An Uncomplicated Life Blog: 6th Month Twin Bumpdate

Monday, July 30, 2018

6th Month Twin Bumpdate

I've completed six months of pregnancy and got these babies to the age of viability! And now, the fun begins

Can you sense the sarcasm in that subheader? I wrap up the 6th month of my twin pregnancy TODAY (hello, 7th month and third trimester!) and things are starting to get hard: Hard to take a full breath, hard to walk, hard to bend over, hard to get dressed, hard to shave my legs... You get it. Well, you get it if you've had a baby before, if you're a dude you're clueless, bless your sweet little heart. I'm still not miserable, but things are sure moving in the "this is going to be really uncomfortable" camp faster and faster each day! Let's take a look at how this month shaped up, shall we?

Just about to be 22 weeks here
Number of weeks gestation: 27 weeks - and 10 weeks away (provided all goes well) until we meet these two boys (if they don't come on their own sooner!) I'm going to be a twin mom in less than three months. OMG.

Cravings: Food. All the food. Anything, as long as it's food. I just love all food. Seriously, nothing in particular, nothing weird like pickles and ice cream (that actually sounds pretty nasty) but all food always sounds good. Berries. I fully took advantage of cherries being in season. If you follow my InstaStories, you saw just how many bowls of those things I ate. Pineapple. Oatmeal. Cheeseburgers. Potato chips fried in avocado oil. Tart frozen yogurt. Yeah, all of it.

Aversions: What's that? People don't like food? Y'all are crazy.

In all seriousness though, the only thing I've got going on that counts as an aversion is portion control. My stomach is now so smushed, I can only eat a little bit at a time or I pay for it BIG TIME by feeling overly full, miserable and slightly nauseous. If I eat anything that resembles a full meal, even a portion controlled meal, I'm miserable 20 minutes later. I can't tell you how unfun it is to eat a tad too much (it's not even too much - it's what a normal stomach would consider a regular meal!) and then get so full, I can't even drink water because I can feel it coming up the back of my throat. This never happened with any of my singleton pregnancies, and is a huge bummer! Especially because us twin moms are HANGRY... There's just not enough room to eat!

A full 22 weeks in this shot... It's like I grew dramatically over the course of a few days from the previous photo, right?!

Weight gain: 16 pounds. And it's seriously all boobs and belly! My hips have gotten a tad wider - in fact, I had to go buy some new maternity shorts in the next size up because my prebaby size just wasn't cutting it anymore, even with the stretchy sides. But mostly I carry straight out in front. Which makes walking fun! When I first found out I was having twins, I had a wave of people tell me their horror stories or stories of close friends who put on 60, 70, 95 pounds with twins. I was terrified! Knock on wood, but it looks like I avoided that hot mess and will keep my weight gain just below the recommended amount for twins, or on the low end of normal. That's not by chance - I'm purposely eating insanely healthy and only allowing myself treats several times a week. I know damn well how hard it is to lose baby weight. It's not worth the binging while pregnant, not that I have the room for that nonsense anyway!

I never got a stretch mark from my first two babies, but I'm starting to get one where I stupidly pierced my belly button at the wise old age of 14. My mom was so mad at me when my dad took me to get it done, all she could do was tell me how much I was going to hate it when I was older. Guess what? I took out my jewelry by the age of 20 and have hated it since! And now at the age of 33 and pregnant with twins, it's by far the stupidest thing I've ever done to my body. Those sentiments are escalated by the fact that had I NOT done that at 14, I'd likely still be stretch mark free now. Way to go Paige. Dumba$$.

A dress and my hair is down?! 23 weeks in my gifted Isabella Oliver maternity dress. If you're a work in an office mama, you've got to check them out - fantastic business clothes for pregnant mamas, and some great casual pieces too like this cotton dress!

Workouts: Proud to say I'm hanging in there strong at three workouts a week! But just barely. I'm still doing normal classes (not prenatal or "gentle yoga" or anything like that) but that's only because I'm familiar with prenatal modifications and I do every. single. one. for moves that are remotely challenging. And as I head into my 8th month, I think it's time to start to add a Hatha yoga class to replace one of my barre classes, and will slowly start to sub out all my classes this month. That's ok! I'm so happy I made it as far as I have, and I'm ready to slow down.

I'm still seeing my chiropractor twice a week and will for the rest of pregnancy. She's helping a TON, but I still have significant tailbone and sacrum pain. It's really bad if I've been sitting for a while then try to stand up quickly - it's like all the muscles that support me have relaxed and when I get up to move, my bones just slide all over the place and over each other! Once I'm up and moving I'm back to normal pretty quickly, but those first few movements and moments are horrible. I don't know if this is something related to twins and having a massive surge of the hormone relaxin running through me or it's because I'm on baby 3 (and 4) or the fact I'm 33 and getting older for this pregnancy or what, but this never happened with my singletons and first two babies.

24 weeks and a fresh chop job of my hair - the 5 inches my hair lost, my growing belly found

I also caught myself just straight up holding my pregnant belly at the grocery store this past weekend. Absolutely no shame whatsoever. Just holding this massive thing up while I used the other hand to put stuff in my cart! I have a pretty lame maternity support belt I used when I'd walk and run with Otto so I'll give that a try, but I just don't think that thing is supportive enough for twins. If you've got one you like, holler at me. I basically need the strength of a human arm that can lift the multiple pounds of multiple babies my poor ligaments are trying to carry nonstop.

Still, I don't have many complaints outside of the beginning of a stretch mark and the tailbone/sacrum issue. I'm sleeping great, although I do get up often to use the bathroom. I always waddle back to bed, cause a mini-earthquake getting in and comfortable, and am back asleep in just a few minutes. I only have occasional heartburn. Nothing two Tums won't cure immediately. No swelling, even in the July Texas heat - still wearing my wedding rings without any issues and all of my shoes fit my feet, no problem. No kankles here!

Oh look, a different mirror for a selfie! 25 weeks on our beach vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC

My OB told me at my last appointment that I'm one of the most blessed and lucky pregnant twin moms she's ever seen. She said, "You're smiling! You seem calm and content! Most of my twin moms are groaning and ready to be done with pregnancy by now but you're just carrying on. You are a rare one!" And it's true. There's a few common pregnancy issues I wish I wasn't dealing with, but overall, I'm pretty content and happy growing these babies. Who, believe it or not, are in the 65% for size and are my biggest babies yet. Both of them! They're just a few grams apart, with baby B slightly larger than A. Henry was always in the 50% for size and Otto was down in the 30%, so I don't know what I'm doing right this time around (besides eating for three and generally loving all food) but watch me go to 40 weeks and pop out two 8 pound twins, even with a history of preterm labor and 6 pound babies. Ha! That would happen to me.

Over 26 weeks and feelin' it

That's been my 6th month! Still not too bad, all things considered. I'm healthy with good blood pressure, good weight gain, good muscle tone and strength to carry this load and generally pretty content. But I know I'm entering the hard phase... I think month seven, eight and hopefully nine (as long as I stay pregnant!) are going to be a different story than the easy breezy time I've had with these twins so far. Time will tell right? On to month seven and my third trimester!


  1. Congrats on twins! That's exciting. And it fascinates me that you are going to a chiropractor. My daughter is 15 weeks and is seeing one as well. Is this a common thing now?

  2. I feel like this pregnancy has flown by. Although you may feel different. Glad both babies are healthy but man not being able to eat much must be hard.

  3. you look amazing! I loved reading your bumpdate! And I really love that ingrid and isabel dress!

  4. You go mama! I can imagine carrying twins can be tough haha.

  5. I'm so glad things are going well with your pregnancy!

  6. You look absolutely stunning! I'm 27 weeks with a singleton and feel as though I look like I've gone three rounds with Ali. I have you and your boys in my prayers to keep your pregnancy as happy and healthy for all involved! Best of luck!

  7. Twins look good on you! My SIL had twins and she was in the 90lbs plus range. Are your boys excited about their baby brothers? :)

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