An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Tips For A Stress Free Holiday Guest Stay

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Tips For A Stress Free Holiday Guest Stay

Hosting guests in your home this holiday season? Use these tips and COUPONS for a stress-free stay!

My husband and I decided to host both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Because we're transplants, we have no in-state family. In fact, both of our families are TWO flights away because neither live in large cities. (Shout out to my sister and youngest brother-in-law who are sensible enough to live in cities large enough with direct flight options!) Flying is stressful enough during the holidays, but is pure torture with two toddlers, potential bad weather, and the "rush hour" of airport holiday traffic. And thus, we arrive at our decision to host both the major holidays! Plus, cough cough, we live the furthest south and our weather is the best this time of year, cough cough. While not as stressful as traveling, hosting can indeed be overwhelming and stressful! Follow these tips for a stress free holiday guest stay if you too are hosting this year.

1) Plan ahead
I like to do as much ahead as possible before my guests arrive, so that I'm able to be more present when they're here. That means I plan meals and snacks ahead and do the subsequent shopping. I do any cooking or baking that can be done ahead of time, like this recipe I recently shared (perfect for breakfast or a sweet afternoon snack!) We haven't eaten off of my German fine bone china since my kids were born (because, DUH) but once they're old enough, I'll make sure that's washed and ready to be used. Make sure your guest room sheets are washed and ready, too.

2) Don't forget the details
I find it easy to remember the big things - the turkey, ordering the Christmas ham, scheduling my housekeeper to arrive the day before quests, etc. But what about those little details, like do I have Kleenex in common spaces and in the guest room? Do we have enough toilet paper? Are there enough paper towels to clean up the kitchen after spills? Make sure you stock up on paper products! Walmart has aisles full of them to choose from and a variety to fit your needs, or you can order online at Walmart online and have it delivered to your door two days later. Their prices are already amazing, but check out these further discounts on these name brand paper products:

3) Let things go
Casserole didn't turn out quite like you wanted? Baby screaming during family holiday photos? Uncle Jim drink too much again this year? Roll with it! While it might not have turned out like you envisioned it, sometimes the "bloopers" are what make for the best memories. I remember one time, years before I was married, I brought a boyfriend home. A family friend was staying with us, and she and I decided to make a breakfast casserole at midnight (after many glasses of wine, mind you) for the next morning. As we sat down to eat the next day, my then-boyfriend pulled something inedible out of his mouth... It was the rubber band that had been around the cellophane of the mushrooms we chopped up for the egg bake! Oops. Fortunately he was good-natured about it, no rubber was consumed, and that story is still told in my family today.

The holidays are such a special time of year to gather with friends and family. Don't let the stress of hosting overnight guests ruin the fun! Use these tips for a stress free holiday guest stay, and get busy making memories and stories that will be told for years to come. 


  1. I definitely needed this list. I am hosting tons of people for Christmas this year!

  2. Planning ahead is so important when hosting family during the holidays. We always have family during the holidays, so this was a good reminder for me to start thinking about it.

  3. Your tree is beautiful! You are right, don't stress the small things. Merry Christmas!

  4. I'll actually be headed to my parents the weekend before Christmas. I'll be guests in their apartment. Then on Christmas my wife and I are headed back to her parents place.

  5. Great tips and your tree is amazing.

  6. Holidays can be quite stressful, so I think the tip about planning ahead is so important to lessen that stress.

  7. Love your decor! Great tips and you're so right... don't sweat the small stuff!

  8. You are always so well organized! And yes! Don’t sweat the small stuff but having enough consumables is a non-negotiable! We love stocking up too! It is te season of guest overnights and colds!

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