An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Weekend Update

Monday, October 2, 2017

Weekend Update

What we were up to this weekend

I used to write these kinds of posts all the time! Since I've monetized/turned "professional blogger" I rarely get the chance to just talk about normal, everyday life. We had a pretty fun weekend with lots of fall-like activities, and the weather was almost fall-ish (by Dallas standards, anyway). In the words of Henry, "I had a fun day!" And we did - we had so many fun days, back to back. Here's what we were up to, complete with semi-blurry snaps from my iPhone:

Friday night we watched more of The Handmaiden's Tale, and finished the season. O. M. G y'all, I can totally see why this show won all the awards. Also, I feel like I need some therapy after watching it. It is MESSED up. It's like the wreck you pass on your morning commute that you can't stop looking at, but wish you could, but not really. Does that make sense? If you haven't watched it, do yourself a solid and start. You'll be hooked.

Family Oktoberfest selfie. The least blurry one out of the bunch.

Saturday had a slow start, but we went to our neighborhood's Oktoberfest celebration after Otto had a good long nap and it didn't disappoint! Some community festivals can be pretty boring, but this had live music, a bajillion food vendors, tons of beer that wasn't overly priced, a huge park for the kids and about 20 different bounce houses. My kids LOVE bounce houses! 

We bounced, drank and met up with friends who all have kids the same age as ours. Otto discovered his love for German food and Henry ate about two bites of a pretzel before he decided he'd rather stick with the conventional snacks we packed. This kid will be the death of me with his picky eating! At least he tried a bite of a pretzel, right? Ugh.

I caught Otto stuffing his face...
Then he threw me some major shade. Don't interrupt this boy's eatin'!

Sunday brought in a new month, and hubs finally got around to decorating the outside of the house for Halloween. I've had the mantel and a few things up around the house since the beginning of September, but he says we have to wait for October to get the outside set up. Whatevs. Henry loves all things spooky, just like me. Otto... Not so much. We were at Target this past week and I always take the kids to the holiday section to look at stuff. There was a blow up pumpkin head man and I tried to grab it's hand to spook Henry a little. I ended up pulling the whole damn thing over, right on top of Otto, who screamed in terror. Oops! Henry thought it was hilarious, but Otto was legit shaking, poor boy. I won't be grabbing those things again.

Graveyard landscaping
The lighting was too good in this one not to share! 
Spooky entryway

Otto had to play with everything before we put it up

Since the weather was so nice, we ended up going to a neighborhood burger joint that has a huge patio and play area for kids for dinner on Sunday night. The boys play in the dirt with trucks and it allows us to eat in (mostly) peace. It was a nice, mellow end to a very fun weekend! The only thing we didn't get around to was visiting the pumpkin village at the Dallas Arboretum, but there's always next weekend for that.


  1. oh my gosh i would have laughed hysterically at the thing falling on Otto. poor kid! that festival sounds super fun, you had me at the food. hope Henry grows out of his picky habits. i'm picky sometimes and i hate it about myself! i wish i just ate everything lol. The Handmaiden's Tale is still on my list but i think i will wait until the world calms down and everything is perfect and not like the TV show/book at all. so basically never haha

  2. This sounds like the perfect weekend! I bet you are so pumped to finally have all the outdoor decorations up. I haven't watched the Handmaiden's Tale, but will add it to our list. Right now we're watching a PBS 10-part series on the Vietnam War. It's

  3. Keep these posts coming! I love following your daily life.
    I can't believe you waited THIS long to decorate for Halloween. 😅

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