An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Currently, March Edition

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Currently, March Edition

What I'm thinking and what's happening, currently

Heyyyyyoooo, look who's back to two posts a week?! We managed to find us an additional nanny, so I have more hours to get work done in. 15 hours a week was just enough for one blog post, social media coverage and one workout class a week. Now I can fit in another workout and another blog post! High five for childcare help, amirighttho? I'm telling you, you (and by you I mean me) cannot get ANYTHING done when you're in charge of two infants. Think you can work at nap time? Joke's on you, one baby will decide not to nap. Anywhooooo (big fan of adding extra o's onto words today, apparently), we made the brilliant decision to hire an additional nanny for me to have a tad more time to get thangs accomplished and it's been fantastic, and I'm happy to report that I'm back to full steam here! In light of that, I thought a currently post was appropriate to catch you all up on all the goings-ons and musings over here. Here's what's happening, currently:

Sad? Excited? Conflicted? I registered Henry for kindergarten last Thursday and it has me feeling... Something. I have a whole post about it next week, actually. It's so weird to FINALLY be at this milestone I thought I'd never get to when I was in the depths of my postpartum depression and hating life as a SAHM. But now that I've had three more kids and work part time from home, I have a totally different outlook on it. It's just WEIRD to finally be  registering your first kid for *real* school, not our part time preschool we've been going to for the past four years. In fact, all the younger kids were registered for that at the end of January and the weirdness started when I didn't register Henry for it. Anyway, I'll do a deep dive next week on what exactly "weird" means/feels like for this big ol' milestone.

I can't believe my baby is headed off to kindergarten in the fall! Also, he's an excellent bowler and beats me and my husband even when we legit try...

Looking at:
The weird shape of my mani. I get dips, and the lady did kinda a weird shape at the base of my nail bed, as if she didn't really file the powder down enough. You know, left them thick? Anyway, I've been playing with them and hating this particular manicure since I got it, even though I love the color. Just sitting over here with my first world problems, counting down the days until I can go and switch out my dip.

Thinking about:
SPRING! Y'all, it's been a dark, cold, rainy, gloomy and did I mention dark winter here. I'm SO ready for warmer weather, daylight savings time, planting spring flowers in my garden, getting my kids involved with the veggie garden (we've already sprouted our seeds - a post on that shortly!) and planning the boys' Easter baskets and outfits. I'm all for it. C'mon nice weather, this is Texas, where you at?! Let's do this!

We've started our seedlings for our veggie garden. I had to bring them inside because it dipped down into the 30's after planting them. C'mon spring!

Some new jeans! I haven't bought jeans in almost three years. Not. A. Single. Pair. I told y'all I'm NOT a shopper and couldn't care less about trendy crap. I buy high end jeans and want that ish to last me for yearssssss. My favorite pair of jeans linked here (by AG - seriously recommend this brand!) are starting to be real faded and get worn real thin on the rump and the knees so I think it's time. In all honesty, I'm probably just going to buy another pair of those because they fit so well, hold up to years of daily wear, and come in a ton of washes (seriously, there's about 20 washes here, so check them out!)

I bought a Yukon Denali XL in February. Guys... This SUV is two whole feet longer than the biggest full sized SUV on the road. It's crazy big. And IT'S AMAZING! All four of my boys can fit in their cars eats with ease and my husband and I can be in the front seat without anyone being cramped. We can get a double stroller in the back. Correction, I can have the double stroller and groceries in the back, without issue. If you have four kids - all of which are close together and in car seats and you need strollers and other supplies in your vehicle - dang. You NEED this car! Minivans are great and all, but they don't have the room in the cabin or in the trunk like this one has, and if you've got 4 in car seats and have stroller needs... You get me.

It just barely, and I mean BARELY, fits in our garage! But full trunk space with the third row up is a beautiful thing

That's what's going on around here currently. Fun catching up with y'all, even if I did all the talking. I'm so excited to be back to my normal blogging schedule and making more content more regularly. I have some great recipes written, a fun Easter craft for you to do for babies/young kiddos, and an amazing trick with apple cider vinegar I've been trying to publish for a whole month now. Seriously, you don't want to miss that - coming next week!


  1. Love that ride!! Bring on spring!!! Annster's Domain

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