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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Time Saving App For Busy Parents

The Sam's Club app saves you time and money!

Thanks to Sam's Club for sponsoring this post. All opinions and images are my own.

Ever feel like there is just not enough time in the day? You run from place to place, checking items off your to-do list but it never seems to get smaller. Things come up that throw off your schedule, a kid gets sick or has a melt-down and you have to carry over various errands to the next day. And on and on, right? One of the best things about being a 21st century mom is the access to technology to help us. More specifically, time saving apps for busy parents that give you back precious hours to your day.

Check out this app that can save you tons of time shopping and deliver goods to your home

I know most women love to shop. I kinda wish I were one of them, but I'm pretty sure my husband is glad I'm not. Either way, shopping still takes up the bulk of my "errand running" time. I go to an all organic store for my fruits, veggies and meats but I can't get my diapers there. I go to another store for laundry detergent and toothpaste. And I go to Sam's Club for diapers, crackers and other large items we use a lot of regularly. I have a feeling when my boys are 8 and 9 years old, I'll do most of my grocery shopping there (they have so many organic options!) because my kids will eat me out of house and home otherwise, but for now, I have three stores to go to weekly and it feels like it takes forever.

Anyone else have the multiple stop shopping situation I have?

I just learned about the Sam's Club app. You download it (free!) and create your account. Then you can do all your shopping within the app. You can do it in bed before you go to sleep, you can do it at the park on a play date, whenever. You can get everything, from groceries to diapers to electronics - anything Sam's Club sells! Then schedule your pick up (or delivery - DELIVERY!) and they have your order waiting for you. Want to learn more? Check it out here! Want to sign up? Get a $10 credit here!

I scheduled a delivery right before I got the kids from preschool, since Sam's Club is on the way. I pulled up, and my cart of goods was ready for me! I threw it in my car and was on my way again in less than 5 minutes. That trip would have taken me a solid half hour, but I was able to narrow it down to about 3 minutes of pick up/load time and less than 5 minutes on the app.

This time saving app means I get to spend more free time with my kiddos! Instead of dragging them around on all the errands I typically have to run, we were able to hang out in our backyard and blow up our bounce house. Seriously, even if you just have a small yard, you should get one of these. (Pssst - you can get them at Sam's Club!) Our kids bounce out all their energy and fall asleep in minutes after playing in this thing. 

Fewer errands, happier kids and more playtime? Yup. Go download this time saving app, busy parents!


  1. Oh my gosh, what an incredible creation! We actually have a Sam's Club going up new a few miles from home very soon - this will be a great time saver for SURE.

  2. I love all these stores doing the curbside pick up! I need to get in on this! I usually hit two stores, but luckily they are right by each other so it's not too bad.

  3. Grocery delivery is really popular in the UK. It's what I do when I have crazy weeks, but they need to get this on an app!

  4. Ah! What a great app. I bet this is so helpful.

  5. Curbside pick up!? YES!!! This momma needs that help!

  6. That sounds awesome! We only have one baby so club stores aren't worth it for us. I know a lot of stores are doing delivery now, which is awesome! I personally still prefer to pick out my food, I just don't trust someone else to pick my apples and then handle them carefully so they don't bruise!

  7. The app is definitely such a great tool for anyone who constantly has a busy schedule. The fact that DELIVERY is possible is beyond amazing!! And it's a free app, it's a win-win!

  8. I never thought to use their app. Definitely trying this!