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Thursday, February 16, 2017

If I Could...

If you could have anything or do anything in a given situation, what would it be and what would you do?

Anytime I read a full blog post from beginning to end, I know it was a good one! I was reading my friend Tiffany's blog last week when she had this post idea up, and read through it all. It was so fun, I've copied it (Thanks for the idea Tiff - this was all hers!) DIY posts and how-to tutorials are all well and good, but it's also super fun to just read about people and learn how their mind works. This is what I would do if I could... And things like money, time, or reality didn't matter.

Travel anywhere in the world - I would love to go to Morocco or Istanbul. I've been to Europe several times and have been to the Caribbean plenty. I'd love to go right to the verge of the Middle East! When I lived in Paris (studying art history in college) I spent HOURS in the Middle East artifacts section of the Louvre. I was bored by the impressionist art that all my friends wanted to look at so I lone-wolf'd it to the more fascinating part of the museum. I'd love to see some more of it in it's city of origin!

Live in any city - New Orleans. I looooooove the food, I love that it's hot, I love that it's on the water, I love it's rich history, I love it's kinda freaky vibe (hello, Halloween is my favorite holiday!) and did I mention that I love the food? If my husband could get a transfer there, I'd be in my car making the drive without thinking twice.

Eat one thing for the rest of my life - This should be a hard one for me to answer since I'm a bit of a foodie, but no. I'd eat tacos. Street tacos, hard shell tacos, carnitias, barbacoa, veggie tacos, whatever just yes to all the tacos.

Drive any car - Hmmm. I feel like I should list some fancy sports car. But I'm just not into them. I hate sitting low to the ground and find them claustrophobic. I like my big mom SUV. My lease is up soon and we're looking into the Volvo XC90 or the Infiniti QX80 and I'm pretty sure either of those will be great. It's pretty awesome to have the ability to drive my "dream" car, but since I don't have insanely high standards, it makes the dream easier to obtain.

Change one thing about my physical appearance - Now, I actually really like my physical appearance... But, breastfeeding has destroyed my boobs so I'd love to get those fixed. I could also do with a slightly smaller nose. There's NO WAY I'd ever get a nose job (have you ever seen a plastic surgery show where they take the chisel and break the nose in a nose job?! YIKES) but I am hopeful to get some work done on my chest as soon as we're sure we're done having kiddos. Kids do a number on your body, guys!

Change one thing about my personality - I'm pretty blunt and straightforward. And by pretty, I mean extremely. While I appreciate that quality in others, I know many people don't respond to it well. I'd love to "soften" my tone, as it were, and speak directly while maintaining a sense of kindness. It's not that I have mean intentions, I just think others can perceive it as unkind and I'd like to change that. Ahhhh, something to work towards, I guess.

Only spend one more day on Earth - I'm a beach and ocean type of gal, so I'd spend it in the sun, by the water, on a blanket laid out in the sand. Maybe with a few drinks with umbrellas in it, too. The sand in Aruba was amazingly white and soft, but Aruba was HOT. So I'm thinking a beach off the coast of Playa del Carmen would be about perfect.

Be someone else for a day - I actually had to think about this one for a while! I think it would be cool to be the president (not necessarily our current one, but any of them) just to see what all goes into such a high ranking position. It'd also be fascinating to be a historical figure, like Martha Washington, to get perspective on her life and history. But in the end, I guess I'd be a fictional character like Lady Mary from Downton Abbey. Mostly because I want to be served breakfast in bed every morning. Oh, the life! And I want her wardrobe.

It's fun to think about all the things we could do if time, money or this big thing called reality wasn't an issue, isn't it? Kinda like one big day-dream fest. If you could, what would you do in a given situation? It's pretty fun to think (and write) about!


  1. Ha! I would totally be Lady Mary, too. I miss that show. It was such a great one.

  2. If I could live in any city, I think I would pick LA. As expensive as it it, I love the mountain range view and driving up and down the hills. It's such a great city for inspiration!

    BTW I love this idea...I'm definitely stealing this one! :-)

  3. I really liked Tiffany's post on this as well!! My sister had the infiniti - 3 kids, husband and lots of ski gear and there was plenty of room so that's definitely a great car!!

  4. I think this is such a cool post, I would love to do something like this. I agree it is so fun to learn more about the person behind the blog.

  5. What an interesting blog post idea! I think I may have to copy it sometime!

  6. I love New Orleans and it's freaky vibe! I've actually spent a couple of Halloweens there and it's amazing! I'm pretty sure I'd gain so much weight if I lived there, though. Too much good food and beignets.

  7. oh i'd love lady mary's wardrobe! i still haven't watched the last season of downton, i'm not ready to say goodbye haha. i can be pretty blunt as well and i'm definitely perceived as a not-nice-person because of it. but anyway. i think it would be cool to be the president, or like a fly on the wall to see and know everything they know. but definitely not our current one.

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