An Uncomplicated Life Blog: St. Pete's Blogger Girls Trip

Monday, June 5, 2017

St. Pete's Blogger Girls Trip

I met a few of my favorite bloggers for a 48 hour trip to St. Petersburg, FL

One of the best parts about blogging has been the friends that I've made. It still sounds funny to me when I tell people that I meet a lot of my friends online, but it's 2017 so hopefully someday I'll get past it. Anyway, I met up with Tiffany and Supal (who flew all the way from London!) in St. Petersburg, FL for a whirlwind weekend of blogging fun, and it didn't disappoint.

We stayed at The Don Cesar on the house, thanks to Tiffany's husband's travel points. It was a historic hotel but the rooms and lobby were fully renovated. There were two pools plus a wide span of beach front to hang out at. While staying there, we learned that it was built as a R&R hospital during WW1 and was supposedly haunted. I didn't see any ghosts, but I was glad we learned that on our last day so that I didn't have to think about war veteran ghosts at night!

I got into town on Friday and Tiffany picked me up in our Hertz rental, a Nissan Rogue. For being a small SUV, that thing had tons of trunk space and the back seat was actually quite roomy - I was impressed! I flew into Tampa, and we headed straight to the hotel where we checked in, dropped off our luggage and immediately headed down to the hotel's beachfront bar where we quickly polished off two whole pitchers of sangria. Yup, three bloggers and two pitchers. But why stop there? Don't worry, we didn't.

After a refresh, we headed out to a rooftop bar and got a table overlooking the water. It was so beautiful watching the sunset with a bottle of prosecco! So romantic. There must have been romance in the air, because soon our table of three women was assaulted by a very drunk man named Gary. He was so drunk he had  to hold onto something to stand upright and literally wasn't make sense. Soon, his friends swarmed us too. Just three female bloggers who are in their late 20's to early 30's, surrounded by drunk married men in their late 40's and early 50's. Supal handled the situation with her cheeky British wit that was over their drunk heads, and fortunately, they left us for another bar.

They were, however, staying at the same hotel as us, and we repeatedly saw them throughout the whole weekend. They were always drunk. It was impressive their livers were still functioning.

The next day was spent hanging out by one of the pools. It was hot, but they had umbrellas set up so that we weren't in direct sunlight. After about two hours, a woman came up to us and told us that she had reserved the chairs we were in. See, she had placed Athleta catalogs on the chairs and thought she could walk away for four hours and have those still be "her" chairs. She literally stood in front of us and asked us to get out! Ha! After we wouldn't move, she went to find a manager, and was greatly disappointed when the manager told her that isn't how life works, and she'd have to find new chairs. We named her Debbie Downer, and watched her complain to staff for the next few hours about everything.

In the early evening, we headed off to a margarita festival in Tampa. While we got free tickets, they wanted you to upload your credit card to a chip on a wristband, and that's how you paid for your food and drinks. None of us liked that idea, so we bailed on the festival and headed to get tacos at a cantina in downtown Tampa. The carne asada taco was mediocre compared to the amazing beef we have in Texas, but my fish taco was on point! That night, we were all asleep by 10:30pm after a long day of pool time, Debbie Downer, failed festivals and tacos.

Margarita Festival attire. Appropriate, no?

The next morning we checked out of our room and headed to a bottomless mimosa brunch. The smoked salmon was fantastic! Note to self, always get the fish when you're near the ocean. We sat there for a good three hours, and wouldn't you know, along came Gary and his drunk crew again! He said something about staying hydrated, but his speech was so slurred I didn't understand him. Oh Gary.

After that, we headed back to the airport since Tiffany and I had flights to catch. Turns out, I ended up on the Flight From Hell. I had to connect in Houston and there were storms rolling through Texas. It should have been a 45 minute flight up to Dallas that turned into 6 hours of scream -inducing turbulence (literally, people were screaming and crying). Tiffany flew across the entire country faster than I flew a few hundred miles. I still have the shakes from that flight! 

Outside of the flight, it was a complete blast hanging with these blogging gals. We had so much fun talking shop, tatking children, talking to Debbie Downer and Drunk Gary and being by the water in a beautiful hotel. Girls weekends don't happen often, but when they do it's like a breath of fresh air. In this case, it was ocean air, which was even better!


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! I couldn't stop cracking up! I miss Patch Adams and Confused Cathy too! What a great weekend! x

  2. If YOU didn't pick up on any spirits in the hotel then it's totally not haunted. HAHA!!!
    Gary sounds like a gem. I'm so sorry I missed him.
    Glad you had a blast - I love all of your photos from the weekend.

  3. How fun! Love when you meet blogging friends in real life for a girls weekend. I just met up with 10 other ladies in Toronto a couple of weekends ago, we're counting down the time till the next one!

  4. And don't forget Sunburn Sally. That was seriously the best time by the pool. And when Gary was like "Don't you remember us?" Um no, not at all, lol!

  5. The hotel is absolutely gorgeous! Very Instagram friendly. Bottomless mimosa brunch? YUM! It sounds like you had a blast. :]


  6. Oh, Gary. XD It sounds like you guys had a great time, despite the ridiculous characters you ran into! The hotel you stayed at is super adorable!

  7. I'm jealous you have already had a taste of that ocean air! I am dying to get to the beach soon! A girl's weekend sounds so nice!

  8. It sounds like you guys had such an amazing time! I loved all the pictures! Don Cesar looks so glamorous--and you know I am in love with the blue and white! Wonder how Gary is doing come Monday morning? Do you think he goes to work that plastered? Hopefully I can make the one next year!

  9. SO much fun that you and Tiffany got to hang out. Girl, we had a flight from hell last night on the way from Florida, through the storms. What the. I think I am still scarred to. I was researching at 1 in the morning, after we got home, about turbulence and they really say there is no risk. But it sure doesn't feel that way. The girl next to me was crying :( Ugh.

  10. Ha! The Drunk Gary stories cracked me up. Hilarious. We had a similar situation with flights from Mexico where we were supposed to fly through Dallas to get back to San Antonio :-/ but due to storms in Dallas, they sent us to Houston (OVERNIGHT!). What should have taken 2.5 hours took about 24. Glad you girls had a blast!

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