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Monday, February 15, 2016

Pinterest Popular Pin FAILS

Ever wonder if those viral DIY Pinterest pins really live up to their claims? I played Myth Busters to find out!

How many times have you been cruising Pinterest and you noticed a homemade or DIY beauty treatment that has thousands or even tens of thousands of repins? I remember a few years ago, there was a teeth whitening pin that was insanely popular. This month, a DIY blackhead removal mask has been crowding my feed. Anyone else? Perhaps the internet has become so savvy it "knows" I just had a baby and my skin has suffered terribly from the hormonal changes... Or it's just a really popular pin. Either way, I wanted to find out - Does this homemade mask really work?

There are two pins I see often for this: one is a gelatin and milk mask. It has really grotesque pictures of the blackheads after removal. Then there's a milk and flour mask, with photos of beautiful glowing skin after it's use. Who doesn't want that?! Since having Otto, my skin has been a playground for all kinds of breakouts so I thought, "Perfect! Easy, nontoxic DIY remedies? I'm all about it. This pins have to go viral for a reason, it must work!" But did it? Let's take a look.

First, the gelatin and milk mask. This one made sense to work; the gelatin would harden on my nose and pull out all the gunk with it, right? What the milk was for I had no idea. Alas, here we go! Here's my before pic. I have ZERO makeup on, and actually just returned from a barre class so my hair is up and in a post-sweat sesh messy bun to boot.

Hey blackheads.
I followed the directions to a T! One tablespoon gelatin, one tablespoon milk, microwave for 8 seconds. This is what happened:

So it was pretty chunky and gross looking but I thought, "Hey you never know! Maybe it will still work?" I applied it to my face anyway. Y'all. I have to tell you. It smelled JUST like Otto's vomit/spit up. I mean, just like it. I guess that's what happens when you microwave milk.

Not what it looked like on Pinterest!
It didn't look like the pictures on Pinterest at all. It was disgusting! Clearly not even the consistency of a mask. The chunks started to fall off as I attempted to apply them. There was no way this would harden and be "peelable" off my face! It was so foul.

Ok so the gelatin mask failed miserably. What about the honey and flour one? The after photos from that were of such beautiful, glowing skin! I had to try it. Plus, with the honey, there was no way it would smell like the nasty gelatin mask. Game on!

This one was super easy to throw together too: one part flour, one part honey, one part warm water. Mix together and apply to your face until it congeals. Boom - flawless skin! Or, so it promised. It mixed together easily and formed a consistency that actually would go on my face, unlike the gelatin mask. "Ok, we're already miles ahead of that thing!" I thought. "Maybe this will actually work..."

Not the prettiest facial mask, but if it works, who cares right?!
I put it on. It was thick enough to stay put, although it did run down my face a little bit. It didn't burn or sting, and the honey added a nice scent. I went to do some work to let it dry, hopeful that Pinterest wouldn't let me down for a second time in a day.

I let it sit for about 20 minutes. When it came time to remove it, it wasn't "peelable" (like a Biore strip). It was actually quite hard to get off my face! It took about 3-4 minutes of consistent washing to get that cement-like gunk off. But seriously, if that was what it took to get a DIY blackhead removal mask to work, no biggie!

And... The result? Drum roll please:

Yeeeeeeeeeah. It didn't. Pinterest fail number two of the day. Although, my skin looks bizarrely more yellow in this shot than in the first and I'm standing in the exact same spot for all the photos. You can see my nose is a little red too - not sure if that was from the mask or from trying to jackhammer the cement off scrub it off my face. Who knows. I won't be trying it again to figure it out either.

Pinterest is a funny thing. Pins go viral for absolutely NO REASON at all. Neither of these masks work, but you'd never know it from how many repins they got! You'd think it was God's gift to blackhead removal. They aren't. They don't even come out looking like the pictures associated with the pin! It just goes to show you - before you hit "repin" on any of those super popular homemade or DIY beauty remedies, perhaps you should check to see if they work first. Odds are, it was a pin that went viral because people want it to work and it seems like a good idea. But the reality is there's simply no value behind the pin.


  1. Oh my gosh, Paige, I have wanted to try both of these masks before; I'm so happy you tried and failed for me : ) I love this idea of testing out viral Pinterest pins and seeing if they actually work, and I love how your personality shines through in your writing. You always make me laugh! Additionally, why do you have the skin of an angel? No makeup?? You look perfect!! I am a monster with no makeup.

  2. Oh man. That last sentence?? BINGO! That's also why spam gets pinned so often. The photo is appealing and the pinner wants it to work/thinks it's an awesome image.
    Bummer that these didn't work, but I'm glad you tested them out for me!! I recently bought a $10 carbonated mud mask from Amazon and I LOVE the results. It bubbles and I feel like it really gets down in my pores.

  3. I love Pinterest fails. I agree with your last stamen 100% people should really try these things out!! I tried a center piece I found on Pinterest once using coffee beans and candles. But the way they had you set it up caused everything to catch fire or burn with the melting hot wax!! I am much more picky about choosing DIYs from Pinterest now :)

  4. You are so right on with that last statement. People pin things bc the pics are pretty. The majority of them never go back and either open the website to read the pin or they never check to see if it's a good pin or clean up old pins that fail. I remember your snaps about that first mask. So gross!

  5. Ughhhhhhh the first mask sounds so gross, you brave soul for the follow through! I like the glam glow masks for blackheads, you can get a Sephora sample and it would last a long time especially if you are just doing your nose area. This was a hilarious post, sometimes pinterest just doesn't get it right!

  6. oh the first one sounds terrible. Good for you to still put it on when it smelled so bad. That sucks the second one had to be scrubbed off! This post is hilarious!!

  7. I dunno who creates these ridiculous pins in the first place! It makes me so mad that I now have to fact-check the things I'm pinning before I confirm my repin that way I don't go back and look at a stupid ridiculous how-to or something that will forward me to some bogus site with no real content. This post was so funny. I had high hopes for that first one. Maybe less microwaving time? lol... probably not lets be honest. ;-)

  8. So happy you tried these out but I am sorry they were a waste of time! How do these pins get circulated?! So frustrating! I have had my fair share of Pinterest shares. BTW your skin looks great!


  9. Good to know! I love Pinterest, but some of the things that go viral definitely make me wonder. I love when people share what actually works and what doesn't!

  10. haha! Somehow I am not even surprised. I couldn't tell you how many DIY pins I have pinned without ever giving them another thought, much less actually trying them! I'm sorry that 2 pins failed you in a day! Once I tried a homemade pumpkin spice creamer Pinterest recipe and it was a terrible bust as well!

  11. Hahaha! I am sorry for the fails and the laughing, I am laughing because it is so true! I am an esthetician and some of the DIY masks out there I cringe at. Oh I was gagging for you girl on that gelatin one. Thanks for sharing even though it was no fun! I'll send you my recipes that actually work ;)

  12. hahahaha, oh my goodness, Paige!! I literally busted out laughing at the scratched out "trying to jackhammer the thing off of my face" hahaha

  13. I've tried SEVERAL blackhead removing Pinterest pins and they were all pretty much fails. Thanks for trying these two so I don't have to ;) Back to Biore strips!

  14. Oh my gosh! This is hilarious. I had a Pinterest fail during the Super Bowl. I tried this recipe in my crock pot and it literally had no flavor. I guess you can't believe everything you see on Pinterest!!! haha

  15. I literally was looking for a blackhead solution like these yesterday and was going to try them this week! So glad I know it's not worth my time! Thanks!!

  16. LOL i am sorry these didn't work - i have tried a few masks on pinterest and gave up. they are all so messy and smell bad (the otto's milk one made me lol and vomit a little).

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