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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Shaklee Nontoxic Cleaning Products and Promo Code

We all know I'm a tad crunchy. But time and again, something even my noncrunchy friends and I can agree on is that we don't want chemical cleaners littering our home - for various reasons. Some don't see the harm in them yet don't want their children or pets to get into them, some (myself included) don't want the chemicals lining the surfaces of everything my family and I touch, everyday. Jessica reached out to me to try Shaklee nontoxic cleaning products AND wanted to give my readers the hookup with free shipping, so I was happy to oblige her and give these products a try!

#Shaklee nontoxic cleaning starter kit - everything you need to clean your home without the harmful chemicals

First, the starter kit from Shaklee includes EVERYTHING you'll need to clean any and all parts of your home. They left nothing out, including awesome quality sponges, rags, scrub brushes and measuring tools and a carry-all to make going from room to room easier.

You get a bottle of concentrated general cleaner, and instructions on how to mix it with water to make a general surface cleaner, window/glass cleaner and a more powerful degreaser. Like I mentioned, the measuring tools are provided for you and the spray bottles are labeled, so you just mix it up! I think it took me all of about two minutes.

#Shaklee cleaning starter kit - gives you everything you need to mix your own nontoxic cleaners!

I was immediately intrigued by how powerful the degreaser could be, so I got to cleaning my microwave. While I'm crunchy, I'm also realistic and accept that many times organic/nontoxic cleaners don't hold up to conventional products. Not so with these! Cut through the grease like a charm. Up next is my stove top!

Microwave cleaned with nontoxic #Shaklee degreaser cleaner

I really like how they also included laundry products. I'm SUPER allergic to Downy/scented conventional laundry products, so we're a "scent free" home. Did you know that the fragrance conventional brands add to laundry products is toxic?! It contains formaldehyde. That's why you're not supposed to use it for baby's clothes and if you break out in a sudden rash, your doctor asks if you've recently switched up detergents. Why would you want that on the biggest organ in your body (your skin) or to be breathing that in all day long?! Gross.

#Shaklee offers chemical and fragrance free laundry supplies

There's also "dupe" type products included. My hubs really loves easy to use disinfectant wipes for quick counter top wipe downs, so I was thrilled when they included a nontoxic alternative for him to use.

#Shaklee cleaning starter kit offers dupe-like cleaners for everyday cleaning items

I was impressed with everything Shaklee offered in their cleaning starter kit. While sometimes (and, honestly, sometimes it's more than just sometimes!) nontoxic cleaning supplies don't hold their weight to conventional, chemical laden brands, Shaklee's products were great! No harsh smells, no chemicals pregnant women or children shouldn't be touching (even if it is just residue on the surface of what you've cleaned!) and products that work.

Interested in checking these out for yourself and ditching that cabinet full of toxic crap? Jessica is offering FREE SHIPPING when you order through her Shaklee shop site! If you have any questions about a certain product you see here, feel free to reach out to her directly via email or her Facebook page. She's a lovely person and responds quickly!

Guys, I know I'm in my peace circle over here singing songs after I practice yoga (not really, but I totally would if anyone wants to hang out like that) but I can't stress this enough: Get rid of those harmful chemicals in your cleaning cabinet. Get on the nontoxic bandwagon for your sake, your children's sake, your pet's sake and the environment's sake!

Chemical cleanser are bad for you, your family, your pets and the environment!
*I was provided these products complimentary in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own, the products were reviewed by me personally and all text and images are copyrighted to An Uncomplicated Life Blog.


  1. I use some products that sound really similar to this, but they're from Melalueca Co. I always love that I know even if it sprays on something I didn't notice, it'll be fine to eat off later. Haha

  2. This sounds awesome! I am wary of all the chemicals and crap in cleaning products, but haven't really known what else to use. I'll have to look into this!

  3. the only "toxic" cleaner i have are for the toilets...i won't get rid of toilet bowl cleaner because well, toilet stuff ew. that said, i've tossed everything else out and have replaced with vinegar, my steam cleaner (omg, i LOVE my steam cleaner) and baking soda. i also use EOs (lemon and orange) to make things smell amazing (instead of vinegary).

  4. bahahhahaha I'll gladly be holding hands in the peace circle after yoga you know this post speaks to me ;-)

  5. That is most certainly me in that last photo - I have been going more natural with my cleaners so I'll be looking into this brand!! Thanks for the review girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Three cheers for all natural products! I make my own cleaner, hand soap and laundry detergent. These sound like fabulous products!

  7. fabulous review girl! always looking for ways to be a little crunchier.

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