An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Preparing For The Long Texas Summer Season

Monday, April 18, 2016

Preparing For The Long Texas Summer Season

How I'm preparing to weather the long and hot Texas summers

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Schick, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #pmgschick #7dayshavechallenge #ad

Most {normal} people are thrilled about summer. Warm weather, sunny days, cabins, lake/beach life, vacations, school's out, lionsandtigersandbearsohmy! And when I lived in Minneapolis, even when I lived in Savannah, GA, I was excited about them too. But Texas? Texas summers take it to a whole other level. I'm talking 110 degrees by 8am level. Like, can't-go-outside-at-all-cabin-fever level. Wear as minimal clothing as possible level. You know how when you open an oven door, your hair blows back from the hot air meeting the room temperature? That's what happens when you open a door to the outside in the summer here in Texas. I could go on and on about this, but instead, I'll tell you how I'm preparing for it!

Warm weather (ok, hot hot hot!) is coming! Are you ready for summer? Here's how I'm getting summer-ready

I mentioned wearing minimal clothing. That's mandatory - even maxi dresses/skirts are too much for our Texas summers! I'm talking shorts, skirts and breathable fabric. You know what's necessary with all those things? Shaved legs! If you want to be comfortable {kinda} down here in the summer, you need to show a little leg, and if you want to be confident doing it, you need a good razor and solid shaving tips.

That's why when Schick asked me to partner with them in spreading the word on their 7 day shave challenge, I was like, yup. Given my climate and the temps we'll be climbing to (even by the end of April), I would gladly spread the word! Now y'all have heard me talk on here and on social media about my... errrrrr... Lack of ability to shower regularly. Well that's fine and dandy for winter, but now that we're headed into summer, I've got to up the ante and shower more regularly. A) because it's hot and I'm sweaty and B) because when you shave everyday, it's so much faster and becomes a breeze! And in the Texas summers, shaving everyday is a must. Remember those shorts I mentioned? There's nowhere to hide {leg hair} in those!

Ok, so we know that Texas is hot and that you {and by you, I mean me. Or you too! Especially if you're also a Texan} can prepare for it by competing the Schick 7 Day Shave Challenge. But what does that mean? Start with the Schick Hydro Silk razor. This badboy is amazing! It hydrates skin like no other razor. Ever had dry, flaky skin after shaving? Not a problem with this razor! But wait - there's more.

Use the razor with the New Skintimate Island Berry Breeze Shave Gel. This stuff not only smells great and helps moisturize your legs, the gel foams into a rich lather. This makes it super easy to see where you've shaved and where you haven't. Ever had an "oopsies" moment where you realized you missed the whole back of your calf? Yeah, me too. I also always seem to miss my shin bone - probably because I've nicked myself there so many times...

Wanna know how you avoid nicks?! By replacing your razor blades often! There's nothing like a dull blade to slice through your skin, right? OUCH. Schick makes it super easy with these hanging shower refills. Ever gone to shower and after you've gotten in thought, "Dang, I should have changed my blade! Oh well. I'm in here now." Then you nick your knee and swear you'll change it next time. No need to worry about that with these in-shower storage blades! You can do it after you've gotten in and don't need to track water all over your floor looking for a new blade.

Finally, you can moisturize with Skintimate Silky Skin. This stuff is great, and has Moroccan Oil and Vitamin E to help replenish your skins natural moisture. And it smells great.

You do that for seven days and see for yourself how smooth, silky and gorgeous your legs look! I promise you you'll be ready for shorts-season. Which, if you live in Texas like me, is extra extra long. I might not be able to escape the long Texas summer season, but I sure can be prepared for it, right?


  1. Definitely my go to brand for shaving my legs!! I always love winter and not having to shave my legs as often LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Man. Shaving season in Texas requires so much upkeep. Haha! It's necessary, though. Love your bathroom!

  3. It's so hot here today (by Chicago's April standards) - it's 80 but muggy and my school hasn't switched over to AC, you know, because it was snowing 2 weeks ago. UGH yuck. I can't imagine the heat of Texas summers! I am an odd one who actually loves shaving, so I'll be sure to check this out.

  4. Girl it is 90 degrees here today! In Seattle. In April! I hope we don't end up with heat like you guys get this year. I can shave every other day and be good, but that's as long as I can go. Summer weather requires so much more work!

  5. I think I use Schick, too. I honestly can't remember. I've been to Texas in the summer for a month or two and it was the hottest I've ever been. We were outside a lot and I could feel sweat rolling places I've never noticed before!

  6. Definitely shorts and skirts season now aka got to start shaving on the regular. One of my fav products and need to check out these scents!

  7. haha i love that open the oven door and get blasted with heat feeling :) not when i'm wearing makeup though, that's the only thing i dislike about summer, when i'm trying to be pretty. we use dollar shave club razors, i quite like them and we have enough to last us like 75 years. i like the sound of the shaving gel though! i always feel like my legs are super dry after i shave.

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