An Uncomplicated Life Blog: The Best Summer Nursing Friendly Fashion Finds On Amazon

Monday, May 6, 2019

The Best Summer Nursing Friendly Fashion Finds On Amazon

Nursing friendly summer apparel for affordable prices and free Amazon Prime member shipping

Seven month later and I'm still exclusively breastfeeding my twins. I feel pretty great about that! What's less great is the constant battle of what I'm going to wear for the day. I can fit into all my old clothes, but not all are nursing-bra-friendly. I've been wearing nonstop nursing tanks and cardigans, but now that the weather is warming up, and will soon be hotter than blazes, I need some other options. Nursing tanks are fine underneath something, but not a good look on their own, know what I mean? Sadly, it seems like nursing friendly clothes are the last frontier of style. Maternity clothes have gotten amazing, but nursing? Still a bunch of baggy, ugly prints or dark colored solids. Which is weird because milk stains show up more on dark clothes... Anyway, everyone is talking about how Amazon style (which has free shipping for Prime members and free try-ons and returns, too!) is amazing, so I searched around for some of the best summer nursing friendly fashion finds. And was pleasantly surprised with what I found and the price point.

The best and most affordable nursing styles found on Amazon

Do you need to wear only nursing friendly clothes? Not at all! I wear my t shirts regularly. The downside to that is you have to pull the whole thing up, showing your belly, or the whole thing down, often exposing the other breast. So when we're out in public and I have to nurse, I make sure to wear something specially designed for nursing moms, because they allow you easy access without exposing all your body parts. Well, some allow for easy access - others are so complicated that it's easier to just wear a normal shirt! I won't link any of those here. Simple boob access only for me, thanks. 

I've linked everything for you (just click the image if you're interested in details or purchasing!) and the best part is that everything is under $30! While I love Pea In The Pod, and wore them exclusively for maternity, they're at a Nordstrom level price point. This could be the only summer I need nursing clothes so I don't want to spend a fortune. Here are my favorite finds for the best summer nursing friendly fashion on Amazon. *affiliate links used*

I like the simple side access of this t shirt, which is a cotton/poly/spandex blend, and the buttons add some interest. Comes in six different colors! $12.99 - $27.99 depending on color.

Yellow and grey is a fun summery color combo, and I like the mix of stripes and solids. Plus, this is the most easy breast access, and is a cotton/spandex blend so it will be breathable but stretchy which is perfect for summer nursing. Comes in 5 different colors for $19.99.

Ahhh, the front knot shirt! Had to include one because they're everywhere. The style is flattering on nearly everyone, especially newly postpartum bellies, and the shirt is roomy and breathable. Comes in 13 colors and short and long sleeve options for $12.99 - $19.99.

This dress comes in a bajillion different colors and prints, it was hard to pick which color to put in this post! A solid would be an excellent staple, a floral would be a great fun seasonal dress. The buttons make it easy access. It's a dress up or dress down kind of dress, and those are the best! Comes in long sleeves too. Oh, and there's pockets! $17 - $23.99

Ummm, this one is less than $4 and isn't Prime eligible, so my guess is it's coming straight off the boat from Asia, but it's less than $4 and I love the stripe/button combo! Again with the front knot - because it's flattering. I actually ordered this (because it was $4!) and when it arrives, I'll give you my thoughts over on my IG stories. My guess is that it will take at least 3 weeks to get to me though. $3.66 plus shipping.

Breastfeeding is hard enough without having to figure out what to wear to make it more accessible - especially while in public! These are some of the best summer nursing friendly fashion finds on Amazon, all of which was well under $30. If you need some quick, affordable clothes to nurse in this summer, check these pieces out! The last one is an absolute steal.


  1. Nursing fashion has come so far! These are cute even if you aren't nursing!

  2. That striped tank top is adorable! I'll have to check your Insta to see how you like it! I'm always hesitant to buy non-prime items, so I'm super curious!

  3. Forwarding this to my wife right now. We are expecting another little boy in June. Our first was born in October so most of her existing nursing clothes 'are out of season' least, that is what she tells me

  4. The items you got in here seems very comfy so you got a nice list really. Great job!

  5. I actually just finished nursing, but these would have been great to have this summer!

  6. There's some really cute options here! You would never even know they are breast feeding friendly!

    -madi xo |

  7. I have been nursing my son for 18 months now. Craaaaaaazy. I still haven't purchased myself any nursing tops aside from tank tops...Now only nursing at night I realize I missed my chance to buy some of these great tops that would have also been super convenient. Thanks for posting! I can't wait to pass this along to my sister in law and girlfriends who are expecting!

  8. Did you end up getting the striped tank yet? How
    Was the sizing?

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