An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Otto Update!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Otto Update!

My wee man turned two months today. Don't worry, I'm not going to say "I can't believe it!" because it annoys me when others do that. Like, really? You can't believe that time passes and everyone gets older, huh? Hmmm... Anyway. I put a few of his cute pics on social media but I thought I'd tell you a little bit about him in addition. Here's an open letter about my little guy:

Dear squish,

You're two months old now, and getting so heavy! I'm so impressed that you can hold your head up as long as you can. That thing is big and heavy too! You're happy in tummy time for about two minutes, and then you're so over it. You get happier again if your big brother comes in and plays with you, or doesn't play with you but gives you something and someone to watch.

You LOVE watching your big brother! In fact, you usually dart your eyes around the room until you find him, and then you don't take your eyes off of him. I hope that means you already love him, but I have the sneaking suspicion that you're just on guard for any moves your older brother will inevitably pull on you. Develop those cat-like reflexes now kiddo, because big brother Henry is coming to bop you on the head!

You are an easy and calm baby, and a good sleeper to boot! I'm not sure if it's because that's what you are as a Sagittarius (thank God I birthed another sleeper. Your older brother nearly killed me with his lack of sleeping) or if it's because I learned all my lessons with my first baby and better know how to sooth you. Big brother might try to pull some moves on you, but hey! As the second born, I'm not making nearly as many mistakes with you (sorry Henry!) So you have that going for you and your development into a little boy.

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Your favorite things to do are to eat, take a bath and to watch your big brother. He brings you toys, but you're not interested in them yet. Don't worry, if Henry has his way you'll be throwing a ball in no time! I wonder if you'll be a swimmer like your brother. It's nearly pool weather here, so we'll find out soon. And if you're not, that's ok. I only really like getting my feet wet enough to handle the Texas heat; I'll sit on the sidelines with you. We can continue your love of watching your brother together as he fearlessly splashes and you fiercely cuddle me. You love being cuddled.

You absolutely hate having a dirty diaper! This was a learning curve for us since Henry gives zero craps about a crap in his pants, but you scream and scream until you're all clean. Now we know! You also inherited my extremely sensitive skin. This means you'll break out in a terrible rash unless only the most expensive diapers and wipes are used on you. We're deducting these from your college fund. State school for you! Just kidding. You can go where you want as long as it's not a private school for a liberal arts degree that will take you the better part of 20 years to pay off. How did I get here? Wasn't I just talking about diapers? Two months later and I still have new-mom brain.

You are my sweet squish and I love you so! Cheers to two months buddy, I can't wait to see who you are  and how you've changed in two more!



  1. So sweet. You're a lucky lady that he's a good sleeper already. He's just a doll.

  2. What a sweet kid! I cannot wait to see what fun he and Henry get into.

  3. Happy 2 months you adorable little squish! Keep up that expensive diaper taste and get an obscure degree from a small liberal arts school : ) You are a rockstar sleeper and are so strong; I only wish we lived closer so you could date Ginny and I could kiss those sweet cheeks.

  4. bahahaha at the college fund. i can't believe he is 2 months old! just kidding ;) but seriously, he's so adorable and yay for sleeping!

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