An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Working Out: Getting Back At It

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Working Out: Getting Back At It

If you follow me regularly, you know I started walking four days after my c section. You probably also know that I'm a workout fanatic - I mean, I was in labor for 24 hours and worked out twice - and that I was dying to get back into my normal fitness routine(s) as quickly as possible!

But even for a fitness guru like myself, getting back into the swing of things is... Interesting. You think to yourself, "I no longer have this massive bump throwing off my balance or making it hard to breathe, so let's go!" But your body is all, "Whoa, wait a minute there captain. Nope. Things aren't back to where they should be. You haven't done this in a while. Nope nope nope."

Remember this post about this workout top? This is what it's actually supposed to look like!

I mentioned here that I went for my first run in about four months. A "run" is a generous term for something that was just over 13 minutes/mile. It started off great! And then about four blocks in, I developed horrible side aches. And I noticed I wasn't using my whole lung capacity as if I were still pregnant, just breathing out of the tops of my lungs.

This run was a struggle to say the least. I attempted to run twice. And now, I'm back to simply power walking.

What I've found I've had to keep reminding myself is despite the shape I was in before Henry and despite how quickly everything is bouncing back, it still takes some time! All my organs have to move back to where they were, and I have to "un-train" myself off all the modifications and habits I learned while doing my prenatal exercise.

Basically, I have to cut myself some slack and recognize that my body "needs a minute" to get itself together. I wasn't running my nine minute miles while in labor with Henry, and I won't be returning to them on my first run post-baby. I have to re-find my lungs and figure out how they work. I have to re-find my abs and learn to use those again. In fact, all of my muscles need to be re-found as they've turned into marshmallows! This doesn't happen in the first few weeks post baby, no matter how fit you are.

This has been a good lesson in being kind to myself and letting go of my Type A perfectionist personality! Whenever I get frustrated with my performance, I get to come home to a handsome boy who looks at me with big blue eyes and smiles. Then, demands a boob. And my crappy performance fails to matter - I'll try again tomorrow.

Getting my walk on with the little guy at White Rock Lake. He loves being outside as much as I do, and we're both content to stick with walking for the time being! (I know his neck looks like it's breaking - he loves it this way. He'll reach back and throw anything that tries to prop his neck up straight. Go figure!)


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