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Monday, March 11, 2019

The Best Dry Shampoos

A full review of the most commonly loved and recommended dry shampoos at every price point

I'm no beauty blogger. I rarely wear makeup anymore and when I do, it's blush, concealer and mascara... And that's it. However, I am a mom of four children aged four and under, so there is one beauty item I'm incredibly knowledgeable about (and highly picky/snobby about): dry shampoo. I use this stuff daily. I have fairly fine, extremely straight hair that has become greasier with either age or having babies or both! *affiliate links used*

Drug Store (under $10)
Now, to be fair, this product is less than $5. So, you know, it's cheap. And it works. But the smell is STRONG. You'll smell it in your hair all day. And you have to use a LOT of the product to get the effect of the dry shampoo. It also only lasts for one application/day. If you want to stretch a wash or a style of your hair, you're going to need to apply this product every day that you want to extend your style, and you'll need to use quite a bit of the bottle. Mine lasted two weeks before it was cashed out. If you're in a pinch and need a dry shampoo, go ahead and buy this one. If you're looking for high quality that will last and will extend your time between washes, this one isn't it.

Not Your Mother's
Winner of the drug store brands! I didn't need as much of this product as I did the Batiste product and the smell was better. It seemed to have a finer texture than the others, resembling the salon quality products more. You know, it wasn't like I was spraying this thick goo in my hair! Plus, it's just a dollar more than Tresemme, and for that extra buck, you get a WHOLE bunch of added quality. I applied it once and tried to wear it into the next day, and made it until about noon before I started to see greasy strings in my hair again, so it was the longest lasting drug store brand too. If you don't like to spend a lot on your hair care but want it to resemble salon products, I'd recommend this one.

I had the highest hopes for this one because everyone, and I mean dang near everyone recommended it to me as *the* best dry shampoo. Y'all, it fell so far short of my expectations. It's right at the $10 mark, so it's the most expensive of all the drug store brands. It lasted about two weeks, so the product resembled the cheapest drug store option (Tresemme). It was very fragrant, so while the smell wasn't as strong as Tresemme, I found myself getting a headache after a few hours with it on my head. And the powder didn't come out as fine as Not Your Mother's - the texture was far more chalky. If there was one that was the biggest let down, this was it. Not worth the $10 you'll spend on it, in my opinion. Either spend $5 or $6 or bump yourself up to the next category, but this mid-level brand isn't worth it.

Salon (over $20)
My second favorite dry shampoo of all time, and my very favorite if I'm being eco-friendly. It's the only non-aerosol applicator, so it takes a minute to get used to how you apply it. But after you've hit the learning curve, you find that you actually have MORE control without the aerosol! It's also the finest mist/grain product, so it goes on well and blends easily. Additionally, one application will last even the greasiest of hair (aka, my postpartum head) two to three DAYS of wear. While it is the most expensive one listed here ($35- $42 depending on whom you buy it from), if you dollar cost averaged out the applications per days it lasted you, plus how little product you actually use because it's a high quality product, it might come in right at the Not Your Mother's price point! The downside? It might not be a great fit for you if you have dark hair. This stuff is concentrated and sometimes even I have trouble blending it into my blonde roots!

This one was the let down of the salon products. It smells AMAZING. It's a stronger scent than Aveda, but it's amazing. However, I wasn't overly impressed with how it performed. One application lasted me only one day, much like a drug store brand. The texture wasn't overly fine. Basically, the best part about it was the smell, not the performance of the product. It was $25, and if I'm spending that much on a hair product, I want it to work. This one worked, but not better than the $6 Not Your Mother's. The smell though... Was amazing. Amika has better hair products (like their texture spray), that's for sure.

This stuff is friggin gold. GOLD! It's right at $20, so barely in this price point. It's paraben and sulfate free, organically derived from oats, and has an ultra fine texture. The smell is natural, kinda like Aveda's but without double the price tag. One application of this product lasted two days, so it fell just shy of Aveda's super cleaning/oil absorbing power, but again - half the price. This was actually the first dry shampoo I ever used. It came in one of my Birchbox's circa 2012. I thought all dry shampoos were like this until I ran out and tried drugstore brands. Then I realized, spending the extra $10 for this product was more than worth it - for the quality of the product (nontoxic!) and for the lasting/staying power (one can lasted me over a month and one application lasts several days). This is the underdog right here. Bonus? Brunettes, they have a special formula for you, too!

My overall favorite: Klorane

Frankly, you can't go wrong with any of these options. Some are better than others, and some were hyped up to me, which resulted in a let down on my end. Had they not been talked up to me, though, I may have had lower expectations and a better experience with them. All in all, my recommendation is to go with a salon brand. Yes, they're more expensive but you also use less of the product and it lasts in your hair for longer, so if you net out the length of the product vs the cost, you're probably breaking even with the cheaper dry shampoos in terms of cost per use. Klorane is the definite winner of all of them because of the texture, length of effectiveness of the product, nontoxic elements and the amazing price point. Second runner up was Aveda. I really like the non-aerosol applicator and you can also buy refills for about $10 less than the original product and simply fill the applicator back up.

A review of popular dry shampoo brands for different hair types
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One quick side note about lots of dry shampoo usage: it definitely creates buildup in your hair. I HIGHLY recommend this lemon clarifying shampoo. It's takes away all the gooey buildup dry shampoo creates. It's also vegan, cruelty free, paraben free and less than $10! I scrub it into my scalp, and leave it there while I lather my body and shave my legs in the shower. It's seriously GREAT and works wonders.

Dry shampoo is seriously a wonder worker. It's probably the only beauty product I'm passionate about and use regularly. If you're a mom, it's a MUST HAVE in your bathroom! I rounded up all the best or most talked about dry shampoos and gave them a real try to let you know which ones are worth it, and which ones you should skip. And the best dry shampoo? Definitely this one by Klorane!


  1. I love Not your Mother's also! I got this in a VoxBox or something and I swear by it now forever! Favorite by far! Annster's Domain

  2. I'm a huge fan of Aveda shampoos too! Slightly expensive but so worth every penny.

  3. A hairstylist I know recommended the Aveda dry shampoo so I'm going to try it out. I have tried the Batiste and Amika, I didn't like any of them.

  4. dry shampoo is a MUST for busy women. I just don't have the time or patience to wash my hair very day. Klorane has been my go -to.

  5. I haven't used dry shampoo in a very long time because it left residue on my hair which was white. I have heard about Not Your Mother's and I need to try it out!!

  6. The Amika is my go-to! I love the smell of that one!

  7. There's definitely some good ones here! My personal favorite is the one from Not Your Mother's! I think it's so good!
    -Madi xo |

  8. I’ve tried the Batiste, I also wasn’t very impressed . My favorite at the drugstore by far has to be the Not Your Mother’s!

  9. I can't live without my dry shampoo! the Amika one is my favorite!

  10. I was just having a conversation about dry shampoos with a friend. We were both saying that we still hadn't found one that worked well. I'm putting all your suggestions on my list! I'd love to try them out.

  11. I'm so sad you didn't like the Batiste, it's my go to! I'm gonna have to try the Klorane one now though! xo, Brittany Nicole |

  12. I love dry shampoo! It comes so in handy on vacations and when traveling. Thanks for sharing these great ones!

  13. Always looking for a good dry shampoo! Batiste is my go to!

    Kasey Ma

  14. I've tried Batiste, Not Your Mothers and the Dove brand ones. The Dove is my favorite, the smell is amazing! I was wanting to try the Amika one but now I think I'll avoid that one lol

  15. I am SO happy i came across this! I have been looking for a dry shampoo for weeks! I am excited to give one of these a try!

    Lauren -

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