An Uncomplicated Life Blog: My Back To School Routine

Thursday, September 28, 2017

My Back To School Routine

The kids are back in school and our mornings start early. And for mom, nothing comes before coffee!

This post is sponsored by McDonald’s, but the thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. The new McCafé espresso menu is available at participating McDonald's.

Whoohoo, my kids are finally back in preschool three days a week for 5 hours at a time! We were honestly the last school to go back in Dallas (most schools here start in the last week or two of August). We're back, and while most moms shed a tear this time of year, I dance a jig. That's right, I'm thrilled when my kids go back to school! They're so young that school is only 15 hours a week which means we still get plenty of playtime, but those 15 hours enable me to get SO much done. From blogging to hair appointments to lunch dates to home organizing, I love my 15 kid-free hours a week, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. What I'm not a fan of is how much more rushed school days make our mornings. And how much earlier we have to get started. I'm NOT a morning person, y'all. I'll share my "not morning person" routine with you, but before anything else,  - COFFEE!

Before I was a mom, I wouldn't drink my coffee until I arrived at work. But now that I am a mom, I understand the key difference: I wouldn't have to speak to anyone before I arrived at work. Sure, I had to walk my dog, but he didn't require any conversation or brain usage. Now that I am a mom, there's no quietly getting ready in the mornings. I'm awoken most days to my oldest hollering out, "MOMMY! DADDY!" between 5:30 and 6am. Bless his sweet heart, he doesn't get out of his toddler bed, but he yells so loud we can hear it clear across the house.

I like to have my coffee before talking to other adults at preschool drop off. Enter McDonald’s: it has a completely new espresso menu and it. is. good. I'm a fan of hitting up the drive thru so I've already had some delicious coffee in me before I have to face the chaos that is preschool drop off, but even the restaurants themselves look completely different than the Golden Arches of my childhood.

I, being the fall lover that I am, opt for a seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte or the Vanilla Cappuccino. Pumpkin Spice Latte available through October 2017 at participating McDonald's. It might still be 100 degrees here in Texas, but it's back to school time, football time, my fireplace mantel is decorated and so help me if I have to will the weather into being fall myself, I will! It is a delicious treat that I get to sip on, congratulating myself for getting everyone ready (well, I might be questionable, but my kids always look on point) and out the door on time. And we're usually EARLY for school.

Deal lovers, when you buy any 5 McCafé beverages, you get any sized McCafé beverage FREE with the app! (Valid 1/18/17 - 12/31/17. McD App download and registration required. Valid only at participating U.S. McDonald’s. ©2017 McDonald’s) You can try any small size beverage for $2, so this coffee habit won't break your bank. You can even start hitting them up as part of your back to school morning routine. A la carte only. Limited time only at participating McDonald's. Cannot be combined with any other offer or any combo meal. ©2017 McDonald’s.


  1. I think it’s so important for moms to have regularly scheduled kid free hours in their day. My neighbor thought I was crazy now that I have flexibility in my schedule that I scheduled myself to work outside home for four hours a day, Monday through Thursday, but it has been the best thing for me to get back into that kind of routine. Also, I have always preferred McDonald’s coffee to Starbucks and it’s way way way cheaper!

  2. I’ve never tried the PSL’s from McDonalds! There’s a McDonald’s right next to my house so this is perfect. Yay!

  3. Yes! I must have my coffee first thing in the morning. I even have a mug that says "No talkie before coffee." I use it on the days when I don't get my coffee early enough. :)

  4. You know how I feel about kid-free hours. I don't have enough of them, and my goodness my sanity and my temper takes a toll. And oh man, I need my coffee! We love going to McDonalds to grab coffee because you always know it is good! I will have to try out their Pumpkin Spice Latte!

  5. I'm so eager to try out the new McCafe menu! I haven't been able to swing by yet (it's a little out of way on my commute).

  6. Kid-free time is like the best. Sometimes I feel bad for saying that, but then I remember I spend ALL THE HOURS with them, and then I feel okay. I need to seriously find a preschool here that lasts longer than 3 hours to take E to.

  7. I'm with ya! I need coffee before I can communicate with people now and I'm sure it will be more important once I have kids! I need to try the McDonalds PSL!!!

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