An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Spring Cleaning Checklist

Monday, March 13, 2017

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is right around the corner. Get your home cleaned from top to bottom with this spring cleaning checklist

Ahhhhhh spring! It never really go into winter mode down here in Texas, although I did have to wear a sweatshirt a few times. But the leaves are out, the trees starting to bloom and the grass is green again! Time to open those windows and let those allergies in! Kidding. Kinda. Spring is a great time to do a "deep clean" of your home. I'm not talking wiping down counters and taking some Windex to your windows - I'm talking the deep clean stuff that is easy to forget about. I've rounded up some of the things we like to do in our own home (at least once a year) and made a spring cleaning checklist for you as you get your own digs ready for a glorious summer.

Here's your printable checklist some of the areas easy to forget about but desperately need some attention:

A printable spring cleaning checklist for deep cleaning your home

Windows - inside and outside, vacuum screens and wash out window sills. How do window sills get so disgusting? I don't know but they sure do.
Shrubs - if you have any landscaping that needs a trim, now is a good time to do it so it grows well all summer.
Lawn - we have evergreen live oak trees that shed a ton in the spring and fall, so raking up the leaves so the grass can get light is essential.

Washing machine - clean front loading sealant with disinfectant, wipe down entire machine, if you have strong help to move the machine, vacuum around and behind it too. It's really gross to see what piles up there.
Dryer - vacuum out lint collector, wipe down entire machine, if you have strong help, vacuum around and behind it too.
Vents - if they're low you can vacuum them, then take a damp towel with a cleaner on it. Mine are high on our 10 foot ceilings, so the best way to tackle those is with a damp towel with some cleaner and wiping the grate one way until they're clean. Going back and forth with the towel will just spread the dirt around.

Dishwasher - run a empty load with distilled vinegar (this should actually be done more like once a month)
Tile grout - the best way to tackle this is with a strong cleaner and a scrub brush with a handle. Concentrate on low lying areas where water sits and splash areas where soap is left to turn into mildew.
Garbage disposal - besides making sure it's running great, use these garbage disposal fresheners to clean out any funky smell! If it's running slow, you may need to go under your sink, take it apart, and clean it out.

Baseboards -  use a damp towel with an all purpose cleaner to get dirt, dust, hair and scuff marks off.
Lamps - dust the base and vacuum the shade.
Walls - maybe your kids ran into it and dinged the paint, or maybe you re-hung some photos, but now is a great time to go around with those remaining paint canisters and do some touch-ups.
Under furniture - vacuum under the beds, chairs, dining table, couch (get those couch cushions too!) dressers, desks, and anywhere else dust bunnies spent the last year piling up.

Your home will be ready for spring and summer with this spring cleaning checklist! Now the struggle is to muster up the motivation to actually do it, right? I know. I'd rather Netflix and chill too.


  1. Baseboards. Ughhhhh. Ugh. Ugh. UGH! I need to do mine and I totally do not want to.

  2. I echo Jaelan's comment! I just started wiping down all our kitchen cabinets and baseboards in there. They get so dirty and scuffed up! And I just scrubbed out our dishwasher and tried to clean our oven this weekend. Taking the actual drain out of the dishwasher helps a lot for us too. With our eco-friendly dishwasher pods, there is a lot of residue so I have to do this more often. Great checklist Paige!

  3. this is a great list. once i am back in a house i will need to do all of these things. and more. ugh.

  4. I seriously loathe doing baseboards. Although now that ours are chunky and flat across the top, the are much easier to clean. And the washing machine. We have a front load and I make the hubs clean it, ha!

  5. Luckily since I do baseboards on a weekly basis this isn't a huge thing for me; this spring will be pretty easy because we're only a few months into a new home - plus I do love cleaning : )

  6. The thought of cleaning tile grout makes me so happy hahaha. I literally love spring cleaning. Going to be rearranging my closet next week and I CANT wait to dust and refold EVERYTHING

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