An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Currently, May Edition


Monday, May 18, 2020

Currently, May Edition

Here's what's happening around here, currently

Texas is coming out of quarantine life, and I've never been happier to be a Texan! I know there's lot of opinions about "reopening" and how various states are doing it and evaluations about their timeline. I actually feel really good about Texas' because our governor (whom I don't typically like, so I'm surprising even myself by saying this!) is using the infection rate/positive tests vs total tests taken rate to determine when things should open. So, yes - our numbers are increasing, but so is our testing. So clearly our numbers are going to go up, and clearly deaths will increase. But the percentage of tests taken vs the number that turned out positive has decreased from over 6 percent to about four percent, which means overall infections are down. That's a long way of saying, I feel good about how we're opening and super happy to get out and about again! Of course, with a mask. Of course, lathering hand sanitizer on every so often. But seriously, PRAISE BE for getting out of the house and getting away from all my kids and experiencing something that feels somewhat normal again. Here's what else has been going on around here, currently:

All the celebrations! Mother's Day, hubby's birthday and Henry's birthday:
I'm used to it now, but having all three of these days happen in less than a week is CRAZY. Mid-May is a nonstop party of good food, cake, flowers and presents. This year was no different! I got a funny gift and a sentimental gift, plus flowers for Mother's Day, and it was super sweet. We were able to bring everyone to my favorite taco spot and sit outside, and for an hour or so, life was totally normal. It was a great Mother's Day.

Hub's birthday was mid-week, so we celebrated on Friday. He wanted ice cream cake, so I had to figure out who in Dallas makes those. In Minneapolis, I'd hit up a Dairy Queen but those are only wayyyyy out in the country here, and it'd melt before I got it back home! I eventually found one at TBCY and it was way better than one from DQ.

For Henry, we clearly couldn't throw him a party, but we managed to have fun anyway. I baked him his requested cake - a vanilla heart shaped cake with two layers and sprinkles. That was his exact request and lucky for me (and him) I have a heart shaped cake pan! We knew his birthday would be stormy, so we gave him his "big" present a day early. A new red bike. He was a little scared to ride it at first because it's so much bigger than his other bike, but he got the hang of it right away. Then he got to open up the rest of his gifts on his birthday, and I even let him play tag in the house to run off the sugar high from that cake.

Found this company, and it's awesome:
Living Libations was recommended to me in the strangest way! First, one of my followers over on @uncomplicatedlifeblogoils highly recommended it. I love that account and all the people I interact with there! But I didn't have time to look into it before my mind went elsewhere. Several days later, I was watching a IG Live broadcast with two women I really respect and admire. Both of them mentioned the brand! I said, ok, I'm definitely looking into this tomorrow. I ordered toothpaste, and some travel sized skincare items. I love that they offer travel sizes so that you can try the products out without dropping a bajillion dollars! And they have everything, from oral care to deodorant to makeup to sun care and even items for kids. Check them out for sure if you're into natural products or looking to replace some traditional products in your home.

Ditching online homeschool:
Do you know how stressful online learning is when your child can't read and needs to be watched with electronics? Yeah, "remote learning" is an absolute joke for kids under third grade. So, we're not doing it. Henry HATED his classroom Zoom calls, because they were just cluster-you-know-what's of kids screaming and calling out each other's names and it was overwhelming. He'd look at me wide-eyed and say, "Mommy, why is everyone screaming?" Then he'd walk off, uninterested. Fortunately, our school district also sent out packets of workbooks for the youngest kids, and Henry has been doing those (with an interested younger Otto giving him help, too). In fact, many of my friends with young kids like me have also ditched all this online BS. We do some worksheets in the morning, then get outside. Too much screen time for these youngsters. If you're feeling the same way, talk to your teacher and tell them what you will and won't do. They'll work with you!

Here's a small sample of what we have - tons of printables, and kindergarten math and science books too. So much better than micromanaging young kids and technology.

PS - I saw some summer camps on the east coast are looking into "virtual experience" models, and I've never laughed so hard in my life. They know we send our kids to camps to get them AWAY from screens and into the outdoors, right? For hands-on skill learning? Ok, just making sure. Is it just me or are people taking "virtual experiences" way way way too far? I wouldn't be surprised if vacation packages start being sold as "an online experience you can enjoy from your couch!" Ummm, that's not how that works.

Waiting in the wings...
For what will happen with our schools in the fall. And IT IS STRESSFUL. Like I said, online homeschooling a six year old isn't really effective or fun for anyone. This isn't how kids that age learn - or, rather, it isn't the only way they should be learning. They need to be doing, not sitting and watching a screen. Our governor hasn't created any rules or mandates on schools or day cares yet so. We wait. I hate waiting on stressful situations.

That's what's going on around here currently! How's your state re-opening? If it is, are you venturing out or staying home? I haven't gone shopping or hit up a mall yet, but I never really did that anyway so I doubt I'll be doing that anyhow. But eating out at a restaurant with a patio has been a treat. Now if I can just get the confirmation that schools are opening this fall, life will be dandy.


  1. I'm with you- the thing I want more than anything is for schools to open in the fall. My kids are older (11 and 17) but I don't think online learning works for most people. Plus my daughter is supposed to start middle school and it will be my son's senior year- I don't want these experiences ruined for them. Here in FLorida we're starting to open things up- I can't say whether or not we're doing it the right way, but I'm happy to be back to work! Just hoping (like everyone else) that we don't have to close again. Thanks as always for posting- I really enjoy your blog!


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