An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Currently, July Edition

Monday, July 8, 2019

Currently, July Edition

My kids have all of two weeks left of their summer camp and Henry starts school in less than a month. Didn't summer just start?! That's been one of the craziest things about moving to the South. Summer starts in May (literally - that's when summer break starts for schools) and school starts back in August, so by the time July rolls around, we're on the last legs of summer. In Minnesota, I always went to school through mid-June and didn't go back until after Labor Day, so this shift throws me off every year. All that to say, we're in the last weeks of full out summer mode and I aint mad at it! Here's what's going on, currently:

Prepping for either the best or dumbest thing we've ever done:
We're going on a family vacation to Galveston in a new weeks... And we're driving. Have I mentioned that I despise road trips before? Because I do. Longer than 2 hours in a car and I want to fly. But flying with four kids, two lap babies, four car seats and Lord knows how much luggage is NOT HAPPENING. I doubt we'd even be able to rent a car large enough for us! So we're packing up the Yukon XL and headed to the Texas coast for a week. It's a six hour drive. It *should be* four and a half, but it will take six hours with all these kiddos. It will either be amazing to spend some time at the beach or we'll vow to never travel again until our kids are all potty trained. Hoping for the former, preparing for the latter. Oy vey.

At least we have high speed limits in Texas, so the louder it gets from my two backseats, the harder I'm going to push on that accelerator. That's my plan, anyway, and it's always good to have a plan.

I've been in a funk, and am desperately trying to climb out of it:
June was a rough month personally. We had a EF0 tornado hit our house and cause a good amount of damage to our property. We were displaced to a hotel for a while. Then my husband took the longest business trip he's been on in over a year two days after we were able to get back in our home. My period came back after having the twins, so my hormones are all over the place and it's causing me to have terrible insomnia again. My kids gave me hand, foot and mouth disease which let me just tell you, is AWFUL. I mean, there were just no breaks to be had in June. So glad that month is done and looking forward to a better end to summer!

Have you made this ^^^ yet? Because you should!
I've been trying to expand my culinary horizons with new flavors and new recipes. Thai red curry paste and coconut milk being a few of them! I got inspired by a recipe I saw on Pinterest and came up with this soup. It. Is. Good! Soup isn't really a traditional "summer" food but this is nice and light. My husband loved it, my toddlers loved it, my two nannies ate it up and my mom, who is a big meat eater, loved the tofu. Winnner winner Thai coconut curry soup dinner.

Want some other fun summer recipes, activities and craft/decor ideas? Check out this blackberry sangria recipe that's perfect for the heat. Pregnant/not a drinker? I've got a great post full of mocktail recipes too! Maybe you're deep in the thick of summer break with all your kids at home - you need to read this post, full of great ideas of things to do on the cheap to beat the heat! Breastfeeding mamas, if you're struggling with what to wear in the summer beyond the ugly "nursing tank", I rounded up some great Amazon fashion finds that are nursing friendly. Finally, if you're sick of your ho-hum outdoor space, check out this post I did on how we decorate our outdoor space.

The babies are 9 months old:
Crazy right? I've already started to plan their first birthday party (I'm super excited about the theme! As a Halloween lover, having mid-October babies is ideal for party themes). Knox is a hilarious crawler. He biffs it on his face every so often and just starts barrel rolling, like he intended to fall (he didn't). Teddy, on the other hand, couldn't be lazier. He's the baby of four kids, and it just so happens his older brothers bring him ever toy he ever wanted, so he's entirely unmotivated to even try crawling. He literally sits like a king while his older brothers serve him. As the baby of the family myself, I feel this strategy. Both boys have yet to find food they don't love and we've basically skipped the puree stage. They'd much rather have exactly what their brothers are eating. I've never been into baby led weaning, and we've had a few gagging scares, but... When you have four kids, feeding everyone one meal is really the only way to go. Two more months until they start preschool! Oh my gosh, I'm going to have to buy them shoes. They've never worn a shoe in their life!

It's so crazy that they're nearly a year old already. I keep thinking about last summer when I was pregnant and it feels like it was ages ago, not just last summer. I remember July was the last real month I had to do as I wished because mid-August I was put on bed rest until I delivered them at 37 weeks. What an absolute blessing to make it to 37 weeks! We're also still exclusively breastfeeding, and I think I might actually make it to my year goal - finally! I mean, these are my last babies so it's my last shot. I'm determined! Also, they refuse formula. So there's that, too. They'll literally eat anything BUT formula, ha!

That's what's going on currently around here! Trying to use these last weeks of summer to get out of a funk, experiment in the kitchen, and plan my twins first birthday party. Do y'all already feel like summer is basically over? I really think it's because school starts Aug 15 here - although Henry is the only one who will be going. It's throwing me for a loop and I'm starting to mentally shift into fall mode... In July. So weird!


  1. It is so normal for me to know that school ends in May and starts in August. I heard of some schools trying to start in July!

  2. Your babies are adorable,I am here waiting for schools to close this Friday I would be so confused if summer break was was earlier.

  3. Aw, time goes so fast! Enjoy summer with your littles!

  4. Mama Maggie's KitchenJuly 10, 2019 at 1:33 PM

    Time really flies so fast. Those outfits look soo adorable! You're blessed with wonderful kids. Hope you're having a great summer.

  5. I hope you have a great road trip! We are 3 hours from the closest airport, so we often take road trips. Lol. Even just to the airport.

  6. Oh my goodness how sweet! I'm also from the Midwest but I went to school in FL for a year so I know it can be a little different in the South but a lot of schools especially in FL had an outdoor element. In my school you had to walk outside to get to the next class or building. So with the heat in May they let out before it become unbearable!

  7. Wow! That month of June will live in infamy- very courageous of you to take on this road trip after all that. Looking on the bright side, maybe you've used up all your bad uc for the year, and things will now get better and better.
    We live in FLorida (although I grew up in Illinois where school started after Labor Day) and I still can't figure out why we end and start again so early. Yes, it's hot in May and June. But if anything, it's even hotter in August and September so I'm not sure how starting on August 12th gives us any break from the heat??? Anyway, hope you have a great July!

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