An Uncomplicated Life Blog: 3 Steps You Can Take TODAY To Live A Less Toxic Life

Thursday, January 30, 2020

3 Steps You Can Take TODAY To Live A Less Toxic Life

There's an overwhelming amount of information out there on living a"more natural" lifestyle that it's hard to sift though and comprehend it all. Here are 3 steps that have have a major impact on a healthier, less toxic life

There's so much information out there about what to eat, what to wear, what products to buy and not buy, how to compost, where to shop, and on and on that it's really easy to throw your hands up and just say, "forget it, I'm eating what I want and buying what's on sale at the cheapest or most convenient store!" Many times I'll see a friend post about new research on a food or a restaurant as a whole, and a common comment is, "Well, everything is going to give me cancer so I might as well enjoy life!" I get it. Starting on the journey of living a more natural, less toxic, more healthy and more connected/present/intentional life is daunting. Not only that, if you switch everything out at once, it's insanely expensive! I've broken down 3 steps you can take TODAY to live a less toxic life to enable making the change more manageable. *Affiliate links used*

1) Switch to a natural deodorant
Here's the thing about deodorant that makes it so important: you're applying them daily, you're applying them after you shave, and you're applying them directly over the lymph nodes near your breasts. So all the chemicals in traditional deodorants are going directly and immediately not just "to your system" but they're getting direct access to your lymph nodes. That's, ummmm, a HUGE problem. Breast cancer, fertility issues, autoimmune diseases, unexplained weight gain can all be attributed to using conventional deodorants daily.

Natural deodorants have a bad rep for not working. And here's what I've learned about them - you've got to find one that works for YOU. I've tried about 20 or so natural deodorants and have found two that work with my body's specific pH that don't cause irritation on my sensitive skin. Schmidt's Sensitive and Native work amazingly (even after several days of not showering!) but my skin would get an irritation rash from Native and I'd get ingrown hairs from Schmidt's. I now alternate between Pit Liquor and Nfuse Natural Deodorant and I also spray/roll them on when I wake up and before bed. Both of those brands have worked wonders for me, even in the Texas heat. I sweat, but I'm supposed to sweat, and it's not stinky. I've found that alternating them works best. Why? Dunno, I'm not a chemist, but I think it's akin to how when you switch up your shampoos, your hair is extra shiny and soft. I might be making that up, so don't quote me on it. If you're like me and can't use Schmidt's or Native, I'd highly suggest alternating those brands!

And, um, y'all this step is SO easy. Even my conservative, financial services working husband switched to Schmidt's and loves it. Fear not! The brands I linked WORK. 

2) Swap out your all-purpose cleaner
What you use to clean your counter tops and table tops matters because odds are, food touches it before it goes into your mouth. Would you swallow 409? Would you let your kids take a sip out of a Clorox bottle? No? Then why you're wiping your counter tops and tables down with it makes no sense either. I know I've prepared a sandwich for my kids directly on my counter before, or buttered toast, or set an apple there before it goes into one of my kids' mouths. They also have put food directly on the kitchen table before (Henry has a real thing with food touching and sometimes places his food on the table to be separate from other foods.) 

Now if you're trying to kill a stomach bug or the flu is running through your house, I get it - Lysol those door handles and light switches, and thoroughly wash your hands after! But your everyday cleaner that regularly gets minimally ingested because you're cleaning food prep/consumption areas? Switch it. I'm on the wait list for this product and will be stocking up as soon as it launches (and still have some Thieves cleaner remaining in the meantime). You can also mix up white vinegar, lemon essential oil and distilled water in a glass container and use that to wipe down your surfaces.
  • boost this step! Speaking of cleaners that you're exposed to nonstop, switch to an all natural, fragrance free laundry detergent (we use this brand but fragrance free and I could only find lavender online). The smell of "fresh clean clothes" isn't so fresh when you realize those are harmful chemicals touching your skin hour after hour, day after day. Don't even get me started on the dangers of "pod" type detergent. I have four kids age 5 and under, so I'm not remotely stupid enough to keep those in my home.
Want your laundry to still smell good even though you're using a fragrance free detergent? I use Purify essential oil on my workout clothes and lavender on my regular clothes. Add a few drops in the detergent dispenser and you've got great smelling clothes!

3) STOP eating fast food
Most fast food chains serve highly processed (read: chemically preserved and served in a state that's far removed from it's original source) foods. Aside from also being mostly fried, making them high in fat and calories, fast food is so chemical laden that it's not even real food any more. Food exists and should be consumed to NOURISH your body. It gives you vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and carbohydrates to energize and sustain you. You don't need - and in fact your body doesn't even have the ability to process - all the preservatives and chemicals found in fast food. Be mindful of what you put on your body, but also be aware of what you put IN it!
  • boost this step! Avoiding fast food lines is a great first step, but you can take it to the next level by consuming organic, local and free range food options. Buy local crops via a harvest co-op (google that term plus your location to find one), find out which local restaurants serve organic options for when you're out and about and hungry and best case scenario, look into planting your own produce. I have a few posts on how we do that in our small, urban yard!

It is absolutely overwhelming to read all the information out there on "living naturally", what products are good, which are bad, what sources are legit and which are all hype or someone trying to sell you their product. It's been fun for me to watch living more naturally become a "movement" that has gained major traction in recent years, but I'm also aware that movements cause misinformation. It's much easier to break living a less toxic life down into several steps. Should you throw out all your makeup, buy a complete new cleaning set, new personal care products, change your eating, and medicine consuming habits? Yeah, if you can do all that, all the better! But change comes in steps, not just one massive overhaul. These are 3 steps you can take TODAY to live a less toxic life. They're easy to do and affordable. Jump start a healthier life by taking them today. If you've got these down, take the boosted steps I suggested. Cheers to a healthier 2020!


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