An Uncomplicated Life Blog: The Most Annoying Things You Could Ever Say

Monday, November 19, 2018

The Most Annoying Things You Could Ever Say

Modern sayings and verbal fillers have gotten out of control with how annoying they are. Here's my top 5 list of the MOST annoying things you could say

Ever noticed how some people say the most annoying things constantly?! Now to be fair, I'm sitting here writing this 9 months pregnant with twins, waiting for my contractions to become consistent enough to go to the hospital, so dang near everything is annoying to me. But I started crafting this verbal diarrhea list a few weeks ago.  Yup, verbal diarrhea. That's what's coming out of your mouth if you say these things! You look ridiculous, you sound even worse (more on that in the post below!) and at the very best, people are doubting your intelligence. Wondering what these things are? Read on for the most annoying things you could ever say! 

Stop saying these annoying things that make you sound unintelligent, passive aggressive or like a plain jerk!

"... But I wouldn't have it any other way"
I'm starting out of the gate strong, with THE most annoying thing people say. I absolutely hate this saying and judge people harshly who use it. It usually follows a train wreck of a sentence on how horrible a person thinks their current situation/life is, then they add this qualifier on the end to make it sound like they're happy, or not complaining, or whatever they think this saying adds. It really just makes you sound like the most passive aggressive person on the face of the planet. For example, we all have friends on social media who say things like:

"My house is a wreck, I now spend 20 hours a week doing laundry, and I wake up five times a night with the baby while my husband sleeps... But I wouldn't have it any other way!" Actually no Courtney, it sounds like your life sucks pretty hard and your husband is a jackass. I bet you'd change a whole lot of it right about now! Or this -
"Just worked 80 hours over the weekend at a conference, met tons of marketing contacts to follow up with this week, still have three deadlines and bad case of the Monday's, but I wouldn't have it any other way! #hustlehard #baller #makethatmoney." Ooooook Dan, you've never heard of work-life balance and you probably have close to no friends with that life. Not to mention, I likely out earn you and never work that hard. But keep telling yourself your hustle will pay off! Work smarter, not harder buddy. You sound desperate.

"You know how babies are made, right?"
I get it. You want to be funny and you're not quite sure how. Maybe large families make you uncomfortable? It kind of blows my mind that four kids is considered a large family these days... It used to be the small side of average. If you want to make a comment about a family or it's size, here are some great things to say that won't piss off the average woman:

"Need a hand? I can get that for you!"
"Good thing you made so many, because you make beautiful children."
"You're managing this like a pro, what a great mom you are!"
"Let me put those groceries in your car so you can focus on getting your kids in safely."
"Girl look at you go! You are FERTILE. Good for you!"
The last one was actually said to me this summer on a Delta flight by one of the flight attendants. She had a thick Southern, country accent and was hilarious. Her comment might offend some, but I thought it was so dang funny. Also, true. Clearly I know how babies are made so that's just idiotic. But I am indeed fertile and her calling it out made me and everyone around me laugh!

Starting off nearly every sentence (verbal or written) with, "So, ..."
This one is hard to listen to. "So" is a verbal filler, such as "like" or "ummm" but for whatever reason, it's "trendy" to start whatever you're about to say with "so." If it's in your written word, it makes you look like a bad editor. You'd never leave "ummmm" or "like, ..." in your writing, therefore edit out those "so's"!

The most atrocious place I hear "Soooooo, ..." is on Instagram Stories. Some influencers  start nearly every dang story with a stupid "so"! Sorrynotsorry, you sound like an idiot. You sound like you don't know what to say, but you feel the need to stay relevant in people's feeds so you're pushing out content even when it's not well planned, or there's not a clear point to it. Knock the so's off. It doesn't sound good, it doesn't make you look good and frankly (I've discussed this with my best blogging friends) we click right out of your obnoxious stories.

"It is what it is."
Class Valedictorian right here! Captain Obvious! Speaker of deep thoughts! Straight up Gandhi! If you're going to say this, just do us all a solid and stay quiet. Silence is golden; this saying annoys everyone. We all know it is what it is. My two year old knows it is what it is. Now he's a really smart kid - just skipped a year of preschool in fact - but if you want to sound like you're on a toddler level, by all means, tell us all it is what it is.

"Irregardless, ..."
I know this "word" is now in the Urban Dictionary for sure, and it may have been added to Webster's Dictionary, simply because dumb people keep using it and forcing it into modern day vernacular. Make no mistake though; this is not a word. It's a double negative, therefore it negates itself. Regardless is what you're looking for. Irregardless means nothing because the "ir" of irregardless changes the meaning back to normal or status quo. Whenever I hear someone say this word, all I can think is man! This person didn't go to college and also didn't pay attention in high school English. That's rough.

"I just seen him!"
Ok, this one is second to "but I wouldn't have it any other way." In the last two years or so, it's like the whole internet has forgotten that the past tense of "to see" is SAW. Not seen. You just SAW him. You just SAW that movie. You just SAW a car wreck. If you want to use the word "seen" you have to use the verb "to have" in front of it. "I have seen him" or "I've seen that movie" or "I have seen several car wrecks today." I don't know why seen has taken the place of saw, especially in lower socio-economic circles, but holy cow y'all. Please stop!

Nearly equally annoying is misplacing "worst" for "worse." Follow along with me now: "Things couldn't be worse because I'm having the worst day." See how that works? Great. These are more grammatical and less of a saying per se (PUNS!) but deserving on a list of annoying 'ish people say.

Don't be that annoying person and use these awful sayings! They make you sound passive aggressive, unintelligent, or just straight up like an obvious jerk. Were there any that are your list that I missed? Drop me a comment with the common sayings you find most annoying and we can commiserate together!


  1. This is such an infomative post and I must say I learnt a great deal from this post .

  2. I love this! It’s so frustrating trying to have a conversation with someone who uses these words and phrases. I have a personal dislike for the misuse of the phrase “I couldn’t care less,” I’ve heard so many people say “I could care less.” That completely defeats the purpose of the sentence!

  3. As a mom of 7 I can definitely relate to the "You know how babies are made, right?" one. I sometimes think that people don't know what to say sometimes so they just blurt that out.

  4. When people say "seen" is my biggest pet peeve! I always have to stop myself from correcting people.

  5. Oh lady I agree with all of these.

  6. A few great examples here. It's funny that people say things and don't realize they are irritating to other people. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I feel like I need to send this post to pretty much everyone I work with. Amen.

  8. People actually say “I just seen?” Only my 2 year old says that, and not that often bc I correct him. I really dislike it is what it is. Definite pet peeve of mine. And irregardless. Come on people!

  9. I admit...I start a lot of sentences with So... LOL I'll definitely work on that. Irregardless and seen instead of saw are personal pet peeves of mine, though. Ugh, it's not that hard to use the right words or tense!

  10. "seen him" and "irregardless" !!!! OMG! Can I print this off and hand it to every idiot I cross paths with every day? Better yet, lets shoot this list out of a tshirt cannon in crowded places!

  11. Lol! I'm with you on all of these, but "It is what it is" is my all-time, nails-on-chalkboard, most-hated phrase! Usually it sounds like an excuse for not doing something about a particular situation! Fun post!

  12. It is what it is, THE WORST! Makes me cringe and want to shake someone like no, you can change this!

  13. I have a really hard time with all the sayings you mentioned. I have to add that there is a big difference between having an "idea" and something being "ideal". You don't have a really good "ideal" although your "idea" may be "ideal".

  14. Ah! I'm so bad about using So as a filler! I try so hard to catch it!

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