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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Twin Mom Hacks

Being a twin mom is tough, hard work! Use these hacks to make life with two babies easier (good for non twin moms, too!)

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Mommin' aint easy, as the saying goes. And those of us who were blessed with two? Oh, don't we know it! Twins somehow aren't just twice the work, they're exponentially more work than just having a single baby. There's never enough hands, and always someone who needs you. There's messes (I'm talking diaper blow out level messes!) times two. While I've only been at this twin mom thing for four months, I've been at this mommin' thing for nearly five years. It was most certainly helpful being an "experienced mom" for the birth of my twins, and enabled me to develop some helpful hacks fairly quickly after the birth of my twins. Don't have twins? Don't worry, many of these hacks still apply to you! This, my friends, is my short list of twin mom hacks.

1) Stock up on supplies
This one seems like a no brainer, but was one of the hardest things for me to grasp as a mom of twins after having two singletons: you're gonna need a lot of baby supplies. More than you think you'll need! That box of diapers? You'll use it in a blink of an eye. Those baby wipes? Might get used in as little as a few days! What you don't have with twins is a lot of spare time and you certainly don't have spare hands, so STOCK UP on supplies during your outings! Take whatever you think you're going to use and double it. If you've got storage space, triple it. Trust me. You'll use it.

We're huge fans of stocking up on Nice 'n CLEAN baby wipes at H-E-B. They're sold in three different package sizes (so mom's of singleton babies, they're great for you too!) and have a scented and non-scented/sensitive skin option. Worried about what's in your wipe? You should be, but not with these. They're made from 100% plant based fibers using 99% natural ingredients. That means NO alcohol, dyes, parabens, phthalates, or chlorine. They're also hypoallergenic so they're perfect for faces, hands and of course, those dirty bums! Which as a twin mom, you're going to get to know really well...

2) Invest in the basics
Yes, twins are expensive. What you have to get one of for a single baby, you've got to fork over twice the cash for two. The good news is you don't have to buy two of everything! In fact, most things you can get away with just one of. What you DO need two of is the basics:

- bassinets (even if you're not room sharing, it's nice to have a set of bassinets when the babies are little so they can nap near you. Also, they won't be on the same schedule at first, so you can have one napping in the nursery and have one awake in the bassinet before they're able to sit up!)
- car seats (go with the LIGHTEST seat you can find; there are many "stylish" options but they weigh a ton. You're not going to look cute with a stylish car seat when you can't even lift one baby in one, much less two!)
- double stroller (yup, you'll use it)

Things like bouncers, swings, play mats, infant seats and all the other nonsense they try to get you to buy for babies you won't need to get two of. I had one swing from my two older children, and went out and bought another one thinking we'd for sure use it. But we rarely ever have two children in the swings at once, so that was a waste! It's more a distraction for one baby while I'm changing or nursing the other. Same for bouncers and infant seats. And the play mat? They lay and play on it together, so two of those are definitely not needed! Get good quality of the things you do need two of, because you'll use those all the time. The other stuff is just extra, and you don't need multiples of.

3) Don't sweat the small stuff
It's going to happen. There will be a time, probably more than once a day, when both babies are crying for you and you just don't have enough hands to meet their needs simultaneously. One (or both) babies will be crying and it will be stressful. It's ok! You're still doing a good job, mama. That baby isn't judging you for not immediately meeting his or her need, so you shouldn't judge yourself, either.

If there's one thing I've learned after having four kids it's that children - no matter how young - read your energy. If you're stressed out and panicking, they get stressed out and panic. Then the whole situation compounds itself! If you can stay calm and focus on getting the task at hand done, not only does it go faster, but everyone stays calmer and things don't escalate. If you need to take a minute to compose yourself, step out of the room, take a breather, then get back at it. Don't sweat the small stuff! Proceed with calm energy. Your children will follow your lead, so lead well. I regularly get asked how I manage having four kids age four and under, and it's all about calm energy - and not sweating the small stuff! Twins both blow out of their diapers at once? Ok, I'll change one quickly and then the other, like I'm on an assembly line. Toddler take crayon to the carpet while I'm nursing a baby? Ok, finish nursing first, deal with toddler second. Separate the tasks in your mind and check them off one by one. That's how I manage to stay cool and calm under pressure.

Hacks for moms of multiples to make life easier
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Having any number of infants is challenging, but if you're having/have twins, get ready, because it's next level. As a mom of four kids all very close in age, these are the hacks I've created to make my life with so many youngsters more manageable. And while geared toward moms of multiples, these twin mom hacks apply to moms of singletons too!


  1. These sound like great hacks for one baby or more! I like that you said to forget the fancy car seat, get one you can carry and that has great ratings!!

  2. These are great hacks,I can imagine what you do everyday, my 10 month old is already a handful so you deserve like 100 high fives at this point. Your babies are adorable.

  3. Great tips!! I secretly want twins but that double the money spent on anything!

  4. This is such great, practical advice. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Mad props to all you parents of twins! I have only one toddler (and a baby due in June) and there are evenings I want to slam my head through the drywall. I salute all you parents of twins!

  6. Thanks for sharing these useful hacks! Your babies are adorable :)

  7. Great tips! I have a toddler and a newborn I can just imagine life with 2!

  8. This looks like so much fun, having twins! My friend has grown twin boys and always loved following their journey..cute cute babies.enjoy it.passes so quicky- mine are all grown!


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