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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Travel Massachusetts: Cape Cod

We had our babymoon last weekend out on Cape Cod! It was a great time, filled with great food, great shopping, beautiful sights and perhaps most importantly {to parents} SLEEP! Y'all know how I feel about travel recap posts, so I thought I'd break out some thoughts I have on traveling to Cape Cod, MA instead.

Traveling Cape Cod off the coast of Massachuetts #domestictravel

If you're looking for beautiful scenery, Cape Cod is it! From lighthouses to quintessential cedar plank homes, this place is gorgeous. I had forgotten pretty little towns exist because I live in one of the ugliest cities in America Dallas.

Highland Light House, Cape Cod, MA
Highland Light House, Cape Cod, MA

Providence Town is full of gay couples, fabulous shopping, little dogs, great food and babies in strollers. Do you know what I LOVE? Gay couples, little dogs, GREAT shopping/food and babies. I mean, it doesn't get better than that combo, does it?! We cleaned up getting souvenirs for everyone in this town at the end of the Cape. I could have spent the entire weekend in this town!

Boat harbor right outside Providence Town, Cape Cod, MA
Harbor outside of Providence Town, Cape Cod, MA

After I wrote this post on the driving situation in Dallas, I was "warned" that Boston was worse. Well friends, I'm here to tell you, fear not if driving in Boston! Sure, there were some aggressive drivers. But they had SKILL. In Dallas, they're aggressive, minus the skill and in an over-sized 3 ton truck that can (and will) kill you to boot. Yup, Dallas still reigns as city with the worst drivers!

If you go out to eat and a lobster roll is on the menu, do yourself a solid and order it. Even if that's what you've had to eat the last three meals straight. I nearly OD'd on lobster. Baby Otto-in-utereo was like, dang mom, that's enough lobster.

Lobster roll and New England clam chowder in Providence Town, Cape Cod, MA
Lobster roll with a side of New England clam chowda (no R's are pronounced in Massachusetts)

And then I mixed it up with a bagel, and I remembered why people think bagels are delicious. New Englanders and bagels FTW y'all! I almost wish I could get this in Texas, but I'd seriously weigh an additional 20 pounds so I suppose it's cool that I have to go to the east coast for bagels this scrumptious.

The best thing I ate on my babymoon: everything bagel with eggs, cheese and avocado 

While talking about all the delicious food, you know what WASN'T delicious? Dunkin Donuts coffee. We were on our way back to Boston and stopped several times trying to find a decent cup of joe (every place wanted to add the cream and sugar for me - word of the wise: DO NOT TOUCH A PREGNANT WOMAN'S COFFEE I WILL DO IT MYSELF I ONLY GET ONE PER DAY AND IT HAS TO BE PERFECT). I finally thought, "DD's are everywhere! Let's stop and see if I can get a good cup there!" So hubs pulled over. And it was the worst thing I've ever tasted. Go ahead and skip that Massachusetts staple friends. Just drive on by and don't look back.

Everything about Dunkin Donuts was a let down. Don't do it guys, don't do it.

Finally, who knows how to spell Massachusetts off the top of their head?! I had to look it up before writing this post! Pregnancy brain? Dumb blonde moment?  Or average struggling-to-spell American?!

If you ever get the chance to spend some time out on Cape Cod, know that it's absolutely beautiful! All of Massachusetts was, in fact, including the friendly drivers of Boston. Thanks for the lovely trip, cool weather and awesome sights, Massachusetts!


  1. So many years of having to spell it growing up I know have a little song to it MA SS A CH US ETTS, you can't tell but I just sing songed that out to make sure I spelled it right ;-) Awwww posts like this make me miss home but then I think of the Winters and I'm all set. Seriously though. Isn't Ptown the best ever? I am a person believer that gays make everything better. Usually in areas like that it means art galleries, good food, culture, shopping, coffee shops. The list is endless. When we were over in Greece for the honeymoon, lobster was 95 Euros a pound. I almost died. I really missed Boston Lobstah at that point. So glad you had a wonderful time and got some sleep!

  2. Cape Cod is a great place for a babymoon! And I agree about Dunkin, I had it for the first time when I moved to Boston from California for college. I will always hunt down Starbucks instead :)

  3. So glad you and your husband had a lovely babymoon! New England is so picturesque, especially Cape Cod! You are too funny about DD! I am not a coffee drinker but know plenty of DD or Starbucks diehards. It seems like you are one or the other!

    All Things Big and Small

  4. So glad you had a great time at the Cape! I'll be headed there this weekend for our final wedding of the season and I'm looking forward to a Lobster Roll on Sunday!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Cape Cod is absolutely on my travel wish list. I have been really wanting to explore the states recently... or course I still want to go to Europe, but there's so much of the U.S. I haven't seen. I need to get up to New England STAT. I think we're going to go on a family vacation to Bar Harbor next year, and I am SO excited.

  6. Oh Cape Cod. My parents went years ago and it is definitely on my list. I LOVE Boston. So beautiful and yes, people aren't as bad of drivers as Dallas. And you already know how I feel about DD. The WORST! Ew.
    Sounds like the perfect babymoon, complete with lobster rolls and clam chowder.

  7. I'm so glad you posted about this becasue I have wanted to travel there for a few years now. Can you share where you stayed and if you would recommend it or not? I would love to rent a little cottage on the beach.

  8. I love visiting Massachusetts! It is so beautiful. And the lobster is to die for!

  9. It's on my list of places to visit in the U.S. Get ready for the next part.... I don't like lobster. Shocking, I know, who doesn't love lobster

  10. Only people from Massachusetts know how to spell it. haha. Cape Cod is so beautiful. I love doing there. Dunkin Donuts does have bad coffee but everyone around here loves it. I will say that the dark roast is much better, not great but better than the regular. I do think Boston does have some bad drivers but I'm not one of them. hahaha

  11. Oh man Dunkin is the worst. Next time try Peet's, it's another local chain but it's delicious. :)

  12. i'm so glad i don't drink coffee because i can't imagine trying to get coffee in strange places and it being awful, especially if i only got one per day. ew. and I definitely don't know how to spell that place hahahaha.

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  14. Haha, I know your feeling about lobster rolls. They are simply delicious. And the best thing about them: they are so affordable. Living in Germany for us means, that lobster prices are horrendous. Thus every trip to Massachusetts and Cape Cod is also a trip where we have lobster as often as possible. They are simply delicious.