An Uncomplicated Life Blog: A Helpful Gaget For Newborns

Monday, December 14, 2015

A Helpful Gaget For Newborns

This machine assists in making frequent newborn feedings easy!

Fact: I'm not a gadget person. I don't get into technology and don't get amazed by the latest thing that will "revolutionize" something. My husband is! You should see our remote control for the TV. Heck, you should see our TV... It's a miracle I can even turn it on. Anyway, Gerber® found out I was having a new baby and sent me a BabyNes®. For the first time in 31 years, I got excited over a gadget that will be SO helpful for the tough newborn phase with Otto!

If you or someone you know is having a new baby soon, check this awesome & helpful baby gadget out! Gerber® BabyNes®

Here's the quick synopsis of how the BabyNes® gadget/machine works: You get formula cups with nutrition designed for the age of your infant. You put it in the BabyNes. Press on. And in under 60 seconds, you have a warm bottle of formula ready to go, in the perfect serving size for your baby's age. Sound kinda like a Keurig for babies? Yeah, same simple-to-use concept with the added benefit of targeted nutrition for your kiddo!

Y'all know from this story that I breastfed Henry for three months and then transitioned to formula. I also plan on breastfeeding Otto for at least the same amount of time, if not longer. It's nearly 2016, and we all know that Breast Is Best, even formula companies like Gerber®! I'm a breastfeeding advocate and feel confident partnering with companies like Gerber because they support breastfeeding women. And bottle feeding women. And mom's in general, no judgement from them anyway you go about feeding your baby! That's the message I support.

Gerber® BabyNes® nutrition system
As an experienced mom, here's the thing you absolutely cannot plan for with an infant: The effects of sleep deprivation. It is NO JOKE. You also can't control if you'll have a big eater and constant nurser, like I had with Henry. He wanted to nurse every two hours, around the clock! That meant I was getting about one hour of sleep at a time, and a total of about four hours per night. That's not a sustainable plan, my friends, and why formula can be a Godsend to moms - even those of us who have no latch or supply issues! It's clearly a saving grace for moms who, for whatever reason, cannot nurse at all.

Formula for the BabyNes®
Now that I know what sleep deprivation can feel like, I have a pretty solid plan for breastfeeding my second son, and the BabyNes® fits into it PERFECTLY. Of course, babies have a tendency to have their own plans so I realize this might go straight out the window. Regardless, my current plan is to breast feed Otto during the day, then give him a good last feed before I go to sleep. If he's an eater like Henry, hubs and I will switch on and off between me getting up and feeding him and hubs getting up and giving him a bottle from the BabyNes®. If he's a good sleeper and only wants to eat once or twice at night, hubs and I will trade off nights of who's on "baby feeding duty."

After we got our BabyNes® and saw how friggin' cool it is and easy to use, we decided to keep it in our master bath so that we have easy access to it during the night. That sounds gross, but chill out - our master bath is about 350 square feet (that's an entire apartment in NYC!) and the toilet is in it's own room, so I'm not worried about bacteria splashing up and infecting Otto's bottles any more than bacteria would get into them from the kitchen sink. Having it steps from our bed and Otto's bassinet will make our lives so much easier - and let us return to sleeping that much faster!

Having a newborn is exhausting work. Your life revolves around diaper changes and feedings. But the BabyNes® makes it easier, even if you're planning to breastfeed like I am! Having daddy be able to take one feeding per night off my hands makes me feel more confident already about breastfeeding my second baby. The prospect of having a bottle ready for Otto in under 60 seconds is mind-blowing to this experienced mama. Instead of dreading the newborn phase, I find myself prepared to tackle the challenges, and excited to use this helpful gadget for our newborn!


  1. Like we spoke about before - this thing is SO. FREAKING. COOL. I know I'll be getting one when the time comes. How on Earth is this not on everyone's registry? It just makes sense.

  2. That is seriously like a Keurig for babies, like you said! Pretty smart idea Gerber! And I agree that keeping it close just makes sense for those middle of the night feedings. I just love how fast it is!

  3. That is seriously amazing and so smart. I can't tell you how many of my patents over feed their babies because they really have no idea about the correct serving size per gestational age. This is a total life saver!

  4. Wow. This is so awesome!!!! I had to supplement with formula for the twins, so this would have been amazing. Seriously, one of the best things I've seen for a new mom.

  5. Wow this is awesome! I wish this would have been around with mine! Glad this will help :)

  6. This is AMAZING! What a helpful tool for ALL caregivers!

  7. Wow that is pretty cool!!! Definitely makes it convienent

  8. I seriously wish I could have had one of these! WAY out of my price range, but so super convenient!

  9. Wow, this is such a cool idea! I love that you can speak from your own experience of sleep deprivation too. I'm sure I will have a whole new understanding of why this is so amazing once our little man's here!

    PS, good luck on the waiting for baby #2. I know he's a little later than you were thinking and I'm sure you are more than ready to be done. You can do it, mama!

  10. A Keurig for babies? hahaha! This has got to be the most hilariously awesome thing I think I've seen in a while. So cool!

  11. That is super awesome!!! It is like a little K-cup machine for baby formula.

  12. This is such a cool idea! I plan on breastfeeding the next one, but babies always have their own plans too. I will definitely keep this is mind if I need it!