An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Best Wooden Toys For Toddlers

Monday, January 22, 2018

Best Wooden Toys For Toddlers

Plastic has BPA and musical/flashing light toys overstimulate young minds. Wooden toys have become our go-to for the best toys for our toddlers to play with!

Call me a mean mom; call me old fashioned; call me delusional. Whatever the case may be, I'm a huge fan of having wooden toys for my kids to play with. I've seen so many kids get desensitized by having nonstop LOUD musical toys with bright flashing lights. Not only is that not good for their mental development, it pushes me to the breaking point of my own sanity listening to that crap every day. I've also seen the disadvantages to the kids who have had wayyyyy too much screen time. At play dates, they're nearly incapable of playing and socializing, and all they want is access to their parent's phones. With so many toy "hoops and hurdles" we have to jump through and navigate as parents, I've chosen to limit my kids toys to *mostly* wooden toys. These toys can take the inevitable beating your kids will given them, promote creative play, and provided they're made in the US or Europe, they're nontoxic. Here are some of our favorite wooden toys, all of which happen to be available on Amazon so you can get them too, even if you don't have bougie kids stores near you! *Affiliate links used, which means I'll earn a small commission for purchases via these links at no additional cost to you*

These wooden toys are great for toddlers to play and develop skills with

Giantex Wood Kitchen Play Set
Perhaps you saw on my Instagram stories over the holidays, but this was Otto's second birthday present. Both boys (ages just turned 2 and over 3.5) LOVE playing with this thing. It's large enough for two toddlers to stand and play at, yet small enough for even a tiny playroom/nursery. It's also priced at just over $50, which is amazing! The downside? Assembly. I had my engineer stepdad put it together for me/the kids and it even took him about two hours. Definitely need a power drill and some patience!

Toy fruits and veggies
These go hand in had with the wooden kitchen play set. The boys make me all kinds of "dishes" and get to practice their fine motor skills "cutting" these apart and developing cognitive skills learning which ones go back together. My sister just so happened to gift the boys play fruits and veggies for Christmas, which is just a few days after Otto's birthday, and if you have a play kitchen, you absolutely need some of these fruits and veggies to go with it.
HABA Walk Along Tool Cart
What I like best about this is that it's a "2-4-1" toy. You get a walk along toy for younger toddlers (that's far more sturdy than any of the plastic walk along toys, I might add, and the wheels actually turn so they won't scratch your wood floors like a plastic walk along!) but then you also get the tool set that come with it. When they outgrow the walk along, they'll still have fun playing "tools" and building things. I love toys that grow with toddlers as they further develop skills!

Wooden Train Set
No lie: train sets reign supreme in this household. There's a whole bunch of things I really like about this set: 1) the train tracks are universal in size so if you buy more themed sets, they'll fit together 2) there are endless ways to configure this set so it will work with whatever size space you've got for your kids to play in 3) your kids will learn how things fit together, how to construct whole play scenes and about gravity with this set alone and finally 4) being made of wood, this set is damn near indestructible, which is great when pieces get thrown or banged together. You know, not that my sweet precious children ever do anything like that...

Wooden Train Track Set 52 Piece Pack
If you're going to get a train set, do yourself a solid and just order additional tracks right now. Pieces of the other/initial train set will get lost and this will keep the good times rolling. Literally. See how it's universally sized? Told you a wooden train set is awesome!

Wooden Building Blocks
Real talk: This toy likely expires at around age 4, definitely by age 5. My 3.5 year old still loves to build things, but that could easily be a personality trait with him. My two year old is still wildly entertained by building blocks. These have a longer shelf life because of the different shapes and the colors (plain building blocks are probably boring to your child before age two), so that's why I really like this set. Anytime you can prolong the attraction to the toy, I'm all about it.
Wooden Rocking Horse
If you've seen our rocking horse, perhaps in an Instagram photo or in the background of a blog photo, you know that ours is more "classic" than this one. We actually found it refurbished at an antique store in Fredricksburg, TX. This one is fairly similar to what we have in our playroom, except it has a nice tall back for your toddler to rest on, which is likely slightly more safe than the historic version we have. Plus, the colors in this are great - and we have one colorful playroom (color happens to be the theme in that room).
Race cars and racing ramp
Do you know what is LIFE to toddler boys? (I'd say girls too but since I don't have any, I don't know...) Racing cars! My kids could honest to God race cars for several hours straight each and every day. In fact, they actually do. My two boys can play together racing cars for hours on end. If you read my blog posts, that's likely what they're doing while I write, in fact. This set is cool because it comes with a track and the cars can go forwards and backwards until they reach the finish line.
Wooden Town Vehicles Set
Just like I recommended you buy additional train tracks for a train set, I recommend buying additional cars for the race track. These are cool because they bring some variety. Both my two and 3.5 year old knows what a police car, fire truck and ambulance is so these are a big hit because they've seen them in real life and that makes them more animated and real for my kids to base their imaginative play off of.
There are so many great toys for kids to play with out there, it's mind blowing! You don't have to sit them in front of a tablet or an iPhone and you certainly don't have to put up with those horrid noise making toys. Wooden toys - easily found and purchased via Amazon - are affordable, durable and a great option for toddlers who need to develop critical thinking and imaginative play skills.


  1. One of E’s favorite toys is his Brio train set! We have a big table for it that was my brothers, and we add to it each year.
    Wood toys are our jam as well.

  2. The train tracks definitely kept my toddler busy for a while. These are great ideas

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