, even though I'm in the sanest ones I can find, the internet crazies still come out of the woodwork and make sure they're the center of controversial attention. I've screenshot some of the dumbest/most bizarre/most self-centered posts I've seen recently. I don't mean this to be an insanely snarky post, but all of these made me think, "C'mon! You're reproducing, you've got to be better than this!" Behold, internet friends: My bad mom screenshots.

I've edited out the names, photos and group they were taken from because I don't want to shame a particular person. It's more about what they're saying or the idea (or lack of idea) behind their post. It's also about what people are willing to put on the internet... And what that says about our society in general. Let's begin!

Is this woman even serious?! Who told her being a mom means a mandatory one piece suit?! Or that a two piece is only ok if you workout and don't have stretch marks?! How was this woman raised?! I have so many questions. Maybe she's just doing this for attention - like she knows this is America, not Saudi Arabia, and she can dang sure wear whatever she chooses, but just wanted a little internet conversation starter? Worse yet, perhaps she's an a compliment fisher and permission seeker. She needs a bunch of women she doesn't know to give her the gumption to wear the suit she wants. And she's raising three kids. Lordy, the therapy bill on that one will be steep. 

Ahhhhh, sexism. It's so ingrained into society, women still love to blame other women for sexual misconduct. Who knows if the story she cited is true or not (I'm guessing not) but the important thing is she'll teach her son sexism just in the way she processed information and talks about it. It will be subtle but the dominant idea behind the way she teaches her son to think critically. And the cycle will go on and on. High five. I bet she has no idea she even came off this way (unless some of the commenters gave her insight... Also doubtful!)

And this, dear reader, is why we have (and will continue to have) not only an obesity epidemic but also a lesser talked about oral decay epidemic as well. Say it with me guys: YOUR KIDS ONLY CONSUME WHAT YOU GIVE THEM. YOU ARE THE PARENT. YOU MAKE THE CHOICES. I don't understand why parents don't get this. If she's letting her toddler run the show now, Godspeed to her when he's a teenager. If she's constantly disregarding the advice of her pediatrician, any future health issues of her child are directly on her shoulders. Of course, she won't see it that way, she'll blame her toddler. Where's that face palm emjoi?

First, don't you love it when people start with, "sorry"?! You're not sorry, why are you starting with an apology? Second, is the world so sexualized that a dang stranger can't tell you that you have a cute kid?! What on earth? I get told my kids are cute, handsome, attractive, etc all the time by men and women alike. Never does my mind wander to a sexual place... Because THEY'RE CHILDREN. It's a compliment. Take it and move on! Thankfully the commenters were with me on this one. Strangers, know that it's completely ok to compliment someone's beautiful child. Most of us love hearing anything positive about our children! This woman is the odd mom out. 

You've got to love it when, in all caps, a post starts out with don't shame this post! It's like you're screaming to the world, I WANT ATTENTION! As a mom of boys, I don't understand why posters in mom groups keep posting about circumcision. People on all sides are REALLY passionate about it, and it always ends up in an online fight. Here's the deal: It's a medical issue that's between you and your family. It should be kept there. No mom in this mom group is going to be able to tell you what the pain level is like, lady. What a stupid question! Also, she's already done the procedure. Why go to a mom group and post about it?! Ask your pediatrician or midwife or whomever did the procedure what to expect and how to care for it and move forward. Why post that in a mom group when you KNOW you're going to get shamed for it? I just don't get the oversharing bad moms. (To be clear, I don't think she's bad for the circ - I think she's ridiculous for posting about it!)

Generally, I'm against calling anyone a "bad mom." Truly, being a mom is exhausting and grueling work. Often, there is no right answer and there sure as heck isn't a handbook written for us to read when we have children! But some online posts cross the boundary of sincere or plain funny and moves into bad mom territory. Not everything belongs on the internet! And should you indeed put it out there, don't be surprised when other moms jaws drop or eyes roll because what you wrote was so ridiculous, we can't hide our discontent. There's someone out there taking a screenshot of what you do and say... Bad moms be warned! Heck, someone probably screen shot this and is calling me a bad mom ;)


  1. Sweet baby Jesus! What in the world did I just read? first of all can’t stand when people say “my child is 25 months old” SAY HES 2 damn it! And second of all, how are these ladies reproducing? SMH!


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  2. Again preach lady. I know I am have been guilty of things and I cringe when I think about it. Mom life is hard.

  3. My sister and I were just talking about this! In our Chicago moms group, someone started a thread of the top ridiculous posts she’s seen lately and shit GOT REAL

  4. I should totally do a post like this from questions I see in my pregnancy groups. LORD HAVE MERCY.

  5. Oh moms groups. That’s why I don’t belong to any. One of my friends belongs to a moms group of around 12,000 women and the things they post in there......their mama’s would be ashamed! 😳

  6. I left most of the 'Mom groups' for THIS VERY REASON! My eyes don't have crows feet because I'm rolling them every few seconds on there! ;) OUtosde of the Mom groups, it's not much better- I read one in a local group yesterday that shamed our local police officers and said they needed to just go home, we don't need them, and that they are 'revenue reachers'- they're just ticketing people to get money for the state. (oh the eyeyrolls I did for that one). THe worst part was she posted a picture she took behind the wheel of her car of the cop in front of her (plates and all) and said the "cops need to start going after texting and driving, instead of missing plates". Umm, yeah, I should have screenshot that ENTIRE THING. I might have woken up famous this morning...

  7. these made me laugh. I'm pregnant and have been looking for some good mom groups and I think you just convinced me to just stay away for a little while!

  8. These are funny and a great reminder to think well before speaking.

  9. Lol I am not a mother but I ran a good size parenting advice/discussion blog a few years back where people would send in questions and such. I worked behind the scenes doing tech stuff and I had about 40 moms answering questions. This post reminded me SO MUCH of the types of messages we would get. And we’d get much worse, also. Makes me giggle. Humans are funny creatures, aren’t we?

  10. Omg! These are great! And I have to put my 2 cents in on some of these.
    I can't believe she feels she needs to ask if she needs to wear a one piece bathing suit JUST because she's a mom! Smh
    First off I can't stand it when moms put their child's age in the form of months when they are past 12 months. So this lady saying her son is 25 months already makes me shake my head. The rest just wow!

  11. The things people post in groups sometimes are just crazy! This is proof of that, haha.

  12. Lol this is hilarious. The swimsuit one really got me though- maybe she came from a family of nuns?


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