An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Weekend Update

Monday, April 17, 2017

Weekend Update

It's been well over a year since I posted a weekend update! I've been sucked down the rabbit hole of SEO, creating pinnable images, improving photography, affiliates, etc etc blogging money making nonsense. I thought it'd be fun for just a good old fashioned, what-we've-been-up-to post. And low and behold, it was Easter this past weekend so I remembered to take some pictures!

Otto and Henry had their Easter egg hunt at school on Wednesday, since there was no school on Good Friday. As it would turn out, Henry is absolutely obsessed (using this word appropriately here) with Easter eggs. He wanted nothing to do with the candy inside (mega eye roll emoji) but his inner hoarder came out big time, and he loves to collect and attempt to carry as many of these pieces of plastic as possible.

He's on-trend for toddlerhood: The cheapest toy is always the best.

Otto was more relaxed about the whole egg thing, and was content to play with a random plastic egg whenever one would escape his brother's hands. I waved my long-hair-don't-care flag in the face of dental hygiene and allowed him to try some candy from one of the eggs, and he promptly spit it out and looked at me like I attempted to poison him.

We gave the boys their Easter baskets on Saturday because if you think for one moment that we could give them all that goodness on Sunday morning and expect to tear those toys from the death-grasp of their tiny hands to go to church, you'd be mistaken. This ain't my first rodeo; give those baskets the day before!

Except, we didn't make it to church. Otto woke up Sunday morning and was ON ONE, so we had to put him down for a nap right about the time we should have left. Oh well, there's always next year. Instead, I dyed eggs with Henry. He continued his egg obsession with pure fascination at the egg dying process. That egg dying kit set me back a whole $1.50, and you better believe I'm going to head there today to get all the leftover kits on sale for half off! Those will come in handy... Oh I don't know, ANYTIME I need him to entertain himself.

Then after Otto got up from a nap/mommy and daddy sanity time, we had an egg hunt in the backyard. We missed our neighborhood egg hunt by 30 minutes the weekend before, so we recreated our own. Again, the kids had no interest in eating the contents of said eggs, but the whopping $3 I spent on the plastic containers entertained for HOURS. Otto could have cared less about the whole thing, while (unsurprisingly) Henry went for the gold in egg hunting skills. I'm so glad he was into it, because otherwise I'd have had to get all the eggs I spread all over the yard. Otto just wanted to dig in the plants we recently planted. So, next year, I'll just get that kid some dirt, and he'll be happy as a clam in sand.

Hey, one kid wants a $1.50 dye kit and the other wants dirt. I think I'm winning at frugal parenting here.

I made a sun dried tomato-basil-mozzarella quiche that nobody ate (except hubs and myself) with a side salad. By 5pm, we were so sick of Otto's bad 'tude we cracked beers and wine, stared at each other with wide eyes remembering the awesomeness of our lives before we had kids and just called it a day. Jesus made wine right? So basically we were right on track with celebrating the season; one misbehaved toddler and one egg-obsessed one at a time. Cheers to a more conventional Easter next year!


  1. Wine cures all right? I didn't dye any eggs this year and I'm a little sad/happy about it. That quiche sounds delicious, I would have eaten it ;-)

  2. Frugal parenting. 🤣 I love it.

    Glad y'all had a fun low-key Easter. We did too.

  3. oh man, you guys are GOOD. Smart thinking about giving H+O their presents on Friday instead of Sunday. I wouldn't have thought of that and then would have screaming children. Reason 1 of 308230498230 I will be sending my children to you.

  4. I would have totally eaten that quiche. Sounds awesome! We put money and stickers in our eggs. E could have cared less about anything in his Easter basket and A brought the 2 things she did care about to church so....

  5. definitely winning at frugal parenting. also, that quiche sounds amazing. KC wouldn't eat it but I would eat the entire thing. yum.

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