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Thursday, June 9, 2016

It All Matters For Father's Day

I interview my husband to ask him about his most cherished and most stressful parenting moments, just in time for Father's Day!

When the folks at Gerber reached out to partner with me, I was thrilled! This time I don't have to talk about formula or food or any product at all. I get to interview my husband, all about fatherhood. Which is timely, as Father's Day is quickly approaching! So, friends, here are some of my husbands' finest and least fine parenting moments and memories as part of the #ItAllMatters and #GrowingUpGerber campaign!

What's one thing you remember specifically or that stands out from the actual birth of each of our boys?
I was terrified going into both deliveries. Both were so different (emergency c section after a planned natural birth at a birth center with Henry and a VBAC with Otto) that I had no idea what was coming next with either birth. Then, after watching all the graphic stuff {y'all he FILMED my c section - man has no gag reflex and isn't scared of blood!} I was oddly calm. I just knew everything would work out and the baby would fit perfectly into our family. I felt happy, calm and whole. The rapid change of the emotions is what stands out!

What's your favorite thing to do with our boys - just you and them?
It's our morning routine! Otto giggles on the changing table as I dress him for the day and I take time out to blow bubbles on his belly, which he finds hilarious. Henry is all about wrestling! I put Otto in the baby swing and wrestle with big brother! I was SO thrilled the first time I saw the glint in his eye, right after he started walking, that he wanted to wrestle with me. Play rough and tumble. That's every man's dream! I also love taking all four boys {we have two boy doggies}on a walk in the morning. We get to look and explore outside. That's something that I hope we all continue for a long time!

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What's your favorite memory of fatherhood so far?
They happen everyday! It's the sweet little moments that I hold close. Henry might randomly give Otto a kiss. Or I go to get them from the daycare at our gym and I see Henry protecting Otto from some of the other kids. And then the other day, Otto kept bursting out laughing at a picture of Henry. Henry thought it was funny that Otto was laughing. So it was just a cycle of laughter that was so precious to watch between the two!

What's the hardest part of being a dad?
Leaving to go on business trips. Even if it's just a day trip! Knowing that I won't be home to help put the boys to bed or kiss them goodnight, and then the weight of knowing all that falls on you is hard. I'm sure you view it as a break, but I'd rather be home with you and the boys every night at a regular time and consistently! Having a job that makes me gone so regularly just sucks.

Clearly, fatherhood isn't easy, just like motherhood isn't a breeze. But it all matters! All the good days and the bad days and the memories made. Happy Father's Day to all my daddy's out there. Especially to my baby daddy!


  1. Aw! Kirk! It was nice to read this. Good dads are the best!

  2. Love when we get to hear from the men "behind the scenes". I'm also thrilled this isn't another over priced Fathers Day Gift guide because if I see another one of those.......I swear ;-) Great read as always Paige!

  3. Learning what their favorite moments are is the best. I love that he has a morning routine with the boys. So sweet!

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