An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Which Car Seat To Get For Your Little One?

Monday, October 9, 2017

Which Car Seat To Get For Your Little One?

There's so many choices to make as a new parent! Here's why we chose Graco car seats to protect our most precious passengers

I can still clearly remember it: I was 28 weeks pregnant with Henry and we were standing in a big retailer, looking at all the car seat options with glazed eyes. "Babe, how on earth do we know which one to get?" I asked my husband. He immediately whipped out his phone and called his brother's wife, a soon to be mom of three (and now she has four!) She gave us the two brands she preferred, then we looked at consumer reports and safety ratings for the two. Graco won by a landslide! I ended up letting my husband pick the color since we both agreed on the brand and the style, and since he was so proud he was having a boy, he went with a blue. Good thing our second baby was also a boy, because we were so happy with the Graco seat we didn't want to replace it! But it's a tough question new parents have to ask themselves: which car seat do you get for your little one?

There's a few tips I have as an experienced mom for new parents. First, look for great safety. That is, after all, the reason for the car seat! Consistently high ratings, few to no product recalls, and meets or exceeds US FMVSS safety standards are great things to look at in regards to safety. Second, look for excellent quality. Is the fabric washable and will it hold it's color? Is the plastic durable? How heavy is the seat? Heavy, by the way, does NOT indicate quality. And if you're getting an infant carrier, I recommend going as light as possible because when that baby comes, it's amazing how heavy the seat gets so quickly! Our Graco infant carrier was super light at just 7.5 pounds and made getting baby in and out of the car much easier. Finally, look for affordability. Just like weight doesn't indicate quality, price doesn't indicate the car seat's safety or quality either! Graco has so many options, you'll be able to find one whatever your budget allows.

Graco Forever 4 in 1 car seat
Fast forward from Henry's birth to today, and I have two toddlers. Clearly we've outgrown the infant carrier car seat style and had to look for new options for the boys. I picked the Graco Forever 4 in 1 car seat for both the boys for several reasons. First, we were familiar with the brand and very happy with our infant carrier seat, so we knew we'd love a Graco convertible seat. These seats are good for children from birth through the booster seat phase, so this would be the last car seat we'd have to buy them. There's built in, easy to use (and understand!) safety features, like the side level that tells you when your seat is level (and therefore safe to travel in). It has five different reclining positions from rear facing to forward facing, so the seat will grow with the boys as they grow. And the LATCH system makes them super easy to install in my car or a car rental if we travel.

We have the same seat for both boys - Henry is forward facing, Otto rear facing. This car seat grows with your kids!
LATCH system FTW, y'all

Funny side note about LATCH systems: When we first had Henry, my husband had a 2006 SUV that didn't have a LATCH system. I guess they became standard in all cars in 2007. Anyway, he attempted to install the infant carrier seat in his car so he could take Henry somewhere. He was in the garage for so long, I thought he'd gone off somewhere. Nope! It just took him about 30 solid minutes to figure out how to get the seat in his old SUV! Let's all take a minute and be glad we live in 2017 when car seats are super easy to install, shall we? :)

One of the easiest ways to buy your car seat once you've picked out which Graco seat fits your style is on They have SO many Graco car seat options in so many different colors, you'll find exactly what you're looking for at a great price. Since I let hubs pick out the blue infant carrier, I went ahead and selected the boys' convertible seats - a nice neutral dark grey! You can buy it online, and then go and pick it up at the store, most the time that same day, and get it, or get two day shipping. I live three miles from two different Walmart's, so I opted for the in-store pick up. I have to be honest with you. I was seriously impressed with this feature! There were signs in the parking garage where to park and arrows directing me where to go to get my online purchases. The location was clearly marked in the store, too. It was truly a seamless process, and I had a gentleman carry the car seat to my car and load it in the back for me to boot.

Picking out a car seat is overwhelming as a soon to be parent. There's so many styles and brands and colors to chose from. We've been thrilled with our Graco car seats from the very beginning because of their safety, quality and affordability. 


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