An Uncomplicated Life Blog: DIY Ribbon Knot Wreath

Thursday, June 1, 2017

DIY Ribbon Knot Wreath

This easy do-it-yourself wreath is fun and affordable, and the colors you chose can match any holiday

It's been a while since I've done a good ol', non essential oil, crafty DIY. I used to do something like this every single month. But then kids happened and it's {not} funny how little time they leave for pursuing your own/former interests and hobbies, ya know? I have lots of decorations for Halloween and Christmas, but have nothing (literally, nothing) for any of the other holidays throughout the year. In honor of Memorial Day and the upcoming 4th of July, I wanted something a little patriotic to put on the front door.

While I chose red, white and blue, you could literally chose any ribbon color combination to suit your fancy - red and green, gold and silver, orange and black, pastels, you get it. If you're not into holiday decorating, just pick a combo that fits your decor! The most labor intensive part is cutting the ribbon; then, honestly, tying the knots on the wreath frame was therapeutic in how repetitive it was. I left the edges of my ribbons raw to keep the project easy (that was the main reason, because duh) and I also like how the fray adds a shabby-chic effect. But if you don't like that look or have more time on your hands than I do, running a lighter over the cut ends of the ribbon would be a quick way to seal it so that there's no fringe.

Here's what you need for a DIY Ribbon Knot Wreath:

- Wire wreath frame. I used a 16" just like this one.
- Scissors
- 1.5in width ribbon. Lots of it. I used red, white and blue like these and then a wire edged burlap with a printed design on it like this one. For my 16" wreath, I used four containers of each the red, white and blue, and then eight of the burlap (more since it's on the outer edge of the wreath).

Cut your ribbon into four to five inch long strips. If sealing the edges, do so and then let cool before tying the knots on the wreath. I used a simple cross knot and only did it once, but tightened it securely on the wire frame. Keep tying until the wreath is full. Boom. That's it.

One thing that's important to note is paying attention to how many wires there are on your wreath and how many sections. My 16" wire wreath had four wires that were divided into nine sections. The nine sections threw off the pattern I originally wanted in the wreath because it's an odd number. So make sure to plan any alternating ribbon designs accordingly to make sure you don't get to the end and realize you can't complete your desired design!

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I also added the burlap to give the wreath some dimension. You could do this with any neutral accent color, but the burlap added to the "Americana" theme I was going for. That's it! That's how simple this DIY ribbon wreath is. It was easy to make, as I could tie the knots as I watched TV after the kids went to bed. Enjoy!


  1. Love the red-white-blue combination! I totally forgot 4th of july is around the corner! Also, the burlap does help bring it visually all together. Good idea!

  2. this is such a beautiful idea! I've a few of those wire wreath formations so I might have to make some myself.

  3. Super easy to make; I love that. Red, white and blue is my favorite color combo. I'm so American, ha!

  4. SO festive and easy. I can't believe the price stores want to charge for simple wreaths like this! When I decide to get one, I'll definitely make it myself. Love the American theme!

  5. Paige, this is so cute and as always you are so on for seasonal decor! And I am so behind!! Love this easy tutorial!