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Monday, May 1, 2017

Best Athleisure Clothes On Amazon

This is the best collection of yoga apparel available on Amazon, with free two day shipping!

I've talked about my love for athleisure more than a few times. I also love a good yoga or barre workout. Whether you're wearing these items for an actual workout, for a workout followed by some errands, or you have no intention of working out but want to be comfortable all day, these are some of the most fashionable athleisure trends on Amazon! Free two day shipping for Prime members. If you're in Dallas or another major city, you can even have it on your door step in a few hours. Oh, and these are name brands - not one off brands you've never heard of! The quality is superior, and you'll have it for years. Yes, even if you never go to a yoga class in them!

Amazon has brand name athleisure workout clothes with free 2 day shipping
Now if you are into actually working out, you gotta check out my roundup of best water bottles to keep your water (or other beverages) cold this summer! It has all price points. And if you want a cup to keep your rose cold while on a picnic, I don't judge. Ok, back to athleisure:


Lucy Women's Hatha Capri Legging - The shorter length of this capris is perfect for spring and summer. But the best part? The stitching on this pant is so flattering! Lucy exaggerated the seams going up and down the length of the capris to make your legs look longer and added some diagonal stitching around the mid section to make your waist look smaller, which is especially great if you're pairing these with the trendier crop tops.

Lululemon Align Pant 7/8 Yoga Pant - I've talked about this one on my social media before. It's HANDS DOWN my favorite yoga pant on the planet. The high waist tucks everything in and smooths it out, the length is perfect (no matter your height) to wear any shoe with it and the fabric is light and breathable enough to wear in the summer, even with the longer length. 


Lorna Jane Pursuit Excel Tank Top - besides the obvious (that this tank is super cute!) I'm loving the mesh detail at the collar bone. It's longer, so if you want to keep that tummy covered you're in good shape, but it doesn't compromise style with the draping in the back.

Lululemon Cardio Squad Tank II - if you know me in real life, you've seen me in this tank because I wear it all. the. time. It's loose enough to be comfortable, short enough to be trendy, and the extra large arm holes serve two purposes: a) it makes the tank more breathable and airy and b) you can show off the cute sports bra you have under it! Need cute(r) options? I got you:

Sports bras:

Lucy Women's Om Bra - I love the double strap detail, and all the crisscrossing in the back not only looks good with open backed shirts, it helps distribute the weight of your chest if you happen to be larger chested.

Lorna Jane Skye Sports Bra - this one is just plain cute! I'd wear only it to a barre class or running outside in the summer heat... You know, on a "skinny day." Don't judge. The neck detail makes your shoulders look broader and it carries around to the back, making it a cute, sturdy piece.


Lucy Long Sleeve Workout Tee - this one is just a great, basic staple that's available in any color. The scoop neck is flattering yet still modest enough to wear with kids (maybe it's just my boys, but they tug down my shirts on the daily) and the biggest bonus? The sleeves are long enough!

Athleisure is big right now. But if you're a mom, it's been big and will stay big! If you're into working out, it's been big and will stay big. If you like being comfortable, same thing. Amazon carries some of the best brands in athleisure, so I created this one stop shop for you to get your fitness/comfy/spandex on.


  1. I LOVE Lululemon. They're SO much more expensive in the UK, which is why I make annual trips to the US. Also, that sports bra with the cutout is SO cute. Pretty sure I would pop out, but I wouldn't mind having one of those.

  2. Love Athleisure and adore these picks, so cute!

    Lee Anne

  3. If only those bras would work for me. HA!
    Love those leggings, though!

  4. How did I not know that Lululemon was available on Amazon?! Game changer :-D
    Green Fashionista

  5. I've heard good things about Lorna Jane but I'm so partial to Lululemon, I have a hard time straying from them.
    Love that double strapped sports bra; it's cute. :)

  6. I am in love with my Lululemon Wunder Under yoga pants! They are the only ones that hold up through all the washes! I love those sports bras with the detail! Man, it makes me wish we had a fun barre studio near me! (or a gym with barre, or a yoga studio with babysitting!)

  7. I had no idea Lululemon was sold on Instagram! I will definitely have to check that out a bit more.

  8. The Lulu leggings are amazing! And that cutout sports bra is so cute! I love how creative they've gotten with sports bras lately.

  9. What a great list! I've got to check these out because I'm in need of some good new workout leggings.

  10. i have never heard of Lucy but their stuff is super cute! lorna jane is hands down my favourite brand of all time. i have a pair of capris from them i bought... 9 years ago? they were like $90 which was insane to me at the time but obviously well worth it. the only reason they are showing any kind of wear is because i am a fatty and gained a bunch of weight. they still fit though, so.. even more reason to love them lol

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