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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Life Currently

Ramblings from a semi crazy blogger on a semi crazy life in absolutely insanely hot Texas

Hey friends! Just wanted to take today and get you all caught up on my thoughts. Mostly because they're all over the place, and it's too hot here to get my brain to function and actually get some photography together with a decent blog post idea, DIY, etc etc. So I'm relying on my good ol' standby: The Currently post, July Heat Edition.

Currently, I'm:

Having weird dreams. No, I'm not pregnant, but I am taking a new herbal sleep aid and it makes me dream like I'm pregnant! Have you ever had a dream about someone from your past, whom you haven't thought about in AGES and then you find yourself thinking about that person nonstop all the next day? That happened to me last weekend. I had a dream about a former boss, then thought about said former boss all day the next day like, "Gee, I wonder where they're living now" and "I wonder if they still have that hilarious dry sense of humor" and "I hope they didn't get fat. That person was far too attractive to end up fat." I even went on Facebook and creeped DEEP on this person's profile. And then I realized how psycho I was getting after this dream and was like whoooooa Nelly, slow your stalker roll here sweetheart, you're halfway to the loony bin.

Winning at Instagram Stories. When I posted that doorbell rant, I'm not sure I could have gotten more responses! I'm glad y'all like my rants. Maybe I'll stop posting pictures since my engagement there is complete crap but I'm absolutely crushing this Stories business. Haven't seen them? You're missing out, follow me here! Even my ex-boyfriends and their new girlfriends watch them.

Peeing in my pants. Well not really, but I just got off a call with a brand who wants to do extended work with me through the holidays and into 2018, and I'm pretty sure we're a match made in heaven, and I'm so pumped about this potential opportunity! Here's what I've learned over the last few weeks (and it's especially true given the success of my Instagram Stories): The more you are genuinely YOU - not trying to be anyone else, but rather being your own person with your own personality and your own quirks and your own strengths and your own faults - the more you're YOU, the more success you'll have. Not just in business or blogging, but in life in general. And certainly in your personal happiness.

Waiting for August break. We're headed to my parent's lake home like we did last year again, and I'm certainly ready to get the f up out of the Texas summer time! I've forgotten what it's like to step outside and not be miserable and instantly sweaty. Summer break, I'm ready for you! Alllllllllso, post August break means I can officially start to blog about fall and Halloween things, and if you've been around these parts for any length of time you know Halloween is my JAM.

Slightly ashamed. Nah, not really, but yeah, kinda. I absolutely did NOT hit up the Nsale, because a) it's really only good if you have the store card, which we do not have because if you know anything about credit scores, you know that store cards are NO BUENO, b) I don't like to shop that much and c) I actually hate sales because nothing is ever in my size. Buuuuuuut, I did head to Nordstrom Rack, and I did get some new shoes. Three pairs for $150. Not bad! Hypocritical? Meh, you decide, I'll be over here enjoying my new kicks.

Having allergic reactions. Allergic might be a strong word, but all of a sudden, when I drink red wine I wake up totally puffy and swollen. WHY? My eyes are puffy and my hands are so swollen my rings won't fit. It's weird. This never used to happen. Maybe it's the heat? Please tell me red wine won't do this to me for the rest of my life? Pretty please? And no, I'm not posting a photo of the red wine aftermath, it's BAD.

That's what's going on around here! What are y'all up to currently?


  1. No! I really hope you aren't getting allergies to wine. That would be the worst thing ever!
    I got three things at the sale....all for Audrey.

  2. I find the #nsale annoying, so I refuse to buy. And allergic to wine?! Can you combine antihistamine and wine... ; )

  3. I saw your story about how puffy you were. I wonder if it's interacting with your new sleep aid? Just a thought! Either way - BUMMER!

  4. These all must be the reaction of that herbal medicine which you are taking these days. I hope you get well soon so that you may avoid all your weird current situations then.

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