An Uncomplicated Life Blog: COVID 19 Quarantine Life Update


Monday, April 13, 2020

COVID 19 Quarantine Life Update

We've been on lock down for an entire month here. These are some of the wildest things we've done or thought during this insane COVID-19 outbreak:

It's been a wild ride, that's for sure. Our schools have been out since March 13, so that puts us at a whole month of this quarantine/social distancing life. I want to be positive, but honestly, I've hated just about all of it. Sure, I've had some fun moments with the kids building forts or gardening, but mostly this has all just been hard. I like to get out and talk to people. I like to work from home, filming recipes and staging shoots for this blog. I'm a huge routine person. All of that has gone out the window this past month, and likely won't let up for another two or three weeks. All this cabin fever has led to some pretty crazy thoughts or activities over here, so I thought I'd lighten the mood and tell you some of the things we're scheming up/dreaming of/have actually done during this bizarre time in history. This is our weirdo COVID-19 quarantine life update:

- It was an unusual Easter.
I normally plan out matching outfits for the boys weeks in advance. All I manged to get this year was bunny ears. The shirts are all from last year (don't look too close, the sleeves are def not long enough anymore!) and the twins were wearing hand me downs. I managed to put together a brunch from what we had in the fridge. We watched an Easter movie. That was the extent for us, which is kinda sad, but that's how it goes.

- I've had car dates with my friends.
Since we can't sit in the restaurant and we have to be 6 feet apart, I've taken to getting takeout and sitting in my car with the windows down to eat it. A friend will join me and we have a solid "car date", speaking loudly out our windows so that the other can hear. Hey, we might look insane, but that's because we are going slowly insane. If I can get some food that I don't have to cook and eat in with my steering wheel in the way while I shout at a friend, I'll take it. I'll take any outing I can get these days, actually. 

- I actually broke down to tears at Whole Foods.
Not sure if you know this, but I joke that WF is my office. Since it's based here in Texas, we have some amazing WF stores. The one near me has a restaurant and two bars in it, plus a BBQ smokehouse. I love it there! Where else can you get a smoothie, a few sushi rolls and a glass of wine all at the same time? Free wifi. A cafe to work from. Perfection! When you work from home as an extrovert, you've got to find your locations to hang out at to get social interaction, and WF is one of two places I frequent. Literally, the bulk of the staff know me by my first name, that's how often I'm there. I went there after Dallas went on a full out "shelter at home" order. It was so sad to see the deli totally shut down. To see the cafe turned into a "pick up order" counter. To see consistently empty shelves. I went back to the bathroom and just cried. My little Whole Foods community was all disheveled and rearranged; I didn't see any of the staff I normally talk to. My "second home office" wasn't recognizable and it broke my little heart.

- I contemplated getting in my car and driving to the coast to ride this out by the ocean.
It's a 6 hour drive down to the Gulf. I seriously contemplated pointing my car south and driving until I hit water. I'm a water lover. The ocean or a lake is my happy place. There were more than a few (mentally unstable) days where I thought about climbing in my car and taking off, camping out at a beach by myself until this storm passes. But, you know, I've got kids and a husband and a house to take care of, so right as I started to drive my car to the freeway that would take me there, I snapped out of it. But damn if that doesn't sound like a good plan.

- I've contemplated buying a hobby farm just outside the city.
Remember this post when I laid out all our thoughts on staying in the city/moving to the 'burbs for our next home? Yeah, I took that to the next level and said, screw it, let's buy a hobby farm where the kids can play outside all the time, I can finally get the chickens I've always wanted. And maybe a few goats, too. Because, why not? My husband actually looked and found one in our budget! And it even had an adorable red barn. Looks like I know my new life plan! I mean, if we're gonna go outside the city, let's just go ahead and go ALL out. 

FYI, we're not buying a hobby farm. But I can watch organic farming documentaries on Netflix with a bottle of wine and dream about it. And we did harvest our own carrots to use in the carrot cake cupcakes I made for Easter!

- Homeschooling isn't going great.
I knew I wasn't cut out to be a teacher but I didn't think I was this bad! And I've got a kinder and a pre-k-er, so we're not talking rocket science. I think that might be the problem, actually... It's a lot of mundane tasks. And they have to be submitted online. My problem might stem from me feeling like I'm wasting my time (and my kids' time too - which is also hilarious because ALL WE HAVE IS TIME but who cares about small details like that, right?) Or my problem is I'm trying to keep them from cutting their fingers off with adult sissors because we don't have kid scissors like a school does, while also watching 17 month twins. I don't know. I don't like this home school nonsense though.

That's how things are going over here in isolation. I'm telling you, I was not meant to be kept at home! And I LOVE being at home; but too much of a good thing is just too much. I love kids but I'm sick of mine. I love being outside in our yard, but not when that's the only place we can go. I love getting takeout but not when it's the only other option beyond me cooking. I love cooking, but not when I *have* to. I swear, when we're allowed to leave our homes again, I'm going to hit up every single restaurant that actually reopens and I'm going to go to every class at my gym and if we're ever able to drop our kids off at school again, I'm going to relish the silence and set up elaborate photo shoots just because I can. Oh, little things, how I miss you so. 


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