An Uncomplicated Life Blog: DIY Holiday Gifts To Make This Year

Monday, November 12, 2018

DIY Holiday Gifts To Make This Year

Make these gifts yourself to save money, time and to put thought into your gift giving this year!

Love it or hate it, it's that time of year again! Holiday parties, school classroom parties, nonstop treats and food, gift giving and receiving, waiting for parking spots at the mall or ordering online: all the things that come with that proverbial holiday season. I'm a lover of all things holidays, but I'll tell you what - I do only online shopping, we don't wait in line for hours to see Santa, I'm self employed and my husband is employed remotely so there's no big holiday work party we need to impress bosses at/accidentally drink too much at and since we have four kids aged four and under, we make/ask/ok no MAKE our family come to us for the holidays so there are no potential travel nightmares in our future. Given all that, what's not to love!? I'm a fan of making some gifts in bulk ahead of time for things like hostess gifts, teacher gifts, etc. This way, you always have a little something to give when you show up at someone's home during the holidays, it's handcrafted and meaningful (frankly, no - I do NOT want another plate of cookies or a gift basket you re-gifted or ordered last minute online!) and it's a unique way to show you care. Here's my roundup of DIY holiday gifts to give and share throughout the season.

I like this one for a few reasons. First, you can order the glass jars on Amazon (like these) and make a batch in bulk in the same amount of time it'd take you to make a single jar. Get all your stocking stuffers done at once FTW! Second, it's great for dry winter skin. And third, the peppermint in it just smells like the delicious holidays. It's also a gift just for the recipient - a way they can pamper themselves without needing to share food or beverages.

This DIY gift is not only practical from a usage standpoint, it's pretty on their tree until they're ready to use it! Micheal's Craft Stores has a huge selection of empty plastic ornament containers in just about every size and shape, so you can customize it to your taste and style. The bath salts are a great way for your recipient to relax after hosting the party you attended, or for your child's teacher to unwind on winter break. Pretty and functional? Now that's a great gift!

You'll see I had originally made this as a Valentine's gift, but switch up the bottle "packaging" and it's great for just about any holiday. Grape seed, almond, or jojoba oils all work great on winter skin. Combine that with an essential oil blend you love the scent of, and make your own skin nourishing oil blend, an after-shower skin softening oil, or "preventing the itchy winter dryness" treatment to give to your friends. They'll thank you for it, especially if you live in a cold weather climate.

This one is fun because you can tailor it to the exact style of the person you plan of gifting it to, you can pair it with a great essential oil blend, or you can make a blend for them. It's a fun way to use oils creatively and it's great for people who love perfume but don't know about how nasty that stuff actually is to wear and the damage it causes to endocrine systems. Give the gift of style AND health? Psssshhh, yes please.

These are great because they're so popular, especially when you make them with great smelling essential oils and not stinky synthetic scents. The fall room spray is great all holiday season long. I've got a spring one that's great for freshening the air, too. Or you could use one of these blends, and just put them in the bottle following the directions from the original linked post instead of in your diffuser. Make a cute label with festive markers, stickers, and ribbon and it's the perfect little gift to hand out to just about anyone.

If you're into utilitarian gifts, this one is for you! Whip up a batch of these and give something useful. Hey, we all have sinks and most of us have garbage disposals. Forgo the wine bottles, Christmas cookies and calorie-laden food baskets and give a batch of these in a cute container with the "recipe" printed on a card attached to it, and you might just become the new favorite friend! If not, you'll certainly stand out in a crowd of glittery wine bottle bags and cheese spreads that likely will never be eaten.

These gifts are affordable and fun to DIY
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DIY is a great way to go for the holidays. You'll save tons of money making one or more of these in bulk, and you'll be prepared all season long with gifts to give your friends, to pass out as hostess gifts, or to hand off to your co-workers or children's teachers. These six DIY holiday gifts are perfect to make this year to keep you prepared all season long.


  1. I love DIY gifts more than anything - giving and receiving. I would definitely make the room spray for myself! Awesome list - thanks for sharing!

  2. Such a great list! I love being crafty and making DIY gifts! I will definitely have to try a few of these out!

  3. I want to do more DIY gifts this year! I want to make a lavender pillow spray for sleep

  4. I love giving and getting DIY gifts! That peppermint foot scrub is at the top of my list this year. Thanks for all the ideas!!

  5. These are awesome. The peppermint foot scrub would a good one!

  6. Great ideas! I love the peppermint foot scrub! Peppermint is perfect for the holidays!

  7. These are such great ideas. That's so personal and sweet as well!
    Isabella David Vintage

  8. I love these ideas especially the room spray. Lovey ideas :)

  9. So many great ideas! Love the sink and garbage disposal cleaner idea. - Julie

  10. These are all wonderful ideas! I love the foot scrub idea.

    Kasey Ma

  11. Those essential oil diffuser bracelets are so cute! I love essential oils, and incorporating themmwith jewelry is one of my favorite ways to use them.

  12. These are such creative gifts! I love giving homemade gifts.

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