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Thursday, May 4, 2017

An Alternative To Dryer Sheets

Check out this all natural and nontoxic alternative to traditional chemical-filled dryer sheets

Have you ever thrown a dryer sheet in the dryer and it left a greasy feeling on your finger tips, and you wondered, "what IS that?" Or you accidentally buy a new/different scent and all you do all day is smell that smell? You know, like ALL day? Well my friends, fabric softeners and fragrances that linger that long aren't normal things. Scientists have worked for years to develop formulas that "soften" your clothes the most, and to introduce scents that "last" the longest. And those formulas sit on your largest organ, all day long. And your largest organ (your skin, if you were curious) absorbs those formulas, all day long. So if you want an alternative to the dryer sheets a chemist has concocted, check out these alternative dryer sheets.

Yup, wool balls. Really scientifically advanced, right? The thing is, they WORK. And no scientist had to manipulate or create something that will sit on your skin all day. But how does something so simple work so well that you'll not only cut out the chemicals in dryer sheets, you'll be drying your clothes about 25-ish percent less?

The balls work to separate your clothes while they're in the dryer, allowing for more air and more heat to travel through the fabric. You use three of these XL-sized wool balls for each load. The weight of the wool works to pull apart the shirts, socks, towels and underwear that would otherwise clump together in wetness. Your laundry gets dryer faster that way, and you're able to save more energy with faster loads.

Still want your clothes to "smell good"? No problem, add some essential oils to the wool! Add a few drops of your favorite oil (I use lavender/pine and lavender/Citrus Fresh as my combination of choice, but you could use whatever combinations please you) and let it absorb into the wool for 10 minutes or so. The more it absorbs into the wool ball, the slower it's released to your clothes, and just like a Crockpot, low and slow is what you're going for here. Then dry as you normally would.

Like I mentioned, your clothes will get dryer faster, and you don't want to over dry your clothes because 1) why waste the energy? and 2) excessive heat and air degrades the quality of your fabrics faster, so it's best to pull them out of the dryer just when they're dry. I'm still working on this concept, because while I've gotten the timing down so that I don't roast my clothes, it's a whole different matter to actually get them out of the dryer and fold them before they wrinkle, amirite? Ugh, working on it!

Wool dryer balls dry your clothes faster and don't contain chemicals like dryer sheets

I think my favorite part of these alternative to dryer sheets is the price point. You get three reusable balls for less than $13. A box of Bounce dryer sheets, which clearly aren't reusable, is $10. So you nearly break even right off the bat! Wool dryer balls, especially scented with essential oils, is a great investment in the health of you, your skin, and the environment.


  1. BRILLIANT! I've been wondering about these balls. I think I'll pick some up.

  2. I love my wool balls and have never thought to add essential oils to them to scent it! What a fantastic idea! Thank you so much!!!


  3. I literally have EO blends for everything. Need to get those ballz! (My computer autocorrected to the 'z')

  4. I've always wanted to try wool dryer balls! Adding essential oils to them is such a great idea! Thanks!

  5. This is a brilliant idea! I use essential oils every day and didn't even think of something like this.

  6. I still have not tried these. I need to get on that! Such a great idea.

  7. I use the Gentle Baby oil on E's laundry and it smells so good too! I love the lavender on our towels! Dryer balls are awesome!

  8. This sounds like it could actually work to save some energy. I had never thought about this before. Adding a scent into to the balls also sounds smart. Thanks!

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