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Monday, November 14, 2016

What We Luv

One of the best parts of being home with my kids is the play dates, laughs, bounce houses and snacks!

This post is sponsored by Luvs diapers. All opinions and photos are my own.

It was really hard transitioning to staying home with my kids. I was eight months pregnant when I stopped working and was placed on bed rest. At nine months, I started this blog and then had a preterm baby just a few weeks later. It was a whirlwind that took a long time to get used to! I had finally worked my way up to a director level and was a member of the senior leadership team, with a dotted line reporting structure right to the CEO. I managed a A$22MM budget. And then, all of a sudden, my day revolved around diapers and feedings. I didn't need to be dressed up. I didn't even need to be showered! I went from feeling so important in my career to feeling like a slob SAHM. It took a few months, but I realized that in fact, I was doing the most important job of my life: Raising my boys (well, just one at that point, but now there's two). It's a hard job with some very long days but there are some things I absolutely "Luv" about it!

Like getting to go to yoga at 9:30 in the morning almost everyday. That's my "me" time. The kids get to play in the care center with new toys. I get to chat with my yoga friends. I get to sweat and gain some mental clarity that helps me be a better mom for the rest of the day!

Play dates are the other thing I absolutely "Luv". I'm a social creature and love getting together with other moms while our kids burn off steam! My inlaws got us a blow up bounce house after we went to a friend's house who had one and Henry LUVED it. Turns out, they're not expensive and really easy to put up and take down, so we now have a fun bounce house for our play dates, too.

Luvs was kind enough to send me a full party package, so I knew we'd have to get the bounce house set up and get some friends over. I've got a few good girlfriends here who all have a two and a half to three year old so it's fun to get together and let them all play! We're all also struggling with potty training, so it's awesome that Luvs sent me some diapers to pass out to these momma's. Their diapers are super soft, have a contoured shape that hugs a baby's (or toddler, in our case!) bum and they have a money back guarantee - if you aren't happy with their leak protection from Luvs Ultra Leakguards with NightLock Plus™, they'll refund your money! All us moms were super excited to try these on our tots, especially since overnight diapers can be... Problematic. Moms, I know you get me on this. C'mon Henry, let's get moving on this potty training! Also problematic? Getting toddlers to pose for pics, as seen above. 

Not only do my mom friends all have a "first child" the same age, but two of us have babies who are close in age and two are currently pregnant! Thanks to LUV's, I was able to gift the preggo mommies some infant sized diapers, along with some cute sippy cups for their older siblings.

Staying home with my kids has been the toughest job I've ever done. I lost a part of my identity when I stopped working in the "official workforce." But I also gained a new identity as a mom. And now I have a blog that provides income, it's like I have the best of both worlds! Time with my kids and a new profession. Time to host play dates and talk with other moms about diapers and snotty noses and potty training fails and time to write and take pictures and share stories. All of this is what I Luv, and as a family, it's what we Luv. 


  1. Awwwww I luv this post <-- see what I did there ;-) It has definitely been a big change in your life but isn't blogging amazing that you are able to generate a solid income and be able to be home with your boys. It is a powerful thing.

  2. Yes just luvly :) Cute baby, cute party!

  3. Thanks for the invite, Paige *rolling eyes* I also love how Otto is bundled up and it's probably like 80F. HA!

  4. Aw what a sweet luvly post. I love that we can be home with our babies and still keep our identity as individuals through blogging.

  5. Such sweet pictures and great post! I am always inspired by moms that are able to do so much for their children!

  6. That's awesome! Best things come unexpectedly :)

  7. Your boys are so incredibly sweet. You're such a great mom!

  8. I Luvvvvved this post and learning more about your path to where you are now. You're a great momma, friend, writer, yogi, and the list goes on.

  9. Wait, this is wayyyy to cute! Can I come over to your house? It's only a flight away! We love Luvs diapers too! This is such an adorable idea for a fun play date! Who says it needs to be a birthday party to decorate?