An Uncomplicated Life Blog: How To Snack Healthily

Monday, November 27, 2017

How To Snack Healthily

Why healthy snacking is the key to weight maintenance and an overall healthy lifestyle

This post is sponsored by Planetarians on behalf of Mavrck Influencers. All opinions are my own.

Regardless of whether we're in the thick of the middle of the holidays or not, there is no shortage of junk food to consume. The office kitchen is full of donuts leftover from a morning meeting, there's cookies at an afternoon play date, and there's the chips you opened "just for a few" while you cook dinner. Unhealthy choices abound! They also lead to weight gain and contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle. But there are great ways to snack healthily, as long as you're armed with the right information on what makes a healthy snack choice.

It's obvious that a pile of cookies in the middle of the afternoon doesn't make the "healthy snack" cut. But what about popcorn? Whole wheat crackers and cheese? Fresh fruit? What are the best choices to make when you need a snack to get you to the next meal?

There are two components to a good snack choice: It's got protein and fiber, preferably a lot of both. Protein rich foods move through your digestive system more slowly than simple carbohydrates. This helps prevent blood sugar drops - the biological function that makes you feel physical hunger. Your body actually has to use more calories to digest protein (yes, you burn calories simply digesting food!) because of the long length it takes to move it through your system.

Fiber is key because it's what keeps you feeling fuller for longer. It's naturally low calorie, so it fills your digestive system with low calories. Fiber also feeds the good bacteria in your body's micobiome, which is your body's "second immune" system against suffering from food-borne illnesses. That's a win-win for fiber and for you!

So now that you know you need food with both protein and fiber, what are some good, healthy snack choices? When you hear protein, you probably think meat. But did you know meat production is one of the largest environmental hazards on the planet? From growing feed, to water usage, to the waste the animals produce, heavy meat eaters contribute disproportionately to greenhouse gases, global warming and the destruction of natural environments. While meat is indeed high in protein, there are vegetarian sources of protein that have MORE grams of protein per serving than environmentally destructive meat.

Let's switch gears back to fiber real quick. Did you know that the FDA recommends you get 28 grams per day? Sound manageable? Well, that's 10 apples. Or two POUNDS of broccoli. Still sound manageable?! I don't eat that much and I eat mostly veggies!

Planetarians comes in with more protein than meat, and more fiber than produce. In one 1.5oz container, you're packing in 12g of protein and 11g of fiber. That's almost your whole day's worth of fiber in one snack! And 3% more protein per gram than meat. There's five ingredients in this snack, all of which you can pronounce. And they come in awesome flavors, like Ranch or Chili Lime (that one was my personal fave) that you and your kids will love.

These snacks are easy to throw in your bag to bring anywhere. The cup has a resealable lid, and comes in a easy to hold container. Ever had your kids spill a whole bag of snacks? Me too. Or they rip it down the side and snack fly everywhere (please tell me I'm not alone here...) Not with these cups! I love anything that I can reseal if not all of it gets eaten, and comes in smart packaging that the little fingers of my kids can handle.

Snacking is important to keep your blood sugar levels up, and healthy snacking is essential for weight maintenance. Protein and fiber are key components for a healthy snack. Snack healthy with Planetarians - they're loaded with fiber, protein and fun flavor options that create the perfect snack option for you and your family.


  1. These look like something I need to try! I just loaded up my pantry with healthy snacks after going on a mini holiday cookie binge (lol, I have it under control). Healthy snacks for the win!

  2. Interesting concept for sure! :)

  3. I'm always looking for healthy snacks! I'll have to give them a try!

  4. This looks very interesting and being healthy is a plus.

  5. Those look super good! I'll definitely have to try them out! :) I ALWAYS have snacks on hand for sure to keep the "hanger" at bay! ;)

  6. These look interesting. I looked up the ingredients. What exactly is sunflower bran? I couldn’t find it on google.

  7. I'm absolutely interested in this; and I'm tired of people telling me, since I've completely cut back on meat, that I need it for XYZ. News flash - you can get better nutrients from plant-based alternatives. But I digress - yes to fiber and protein.

  8. I've really been working to up my fiber and protein intake lately so this sounds like the perfect snack for those times when my yogurt and fruit don't seem to hit the spot. ;)

  9. Healthy snacks are definitely what I need this time of the year. Thanks for the recommendation, these look tasty and I love that I can take them with me when I'm running out the door.

  10. These look delicious. I am trying to lose the last few baby pounds and have realized that my snacks are usually really unhealthy! I have to try these out! Thanks for the suggestion--you always have the best recommendations and the fact that you are so healthy is obvious with your body! xoxo

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  13. A healthy lifestyle is wonderful. Looks very tasty in the pictures. Thanks for the recipe. I'll take a note.